Student Spotlight: Alan Viader, Viader Vineyards & Winery

and when I was 9 years old I remember shoveling out my first wine tank and getting kind of that whole process down from a very early age I understood grapes get fermented and turn into wine and it's just been part of the sense I mean it's part of my life but they really have seen every part of it since I was a young kid and because of that I fell in love with the industry I fell in love with the business and you know I can't imagine myself doing anything else hi my name is Alan via dare I am second-generation winemaker and vineyard manager at Theatre Vineyards and Winery what makes us special is that you have that connection to the family you can really understand that this is a home as well as a business you're gonna you're gonna see us involve your you're gonna get that intimate connection what we like to do with with customers or friends that come over is really make it an educational tour and tasting we tell them every aspect that goes into making the wine what it is the education is very important for us because we really want to make sure that they know why we're doing it and everything that we do is intentional the beauty of the wine industry is that you're never really done learning there's always something new to try something new to experience and UC Davis gives you that opportunity to get not only the fundamentals taken care of but you have all this real world world knowledge and experience to apply it directly to a job and that's kind of the most valuable part of it for me was because I was working in the business I was the vineyard manager while taking these classes and I was able to take one day off of the week or two or three days for as long as like short-course programs and and then directly apply it right back into the into the day-to-day operations so it's a wonderful opportunity wonderful way to learn

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