Self-Medicating Depression and Anxiety with Alcohol, Drugs

Hey everybody! My name’s Chris. And I am actually a recovering
drug addict and alcoholic. My sobriety date is June 23, 2012. I actually got clean
on my 27th birthday, a little over
five-and-a-half years ago. But yeah, anyways, I just wanted to talk a
little bit about my story. So I ended up developing symptoms of anxiety and depression in high school. But because I didn’t know
about those symptoms, of what was actually
happening to me, I just thought that I was crazy. I thought that I was going nuts. Like I took health classes
and things like that. But if you went to
health classes, like me, we were basically talking
about physical health and things like that. They never really taught me
about mental health. And, you know, I think a lot of it – my anxiety and depression – stemmed from being the son
of an alcoholic mom. So what happened was towards the end of
my senior year, I started self-medicating. And eventually, just because I never learned how to really properly cope with my mental illness, it turned into a full-blown addiction which resulted in
losing a lot of jobs, losing money, losing friends, losing family, losing all that stuff. And the worst part was, the last thing I lost
was my son. I wasn’t allowed to see him for about four months, before I got clean. But, luckily, even though I ended up
in the hospital with about a 10% chance of living from my opiate as well as alcohol addiction, my family was there for me. And, my mom, she’s been sober 12 years now. She was about 7 years
sober at the time and she helped save my life. If there’s anything that
I’d want to teach people about, it’s just we got to keep
our mental health under control; our anxiety and depression. That’s the only way
I stay sober now is by recognizing that
I have a mental illness that needs to be treated. And I have to find
much healthier ways to deal with it rather than drugs and alcohol. So today, meditation
is one of my main tools. I have my son
back in my life. I do a lot
of stuff with him. My family’s back and my friends and all their support. So, if anything, if anything, just make sure that you’re taking care of
your mental health. And don’t go down the
same path that I did. You’ll live a much better,
easier life. Alright y’all. I’ll see you next time.

2 thoughts on “Self-Medicating Depression and Anxiety with Alcohol, Drugs

  • I've had depression for 7 years and GAD all my life. Psychologists just say the same thing over and over. I eat well, exercise have amazing caring people in my life, it helps a little bit and my body feels great but my mind is in so much pain. It's really bad pain. There is a constant stream of chaotic negative thinking that triggers painful emotions. Its constant. It varies in intensity but the thoughts are always there.It's really painful. And after 7 years i cant fight it anymore. I've tried really hard and have committed to every area of treatment but nothing works but drugs and alcohol. I know it will kill me and I'll die young but at least I'll have been able to live a life. My mental illness completely destroys my potential. When I attempt sobriety I just drift into a catatonic state. And thats no way to live if its even living at all. Although unfortunate, drugs remain the only solution to my condition.

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