SIPIL=AGAMA!? Reaksi & Klarifikasi Video Pernikahan RINA NOSE & JOSSCY

Hi Peeps! How are you? We already posted the video about our wedding. And now we want to show you our reaction on that video. Let’s go! Hello everybody! Hi and welcome back here in Indonesia. We are already in Indonesia since the 5th of November, you know? Okay we immediately are going to watch the wedding video. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it first Then watch this again. so watch it again. There is a link here or here. Okay, what he means… watch the wedding video first and then watch this one. That’s right. Here is already a small detail. All the decorations we used at the wedding… …We have created it and ordered it by ourselves. Me and her have decorated everything. But she was still decorating until 1 o’clock at night. No more than one o’clock at night. So until what time? Until two o’clock. Only one hour difference. Okay we pay attention, alright? When the car arrives for the first time. The flowers were still complete. this one… Still good. Handsome or not? Handsome. Very handsome, that’s my husband. Ooh. Aww. The dress by Ivan Gunawan. You can see it at those both sides… There is white fabric, the metal like that. There is the black and those flowers… I am the one who made those. I was helped by Ucup. I was helped by Alvan and Fetri. And I am the one who designed it by myself. What? Why are you laughing? At that time we were very confused… about what we wanted to do. I was confused when I exited that. How do we have to do it. How to react. You too? I was very cool… No, the same! So confused, should we kiss or not? Officially we may not kiss, until the ceremony is done. Have to kiss after the ceremony. Yes but we are too much in love. Yes, too much in love, so…. I was guided that way… … because the steer wheel is on the left side. Why there are many questions why I had to steer. Why not the guy. One. It’s cool, like that. Two, I don’t have a driver’s license. He doesn’t have a driver’s licence because The public transportation facilities overthere are very good. There are many discomforts if using a personal car. It’s more comfortable with the public facilities. So he is reluctant to make one. Because the public facilities are already cool. So I chose to drive in the Netherlands. She trained first to drive in the Netherlands. With my mother and she would say like “rechtdoor!” Rechtdoor, linksaf, rechtsaf. Turn left, turn right, straight ahead. So I already know the rules of the road overthere Then what the markers are on the road mean. I already understand it. Restaurant ‘De Molen’ Just pause. Did you pay attention? When the car arrived, the flowers are not complete anymore. We just exited Lelystad, when the flowers got loose. Oh they already detached. So before we continue… How was the steering with a car from earlier times. So steering this VW car was more difficult to drive. So when I just learned driving with his car… It was more pleasant like that. It’s a modern car. It’s already a modern car, right? Now this VW, is already a very old car. So that accelerator and clutch You really had to fully step on the gas. So the clutch, which is on the right, right. Normally it’s on the left, right? So the first you really had to move it hard. Then two. Three really like this. So there is like some nervousness. But when already on the highway… …it was already okay, normal. Well, on this aisle… There are a lot of hangers. Clothing hangers, because it’s cold in the Netherlands. So people who want to visit that cafe. They will definitely open their thick jackets… …and hang them over-there. So, for example if you go to a Dutch restaurant… In the Netherlands Or to any foreign country with four seasons, right? Then it will definitely be there. That’s the brother. Look there’s a clothesline over-there. Hehehe, clothing line in a restaurant. Oh look, everything here, we also created. Yes we created all the decorations here. The design is mine. Ours! Oh yeah, ours. Very snooty. yeah yeah. forgive me, forgive me. This a suit from Brutus. Om Brutus Rumah Mode. Earlier I…Look like James Bond. When I got out of the car, I was still wearing the cloak. Yes, from Ivan Gunawan. I already took it off, when I entered. He made it. The promise was when we were at ‘Brownis’ You know I was like, It a cold season. Okay then I will make tetetetet. Like that, so that happened. Just like that. Ivan Gunawan. Continue. A warm welcome wedding couple, welcome! Mr Paul van der Maas. He was very funny. If you have already watched it. Very funny and we are very happy he did it. It fit with our characters. So this Mr. Van Der Maas married us off by law. Civil marriage The matter is, later someone is going to say. We married with two religions. This is without any religions. If it’s civil, civil is truly for the state records. So there isn’t anything religious about that part. So he married us the civil way. To legitimate that marriage for the Dutch records. Because it is obligatory to do civil first. After that, only then religion. You asked me to do it in a little English. But I must say my English is very bad. I’m going to try something very difficult. A warm welcome to family and friends from Indonesia. I have so much respect for him… … for trying to do Indonesian language. Because he doesn’t know Indonesian So I’m really like wow, that he had the courage… …to speak Indonesian Mr van der Maas, I salute you. That he thought like that. Rina was in Holland for the Comedy Traveler. And on that trip Josscy was the man. I’m the man. He was your guide. That English. That english was not fluent yet Was not very good yet. Dhr van der Maas his English…. Sometimes his pronunciation… Is very Dutch. Very Dutch. Sometimes there are sentences, maybe… …that are not understood, right? And the English of the Indonesian people was the same. The same level. Sometimes there’s a reaction like… Then sometimes there is a reaction that doesn’t… …match with what he is talking about. It’s just, like, funny. I don’t tell the people what happened at that time. A little secret. What secret? And that will always stay a secret. Even though…. No! Okay. Some things are just a mystery, right? I don’t know how to start it. Just begin. Okay. It doesn’t need many reasons to love