S1.E15 Ukrainian Root Vodka (Voevodka “Galangal|”)

*Ukrainian flute “sopilka” plays Carpathian melody* Witaju, Pani ta Panove!
This is Ukranian spirit and we continue our journey through the Norwegian Lofoten islands in the northern Norway I’m gonna show you there is a beautiful
beautiful picturesque mountains around me and the way up here is really
interesting and nice combination of sea and mountains, some small fishing
villages. I’m having fishermen outfit myself today but it’s quite cold out –
around -3 C, so I’m gonna be real quick today. We have still our Voevodka
series and this is the next box from their two gifts sets that they have. And
today’s drink is more suitable for this kind of weather:
it’s called Kalganivka or Galangal root And this one we had already previously
with Sad i Gon distillery and you can find all about it in a video link up
there, but today’s Kalgan from Voevodka, from Kiev distillery. And I have a clean
glass I have a nice liquid in it now and let it smell. Immediately with this
one I can feel that it has a stronger alcohol content than the ones that we
reviewed previously, and let me check. Yeah it’s 40% so it’s not a huge
difference 36 and 40 but it makes some difference, and for some people it’s
actually a difference between a drink that they can drink easily and the drink
that they need to immediately eat something or drink something afterwards.
This one it’s really nice pleasant aroma of this galangal root. It’s quite unique
smell – I can’t really compare it with anything. (immediately compares!) It’s slightly spicy so if you
think about ginger maybe something along those lines, but not exactly. It also
smells a bit sweet so I’m guessing there is some kind of sugar in it, and
yeah, by the viscosity of the drink we can tell that there is some sugar in it,
so cheers to you guys, Bud`mo! It has this apple and even cherry pit, cherry
stone sub tones so it doesn’t taste of a lot of root flavor. Not a lot of, you know,
ginger spiciness. It is spicy, it is a little bit bitter, but think even most of
it comes from the alcohol rather than the root, but the smell is really like
really ripe apple or maybe, yeah, cherry stone. If you let cherry sit –
cherry stone sit in juice for some time – you get this more almondy aroma and
yeah – in current cold weather it’s really hard to tell what’s exactly I’m smelling,
because the coldness (of air) of course dulls my senses, so I’m gonna make sure to re-taste it in the warmth of the house … And here is Kalgan root chink in
a warmer environment. The smell is basically the same very rooty, very deep
flavor or smell profile. As for the taste: it balanced out a little bit,
it’s definitely spicy almost like orange zest or lemon zest, some notes of that
very… little bit tangy as well hmm yeah. So it’s a orangy, zesty, tangy, spicy, deep
some dark caramel flavor Not too sweet but definitely, definitely
some kind of caramel presence in it , maybe something that reminds of
caramel, so really nice drink! ..but I couldn’t couldn’t let you not see these
amazing views. So cheers to you guys it was Kalganivka from Voevodka and
this was Ukrainian spirit.
Bud`mo! *Ukrainian flute “sopilka” plays Carpathian melody*

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