Ok wait. Hold on… Done. Get ready to turn it around. 1..2..3! Subtitle by Instagram @rizkymel Hallo, guys! Welcome back to Yudist Ardhana Channel. A place where you can find fun, excitement, and enjoyment, guys! I’m uploading video right now, guys. Look! Will be airing today. We upload new videos everyday! Today is gonna be so special cause I got a lot of special things. Is it back lighted, Nal? Let’s turn around. What what? / Turn here. Ok. So you’ll get a better picture guys. Today’s gonna be fun with special stuff. The first one! Look! New hair! / Foreigner! How are you? / He’s a fake Korean. That’s the first special thing. Yogi’s new hair. There’s a second excitement, nal. It’s so special cause we got a gift. Here. Do you know what it is? So, me, Zainal, and Wahyu along December 2018 uploaded 20 gaming videos on Yudist Gaming Channel. 20 videos reached 123k++ subscribers! I got this, guys. I’m not sure what it is. But actually I think I know it. Let’s open. What is it, nal? / Diamond? Yudist Gaming is basically Zainal’s, Wahyu’s and my effort. Cause Alvian ain’t do games. No games? / No. But you broke the chair there! Wow! A letter, guys. As always. Here. Hey it’s different. It’s from Society Awards. A name card, guys. A letter. A thick one. It was a thin paper back then. Here it is, guys! / Looks different. It’s new. Go take the old one, Vian. Wow so smooth. Presented to Yudist Gaming. So many of you asking “Hey when will you upload new video on Yudist Gaming?” So, we run this Channel during December 2018. Only 1 month. But in January, I decided not to upload to this Channel. Why? Cause me and my team are trying to focus on the main Channel Yudist Ardhana. It’s 6 of us including me, Wahyu, Wibi, Zainal, Yogi, and Alvian. Including Manager so it’s 7. We focus on this Channel so we can upload everyday. But if we get a balance then, we’ll back to Yudist Gaming. Here it is. Let’s compare, guys. It’s the Silver Play Button of Yudist Ardhana back then and it’s the new one. Look! The same size. That’s the gold new version. So it’s similar with this. Just different color. And it’s the old one. Which one do you like better? Leave comment. Thank you guys for supporting. If you want, subscribe on Yudist Gaming. Maybe we can get the gold. Cool! It’s the second special thing, guys. Let’s move on. I still got one that’s very special. I got something’s special. / What’s that? I want… / Hey my shoes are new. I wanna make over Zainal. / What the? Ok? Let’s make over Zainal. / Let’s do this. You hold the camera and Zainal will be here. / I look such a mess. It’s my cameraman. Been here for a year. He takes all of my videos. So suspicious. / Haha why is that? Face that way. Don’t move ok. He’s the birthday boy, guys. I asked him to buy me meals at KFC, but he refused. That’s ok. I got something for you. Hey don’t turn around. I got something for him. Wait. I wanna make him a Hypebeast! Here you go, Nal. Sing the song! “Happy birthday to you!”~ It’s the gift from me and the team. Open it and wear it. Bershka yeay! Wow is it original? / Of course! Wear it. Are these second handed? / Knock it off! Two shoe laces. How to tie it up? / That’s the cool shoes. I can’t figure it out! Put it to me. / What? Wear it by yourself. Cool. Does it fit? / Yeah sure! Cool! How to tie it? Not too big? Is it supposed to be this way? We got one condition, he should wear the shoes for today and not pull out the brand tag. Ok? / Ok. Are the shoe laces fine? / Yeah. Don’t cut the tag until this video ends. I wanna say thank you first. / Whoa! Knock it off! Ok next we got a fun thing to do. We’ll do an experiment. Adding Coca Cola in the water melon! But first, we gotta buy the water melon. Let’s go! Ok, guys! Let’s buy the water melon. Here it is. / Yeah. They don’t have a bigger one? It’s not rounded. It’s oval. Like Upin Ipin. / Yeah right. What else? Coca Cola. / Coca Cola. I think we need the basket. / Whatever. Why do I hold these? Here it is. How many? / 8 would be enough. That’s lot! Let’s go! Miss, can I ask you something? Are his shoes cool? / Cool. He still got the tag. Look! Going out with the tag. Ok now we’re back to the office! We’ll start the experiment. Alvian got the water melons and Coca Cola. Come here. Wait. Am I cool with this hoodie? / Wow! This hoodie adds much of handsome level, guys! If you wanna wear the same like me and Alvian, you can check the instagram We have promo, guys. Limited edition! Let’s start the experiment. Ok. Let’s try. We make holes and add tissue. Call Yogi then! Our Master Chef. / Hey you got a marker? A marker! / So, guys. It’s here. Make a hole mark, Vian. It’s how it works, guys. Done? / Yeah. Make another one. Take another bottle. Hold it here. Is it good? / Good. Why do I make this experiment, guys? Cause so many of you requested it on the comment and instagram DM. “Try make Coca Cola + water melon experiment” Cause it’s happening nowadays. Some of our Youtuber friends also have done this experiment. But not with full Coca Cola. Now make the hole so we can insert it. / Ok. Ok. It’s done, guys. Come here. You can see the fruit. We’ve never tried this experiment and don’t know is it work? But we yeiidirb trick..Blah! But if I see on the other Channels, it seemed so easy. Just gotta open it. Vian. There! That way. Is it in? / Ok wait. Hold on… Done. Get ready to turn it around. 1..2..3! Turn it around. Wow fail guys! Splashing out! / It’s leaked! Turn it around. Leaked! It’s not absorbing, guys. How is it? Little by little? / Ok let’s try. Let’s try to this hole. Let’s pour. See? It’s not absorbing. / Yeah. Maybe the other channels were failed too. I haven’t watched it. Floating! / Needs to be deeper? Yeah we have to make it deeper so it won’t be spilled out. Ok deeper? / Yeah. Ok we’ll try to make it deeper, guys. Go Yogi! Lean it. / Just pour it. Pour! It still spilled out! Flooded. Failed, guys! Failed again, guys! Guys. It’s a never ending experiment! / Yeah! It’s actually based on your request and it’s trending now. But we never watched the similar video at all. So we don’t have a clue. But after we’ve tried in so many ways, we spent the Coca Cola this much and still not absorb. Way deeper? / This way? Yeah stick it! / Go! Alvian is still curious! Go ahead. Turn it around. / Ok. Push it inside! / Harder! It’s leaked from the side, guys. Look! Leaked from the side. / Shut this part with another bottle. No use. You’ll only make my office like a mess. Stick it! Wow! Hectic, guys! Don’t try this experiment, guys. Splashing! / What the… wohoo! / Pull it out! All wet! / My office is such a ruin, guys! Cut it into two, guys! It turned to black with Coca Cola! Let’s eat a half. Coca Cola water melon, guys! How does it taste? / Hmm. Tastes like water melon! I can taste Coca Cola a bit. So fresh. It’s great for Iftar. It’s a lousy experiment. Thank you for watching. Make sure to subscribe my Channel cause we upload new videos everyday. We’ll make another excitement tomorrow, guys. See you tomorrow bye!

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