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– What do you really think
of my current partner(s)? – I'm gonna keep that to myself. The people that I see come and go. (both chuckle) No ma'am, that is not me. (instrumental music) – I'm Adrian. – I'm Nathan. – And we're brothers. We were both adopted when we were four. – Just a little bit. I'm
worried about the questions. – Probably. – Fuck no. No. Our parents
are too conservative. I couldn't do that. (laughs) They already don't like my choices, so. Cheers. – Going down. All right, are you ready? Which one of us was conceived
at the height of our parents' love? – You. – Well I was purchased first… I'm just kidding. I am gonna say that they
kind of catered to me when I was little, when I was younger. – Yes, they did. Yes, they fucking catered to you. – When I said I wanted a
little brother, maybe they were just a little more open at that time. Next question. – Oh, fuck me. The most spoiled sibling
has to take a shot. – Well, look. That must have been a premonition because I was already reaching for it. – Anything you asked for,
pretty much, you got. You got $75 a month when
you were in middle school. – For clubs. – I don't give a fuck. I
didn't get an allowance. That was back in your scene kid days. I remember you bought
that fucking straitjacket and you put me in it, and
you wouldn't let me out. – Yeah, in front of all
my, like, emo friends. – Yeah. – Yeah, sorry not sorry. – Fuck you. – Impersonate Mom/Dad giving
the birds and the bees talk. Do you wanna know what it was like for me? – The question is irrelevant. – They gave me a video tape,
a VHS of "Sex and The Pain It Causes" or something like that. – You're fucking lying. – No, and it was broken
when they gave it to me, so I never got to watch it. – Sex is unspoken in our house. It is unspoken. If a sex scene comes on in a
movie, they'll fast forward. Even though we're all
grown ass adults, so. – So, was it harder for you to
come out than it was for me? – It was way harder. I mean, Dad used to try and live all of his, like, sports through me. Like, he always had me in
soccer, football, baseball, swimming, diving, all that shit. And it was like they
wanted, like, some "macho" masculine-ass son. – Yeah, I feel like I
was their last resort. – You never knew how I came out? – How did you come out? – So, in 8th grade when I
was dating Evan, Dad came and spied on me, while we were
hanging out, in the bushes. – Wait, he came to school? – He was in the bushes
at Shorewood Elementary – You're fucking lying. – And I came home and they
had found a pencil pouch of all the notes that I had written Evan. – Oh my fucking God, that is so bad. – And they confronted me on it,
and that's when they told me that they had printed out
all the notes, sent it to our youth pastor, and he asked
me if I was confused. And I told him I was gay,
and I didn't really mind it. – Fuck him. – I remember passing out
out of just like sadness and waking up to milkshakes because
milkshakes in our family apparently healed everything. – That is fucked up actually. – All right, I think it's your turn. – You can only save Mom or
Dad from a burning building. Who do you choose? – Oh, man. – Are you really gonna do? Okay. – Both or neither because ya know – So you're gonna let both of them suffer? Is that how you're doing it? – Well I mean, I'm not
gonna pick one or the other. That's fucked up. – Okay. – Who would you pick? – I'm picking Mom. – Really? – Yeah. – Why? – I'm sorry, Dad. I mean, Mom and I, we
had our ups and downs, but Dad was on a whole nother level. I'm saving Mom. – Which sibling will get– (laughs) – Ask it. – Which sibling will get more in the will? That's fucked up. (both laugh) – Jesus Christ. You. – Really? – Yes, you. – Why do you think that? I think that you're projecting your own insecurities on yourself. – Oh, I'm thinking. – Well, even if I do get more, I would split it with you
50/50 because that's… – I'll hold you to that. – Oh, okay. Yeah, for sure. What is your best and worst
memory of our parents? – Best memory was when I was in jail, Mom drove two hours to see me. That meant so much, because,
you're in fucking jail, like nobody's there for you. Nobody gives a fuck what happens to you. You have one person to come and visit you, that means the world to me. It's the fact that
someone was there for me at that moment I needed the most. – She loves you so much. Spankings were bad, you know, that was never fun, watching
you get spanked and stuff. – Bitch, I got beat. Bitch, I got my back beat
with back scratchers, belts, couldn't even my
ass, that was my back. Bitch, I had welts. – We literally wore like
ten pairs of underwear when we knew we were gonna get spanked. – Bitch, who didn't do that. Bitch, we had armor. – I definitely did every time. – I did, too. Mom would hear the thud and be like, it gotta go, it's all coming
off, it's all coming off. I got beat like a fucking slave. – Well yeah, that's cause you were bad. No… – Should we stick our
parents in a nursing home? Push came to pull, and
I had to move back home to take care of them and
possibly quit my job, I would definitely do that. Because regardless of our
relationship growing up, they're still my parents. – I would move in to, I would… – Move in, bitch, you already live there. Where you moving to? (laughs) Where are you moving to? – It was good. – It wasn't too bad. – It was fun. Truth or Drink is definitely worth it because you definitely see
where the other person's mindset is. We'll see about that. – I'm really still iffy on that.

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