Korean Poo Wine: VICE INTL (Japan)
Making A Banana Wine...

Making A Banana Wine…

well depending on when I get this uploaded it will probably be New Year's Day so with that being said happy New Year to you all as you watch this will be 2013 and look at this this is the brewing bench of a fermentation bench if you will it's empty all the vessels are Read more about Making A Banana Wine…[…]

Panda vs. Polar Bear - Minecraft

Panda vs. Polar Bear – Minecraft

it was a peaceful day in a bamboo jungle and all the pandas were enjoying their day without any complaints well except one panda just like any other day the lazy panda didn't feel like doing anything today the worried panda was scared of the unknown it had never been out of the jungle the Read more about Panda vs. Polar Bear – Minecraft[…]

polar bear vs walrus

polar bear vs walrus

a bear built like this can take down just about any Arctic prey at once even the biggest this Russian video shows a polar bear taking on a bull walrus rare evidence of a polar bears true power a bull walrus can have three-foot tusks and weigh nearly two tons but it's virtually helpless against Read more about polar bear vs walrus[…]