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make this flower She has
hundreds and hundreds of properties contains elements that help us improve
our health and our daily life did you know that
in his flowers we find properties
“incredibly healthy for our organism what is the case of flowers
of banana banana is a the most delicious fruits and
versatile that exists all over the world not to mention all the benefits that
they have for health it’s consumed both green and mature and there is
hundreds of recipes to consume them even their leaves help to make
delicious specialties like cakes but his flower is so beneficial
the fruit itself, the banana flower is big oval and grows on the other side
of the banana bunch, is Red purple. dark the little flowers are in the
inner part and they are the ones who Become banana growing up
What makes them so special are basically starch and bitter taste
They are rich in vitamin C and vitamin AT
Can be incorporated into the diet like a vegetable
The hard shell is outside the
The flower, once mature is also used as
ingredient for noodles and soups in
some countries is served as a salad fresh banana flowers Asians of
South and East Asia use flowers banana as a vegetable already uses it
to be believed or steamed or with sauces
and with fried foods taste
the heart of banana flowers are edible And called hearts of
banana, they are so valuable to many reasons a series of benefits for
health is why today in this video
We will show you exactly what the
the consumption of this incredible flower done in the body protect us from infections
banana flowers are used to treat
infections thanks to their extracts Banana flower made from ethanol
inhibits the growth of bacteria pathogens like that of the dangerous
subtilis the banana flower too
helps heal wounds the extracts of banana flowers can also inhibit
the The growth of Plasmodium falciparum
parasite of malaria reduces the activity of free radicals
the presence of radicals
free in the body can cause serious problems fortunately the
methanol extracts present in the banana flower has properties
antioxidants these flowers perfectly they manage the free radicals that cause
Injury reduce bleeding
menstruation causes pain some suffer from severe symptoms of
premenstrual syndrome while others a cup of flowers
Cooked banana can help you cope with these problems
the flowers of banana cooked with yogurt
increases progesterone in the hormone body and reduces bleeding increases
a good mood and reduces anxiety try not to
take an antidepressant, try the banana flowers in their place,
they contain magnesium these flowers of banana reduce anxiety and increases
the maid the mood of course it’s a
antidepressants without side effects for
Young mothers face a lot of problems when she was breastfeeding
One of the main problems they are confronted with is
the lowest milk production the flowers banana increase production of
milk that helps better feeding your children contributes to the loss
of weight because it is rich in fiber and nutrients this will result in
the Weight loss
calm the stomach also to lose weight
banana blossoms need to be added at
salads and soups for health Gastrointestinal, are high in fiber
soluble and insoluble a soluble fiber allows food to pass easily
through the digestive tract because it dissolves in water and forms a gel at the
times for promote healthy digestion and
Food absorption Fight against dangerous cancers and
diseases of Heart are a high source of tannins
Flavonoids and other antioxidants help fight
against free radicals and eliminates the oxidative damage that leads
the cancer and heart disease
the banana flower can prevent these all this and much more
so what are you waiting for get these fabulous flowers and your
organization will thank you if you ever have love, do not hesitate to put the shoots
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