Seattle Food and Wine Experience Grand Tasting 2016

I would say what makes this event unique is just the sheer diversity within a single topic so with wine producers you have so many different varietals different producers you have so many different types of foods and things like that then within that category there's just you can get lost for the entire day I like an event like this where we can have beers like Stella that from day one I've been part of dining experience it's meant be served right in line with wine and give us the same exposure to people that are having wine first but some ways feel like a beer we're here to make that comfortable and be a great showcase for Graham you know being here really helps emphasize the commitment that we have both through sustainable sourcing our seafood as well as an opportunity for people to try what we serve on board the ship we have 10,000 bottle wine cellars onboard celebrity and it gets a chance for people to really get a feel for the types of wines and the types of foods they can experience on the sub because this is actually a big brand in Europe and it's a big brand in New York but it's not really a big brand in Washington so this is great exposure for us we are just very excited to bring the Yakima Valley to see how it's a very unique opportunity to bring what we grow what we produce to see we're only two hours away one of the things we're trying to get across is the sustainability and just the great products from Alaska so we have scallops that are being served by a couple of different restaurants as well as Alaskan salmon – fabulous collection food purveyors wine purveyors other beverage purveyors and it's fantastic for us to be associated with such a great event that's a great way to meet people in the industry and also meet people from the general public to appreciate great food

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