SOS Rehydrate Review: A Medical Grade Endurance Electrolyte Sports Drink

Hey what’s up guys, Taren here. This in your face bright silver box is the
SOS Rehydrate, which is actually the first drinkable fluid IV. They’ve recently sponsored
Callum Millward, shout out to Cupcakes with Cal, love those videos buddy. And Callum is
an awesome Ironman athlete, so SOS is making a push into the endurance line with this product
that basically used to be just for third world countries and people that were suffering from
dehydration. They’ve got two flavors, there’s a citrus
and a berry. You’re actually going to be surprised at how light these flavors are;
it’s very much like a lightly flavoured water as opposed to a sweet electrolyte drink.
I was a bigger fan than I was the berry, but it wasn’t by a lot. I preferred to have
this cold because it did have a bit stronger taste when it was cold, and the citrus held
that taste as it warmed up. So each box comes with ten of these single
serving packages. I would normally complain that there’s not even the option of a tub
with a scoop that you can fill up with at home, because I tend to reserve single serving
pouches for when you go on the road and you need to make your electrolytes portable. But
in this case, the box of ten only costs eight bucks so each serving is costing you a little
over a dollar. So I’m not going to knock them on that because it is a reasonable price
for it. One complaint that I do have about these single
serving pouches is that the perforation leads to a really weird tear, and every now and
then you spill some of it if you’re not paying attention. How they list this out on the box is that
if you’re thirsty, you have one SOS package. For lifestyle survival you have two SOS packages.
But for elite sport you have three SOS packages every sixty minutes. In each package you get 330 milligrams of
sodium, and 195 milligrams of potassium. That is three times more than the average electrolyte
drink. SOS Rehydration Facts:
– 6X more electrolytes than the average sports drink
– 27% more electrolytes than the average coconut drink
– 75% less carbs than the average sports drink This is for the salty, heavy sweater, that
has a lot of digestive issues, but doesn’t want a big, thick, syrupy electrolyte drink. My take on electrolyte drinks is that they’re
kind of like referees in football: I you don’t notice them, they’re probably pretty good. The times that I used SOS I really put it
through the paces. A track workout, on a humid day is normally just a killer for me. I often
don’t get through it, most of the time I get some digestive issues. I found myself
craving it, but I didn’t really find myself being thirsty, I didn’t find myself slowing
down, I kind of just felt normal. And to me, that’s how you should feel when you’re
taking a good electrolyte drink. The one complaint that I do have besides that
funky way that the pouches open, is how it tastes. I would like it to be a little bit
sweeter, and there is a little bit of a metallic aftertaste to it. I think that that’s because
of the ingredients are actually kind of like medicine. You’ve got sodium chloride, sodium
citrate, potassium chloride and these tend to have a little bit of an aftertaste. I did
email them about this, and what they said was that it’s light on taste but heavy on
effectiveness, and I buy that. So if you are the kind of athlete that likes
a really really light tasting electrolyte drink, but you want a heck of a lot of electrolytes
crammed in there, this is probably a good product for you to try. As a fun side note, they say that this will
also help cure a hangover. So, you might want to use it during your race and the morning
after the post race party. As always, if you like the videos give us
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