Strawz Connectible Drinking Straws

How do you get a tasty beverage
from point A to point B? Strawz provides the materials. You build the design. Strawz are a fun and creative
way to feed your inner child. The set includes 24 drinking
straws– 12 short and 12 long. Hook ’em up with the
bendy rubber connectors which come in various styles. You get eight straight
extensions, four U’s, four right angles, two T’s,
and two four-ways. How do you take a mildly
exciting contraption like this to the limit? Get another set of Strawz,
and let them join forces. The possibilities are only
limited to your imagination. Case in point–
The Double Dipper. Perfect for mixing flavors. Or, for more romantic
occasions, The Double Sipper. When you’re done, you
can store all the pieces in the original packaging
for convenience. So how do you create and share
the perfect mixed drinks? Strawz. How do you win the office
bet on whether Carol has water or vodka
in that glass? Strawz. How do you steal some
milk from that baby? Yeah. Strawz. Strawz. Let the fun begin. Available now at Purveyors of curiously
awesome products. (SINGING)

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