you. Because the only thing I know is… …that I fall in love with you… …and I want to spend my whole life with you. English Indonesia, yeah? No, it’s good. Honey, my love, my girl with the 1000 faces. I love you for everything you are… …and you make me feel safe. There is onions. You will know become my beautaligent, cutiful… …and craexy wife. Let’s be creative, let’s be free Why are you crying? Why? There are emotions, honey. It’s a little quiz. Quiz. It’s a little quiz, yes I’m the quizmaster. You’re the candidates I ask you something. Rina was very confused when he said that. She’s like what, what? When he said that for the first time I was confused. It’s a little kris? Hah? Kris… Keris, apa ya? I was confused, kris, what? It turned out it was Quiz. there is a small quiz I’m a small quizmaster, according to him. To ask if you are willing to get married. That’s the story. Nurina Permata Putri Will you take as your lawfully wedded husband Josscy Vallazza Aartsen And do you declare that will you fulfil… …all the duties of marriage… …that are connected to the Dutch law. How do you reply? Yes! It’s like I understand what he is saying in Dutch. Well this is important, because marrying in the Netherlands. Has to be done in the Dutch language. It’s not possible to do it in English. It can be done afterwards, so you can understand it. But the official part has to be done in Dutch. If it’s not done in Dutch, it’s not official. It’s not valid. Now how come when he stops, I immediately say yes? They let me know beforehand… …which is the last sentence and what I have to say. You have to say yes then. Okay! A little erotic… kiss. We look good when we kiss. Do you agree? And a little one is there to help me. And what’s your name? Before she arrived, we were like maybe yes, maybe no. Because Chibi… Maybe she will cry. Her own character. She could suddenly cry. Maybe she doesn’t want to do it or how? But when she was asked, she responded immediately. It turned out when she was asked she replied in English as well. We were like Wow! We were very surprised. That’s my mom. That’s Josscy’s Mom, dari Gombong. Call her mom too. From Gombong, the name is Ibu Yunani. She explains what Mr van der Maas is saying. So we know how. Because the important thing… We haven’t seen the… The religious wedding. Because it’s not allowed before the civil ceremony. Yes. Here’s the little poem. And he writes a little poem too. Come on mister Van der Maas! You already blew our mind. Thank you so much mr Van der Maas He is very creative. Remember the sun rises wherever you stay. Sometimes you will be sad… Sometimes you will be happy. You are not alone in it, it happens to many. That’s good. Sometimes you will be sad. Sometimes you will be happy. What did he say? Sometimes you will be sad, sometimes you will be happy. But you are not alone in the world. So there are ones that are sad or that have a lot of problems. Don’t worry… There are ones who are happy. There are many people So don’t worry, is what he says. Now they are from PPME Amsterdam, Al Ikhlas. PPME, AL Ikhlas Amsterdam This is the father of… This is Pa Tatang. THat’s Josscy’s father. That’s my father! Papa Aartsen. Herman Aartsen. Now a lot of people in Indonesia say: Hah Herman Indonesian name? But originally Herman is from the Netherlands. So a lot of people here called Herman, it’s Dutch. You’re crying. Water from the tap. Tap…. This is for Rina & Josscy, be creative… Not finished yet. That’s champagne, but halal champagne. It’s from France. It’s champagne without alcohol. And Halal there is a certificate stamp. So we can drink it with everyone. And there is one especially for kids. Yes! Now this cake is very, very nice. Made by Vanessa cupmycakez Very nice, the inside is like chocolate and cherry… …and cream. So the taste is not too sweet. Not too sweet, then also it’s not heavy. Yes heavy. huh heavy? that’s Dutch. Iyah, wat does heavy mean? If in Indonesian what does it mean? Heavy means it’s too much. Yeah, heavy that’s Dutch.. From when you were little. From when I was little. What I heard was heavy. Heavy like this. Like you eat one piece and already feeling full, right? Then this cake doesn’t taste heavy. The taste is like… Yeah, like very fluffy. Feeding… Feeding the husband and feeding the wife. That is the truth. There autumn begins. Little bit of green and the leafs start to become yellow. It’s already to starting to fall off. We want to take the photographs now We are crazy, right? Yeah. Acting… Oh, I love this shot. Great shot, I don’t know why I love it… So great, so dynamic. Look! vaping! We are acting the car is broken We didi it with vaping. Making the last shot. The group photo. Hey that’s not happy guys. Chibi, Uci. Hey! Very cute, Chibi and Uci. There you see the guy on the far right… The one using the hat and using the gloves. They are from OVJ. So when he arrived the first day. It was already to starting get cold. Not winter yet, but it was already cold. Very cold. And he arrived with short pants. And we were like. What the… And he was already shivering like that. The next day on the day of wedding. He didn’t want to have the wrong outfit. So he wears gloves. All others are not wearing any yet. He together with Tyan already with gloves. Because they didn’t want to be as cold like the day before. Bye! So that was the video. How did you like it? I like it, it’s very nice. Because we also made it ourselves. We edited it. You know! We are like doing everything ourselves. Independent. We edited ourselves, make it ourselves. If there are people interested… Who want to know how we planned the wedding… How it all became reality until now. If a lot of people request this. Then we will tell the story. We can also give information, if you have any questions. Just leave a comment. Yeah, need to know! Need to know how the process was. How did you do it? What else? Now we want to thank you all for watching. Thank you for watching. Thank you for supporting us as well. Thank you for subscribing and leaving the comments. So everybody who helped at the wedding… …Thank you very much. And now we would like to say, be creative… …be free and be whatever you want to be. This is Rina, this is Josscy and we would like to say. Bye bye!

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