SOUTH AFRICA WINE TOURS: Stellenbosch & Franschhoek

For all you wine lovers South Africa
needs to be on your bucket list. We only had time to visit two of South Africa’s
best wine regions: Stellenbosch which is known for its high quality red wine and
Franschhoek, a breathtakingly beautiful wine region known for its European-style
wines. Now on the first evening there we did a wine tasting at Waterford Estate
where I realized I’m the worst wine taster ever. My friend Coribbia loves
wine and helped me get better at learning how to properly taste wine and describe
the flavors. Tell me what it tastes like after you’ve swallowed it. What does your
mouth taste like right now? It’s ver earthy. hmm. Very dry and kind of
bitter. Okay. All right. That’s my take on this wine, let’s see Coribbia’s! Oh. hmm
It’s not as acidic, it doesn’t smell as acidic as the others. Okay okay so we’re
going to taste. I taste some vanilla. It is very dry and I like dry wines. It is the
driest that we’ve had for sure and it and it does leave some bitterness after
you swallow. Yeah you got that. Coribbia just broke down some things for me. She told
me what like one tasted versus the other like she told me
this one had a peppery taste versus this one that didn’t have like a spicy taste.
When she used a bunch of adjectives to kind of describe the wine then I could
actually see the difference but like usually when I taste wine, I’m like oh
it all tastes the same to me. All reds taste the same to me, all whites taste the same to me so
when she actually used additives to describe each wine, now I can actually
see the difference. The next morning we really stepped it up. Instead of just
doing a wine tasting, it was time to do a full-blown wine experience.
I got our tickets, we all have to put these cute little stickers on! We
traveled about thirty minutes to get to the Franschhoek wine tram, an all day
hop on hop off tour of the beautiful wine valleys of Franschhoek. So we
basically got to spend the entire day just sipping South African wines while
enjoying the kind of mountain valley scenery you’d see on a pretty postcard. Hey guys I think I’m getting better with my descriptions and my adjectives. This one has more of a woody smokey taste to it…hmmm. I’m on my way to becoming a wine expert just wait and see, by the end of this trip I will be a wine connoisseur like
Coribbia. Please keep in mind when you do a tour
like this you’ll be drinking all day, so take your time and don’t feel
pressured to drink everything you’re given. Go with the flow and just enjoy
the process of getting wine drunk. I feel good. I’ve had some good food and good wine and now I want to take a nap. I’m so sleepy… but we still have 2 more wine please to go to. Between the food and the wine, my friend
Jannae is officially knocked out. It’s been a long day long day y’all. It’s been a long day. We’re on…is this #5? 6? No! 5! We’ve only gone to five Jannae. Yeah that’s how long of a day it’s been. You’re right it has been a long day. All right, last
last round you guys. We’ve got four glasses to go. She looks like she hates it. My rap name is Novach. You can follow me on Instagram. Alright, I’m totally South African I’m gonna try rapping in an American accent. I do exactly what I’m
supposed to do not to own the world by myself but together with all of you.
Revert or reverb the past can’t catch me I’m too fast and I past the place of
ever not catching what I got that’s coming to me. All the luxury and freedom
for painless ecstasy before working my brain, it’s not magic I made it happen,
now I’m watching for the further reaction. This is the end and the
beginning I was just asking you. And now we have concluded our wine tour. We have survived. We went to every wine stop imaginable. We went to 5 wine stops, we survived and we’re still sober. Kind of. Approaching. but not really. We did it. I’m so proud of us. bye you guys! Well I hope you enjoyed
watching us get buzzed, let me know in the comments below what your favorite
wine is and be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more travel
and lifestyle tips.

24 thoughts on “SOUTH AFRICA WINE TOURS: Stellenbosch & Franschhoek

  • First the cognac and then on to what looks like an epic wine tour?! I need to borrow your friends. Being wined and dined all day while taking naps and ruining local rap careers is like my dream job!

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  • my wife would enjoy the wine tour. the food there looked good! i'm surprised you didn't get tipsy like in one of the episodes before. white boy got skillz.

  • Your friend has a good palette for wine, picking up all the flavors and stuff. I am not big on wine, but I would prefer trying the white wines over red. Beautiful landscapes. I would have been sleepy too and would have knocked out. Lol that guy trying to rap with an American accent was funny.

  • Hmmm I never really can tell what's in a wine, and I'm picky and only like white 😛
    haha I love you girls' description. It reminds me of this meme:
    The vineyards look gorgeous though – hop on hop off sounds great!

  • I used to hate wine, then I went to Italy and have been hooked ever since lol The only wine I can drink without a meal is probably Moscato (particluarly Moscato d'Asti). All other wines I only drink with a meal or certain appetizers that pair well together. Shiraz is my absolute favorite to drink with a good steak 🙂

  • Once again the quality of video and editing is soo stunning. 😍 And I love wine! I had no idea South Africa had a prominent vineyards. Gives me another reason to go there! Looks like you guys had so much fun. Wine makes everything even better haha 😃

  • Wine and rap XD this is definitely cool XD Yeah! This is now on our bucket list! We love wine so freaking much! Nice vlog!

  • After Brandy, now you're introducing me to Wine! Its great knowing about different spirits (for a teetotaler) haha! 😀

  • You need to go wine tasting in New Zealand! Also super surprised that SA has a wine country. Solid music choice. I've missed ya

  • South Africa is number one on the bucket list and I have wanted to go to Stellenbosch forever, even though I'm the furthest thing from a wine connoisseur. And I'm glad to see someone gets as sleepy as I do drinking wine! That food looked amazing, your videos are so well done and super entertaining!

  • lol That south african guy was pretty hot. Don't worry, just enjoy wine and say you do drink because you know things. =)

  • Amazing clip showing your time in these famous South African vineyards especially attending every stop. Many years ago we were blessed with an opportunity to explore Capetown for 8 days but since we are not so much into wine, we didn't take any vineyard tours during that visit. My favorite wine though is the one that is close to semi-sweet, similar to Riesling.

  • I'm not so good at wine tasting, as long as it tastes semi-sweet (red or white), I'm happy 😀 Wouldn't mind doing a wine tasting in South Africa, such good wine there!! I had my first glass ever there (when I was 13, haha!)

  • So pretty! This looks so nice, I want to visit this place! I am so behind on videos oh gosh. Well guess I have some binge eating to do soon!

  • Hi! Ashley,

    In Washington State, has many wineries and regular event wine-tasting.

    In Leavenworth, Washington I visited these wineries: D'Vinery Eagle Creek Winery; WineGirl Wines; Lake Chelan Winery; Eagle Creek Winery and Icicle Ridge Winery

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