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A Day with a Russian Billionaire

A Day with a Russian Billionaire

[MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN DUFFY: So with the fall of communism came a lot of questions. Chief among them, when you’re dividing up decade’s worth of state-owned assets, who gets what? The short answer is a very lucky few. In the early ’90s, private citizens with the best connections to the powers that be, we’re essentially Read more about A Day with a Russian Billionaire[…]

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Aussie Outback Love Hunt

Aussie Outback Love Hunt

-Here we are. Kind of walk towards me. [INAUDIBLE] flew on my watch. Ladies are seriously forming lines everywhere, uncontrollable to women. This is how desperate we are for tits. We rode all the way, 210 kilometers, [INAUDIBLE] show us a tit. [INAUDIBLE] tit. But we’re getting it. Who wants to go on TV? You Read more about Aussie Outback Love Hunt[…]

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