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FoodTube! John Quilter aka The Food Busker and I’ve got the most amazing ribeye steak for you now and we’re going to do it with a coffee and shallot butter it’s so good, it sits in the fridge, you can just take a slice and drop it on it’s so tasty but what’s really cool about this video is we’re going to show you the perfect beer to go with that dish because we’ve hooked up with ‘There’s A Beer For That’ and they’re great at matching the right beer with the right dish, so let’s get the butter rockin right, the first flavour that i want to get is that i want to get some smokiness going so shallots and jalapenos, we’re going to char them on the gas stove essentially what you’re doing is what you do on a barbeque but this is like flavour gold going on right there, you’re going to taste it later in the butter and it’s going to compliment the ribeye perfectly you want that chariness that’s going on okay, now let’s prep the garlic. Take the heel off and then we’re just going to cut through nice and thin. I’m just going to add just a little bit of salt and a little bit of oil. This is going to help me break it down into a purée and then what you do is with the back of your knife you just drag what happens is, that salt that’s in there works as an abrasive and helps to start breaking down the garlic there you go, there it is. That’s your garlic purée done So once you’ve darkened the outside of everything, just take them off, put them into a bowl and then we’re going to cling film that and set it aside for 20 minutes Now we’re going to get the herbs ready, so you want a good heaped tablespoon of thyme and rosemary pulling off the leaves and discarding the stalks, rattle through that lot Here’s our shallots and jalapeños from earlier, so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to pull the skin off and we’re just going to take the seeds out as well the reason that you put that cling film on is that as the heat comes up it hits the top of the cling film is reflected back down and that creates a wet heat (steam) that then helps steam off the skins I’m just going to roughly chop up the shallots and the jalapeños, okay you need about a tablespoon of oil into a hot pan and then we’re going to get our garlic and introduce that straight in and then I’m going to get my fresh herbs and get that in as well what you’re doing is, you’re just beginning to take some of the bitterness out of them let’s get the rest of our ingredients in which is the jalapeños and the shallots and then finally the coffee, I’ve got about a tablespoon of espresso here you can use the coffee you make from your cafetiere but make sure it’s nice and strong. Let’s get it in Literally want it on there for 10 seconds and then take it off all those ingredients have sucked in that coffee flavour and the heat has evaporated the moisture so now you’ve just got this beautiful smokey coffee flavour in there, you’re going to put that into the butter it’s going to be delicious so that’s dropped down in temperature and what I’ve got is 250 grams of butter that I’ve left out, so it’s now become malleable and now we’re going to add that to the rest of the ingredients that’s thoroughly mixed now I’m just going to clean my hands and we’ll roll it into a pack of butter now we’re just going to add a little bit of salt and pepper and now I’m going to roll that into some grease proof twist one way and then the other, nice and tight to go in the fridge to firm up what we’re going to do is we’re just going to oil the ribeye ever so slightly and massage it in with my clean hand I’m just going to put some beautiful sea salt on there just get that on, wash my hands then we’re going to whack it in the pan you’d never cook a ribeye rare because that wouldn’t give the opportunity of the fat that’s always in a ribeye to caramelise and to crisp up. So always cook your ribeyes medium rare or up For this size of steak it’s quite thick, I reckon it needs about 2 and a half / 3 minutes on either side Now you’ll notice as soon as it went in it started smoking and having that beautiful sizzle sound that’s because the pan is screaming hot, that’s absolutely key when you’re doing a steak. Make sure it’s blinding hot. Right, now the temptation when cooking something like this is you prod it and you move it. Don’t. Have faith, leave it there. The reason you do that is that you get these beautiful score marks. Okay that’s been 3 minutes either side now I’m just going to pick it up and just let it sit on its side so just sear that off. Now look how much activity is going on there that’s why you mustn’t over oil your pan or your steak I’m going to take it off the heat and set it aside to rest for 3 minutes Now let’s talk about the beer that’s going to go with this ribeye I’ve chosen some amazing abbey beers which is similar to a trappist style. If you want to know more about trappist style beer then click on the link to the craft beer boys on Drinks Tube These beers are full bodied and rich, they match the flavours that are in the ribeye really strong flavours like bitter chocolate, plum, caramel. It’s got a real sort of deep vibe to them. You know the great thing about this beer is the carbonation and the bitterness resets your pallet gets it nice and fresh so that you can crack on with your next bite, I can’t wait. Right, let’s get the butter. So we’ll just take a nice slice through and drop him on. Beautiful watercress, gorgeous sweet potato chips I’ve got some beautiful examples of abbey beers that are going to be so good with that This one’s delicious because it’s got a decent level of carbonation that’s really going to clean and refresh your pallet and then it’s got some nice fruity vibes that will go well with the steak This one’s great because it’s really creamy and that contrasts with the flavours that are going on in the dish but it’s also got a hint of spiciness and then this one’s great because it mirrors all the flavours that’s going on in the dish, so it’s got the roasty vibe, it’s got the bitter chocolate, it’s got the coffee It’s the one I’m going to go for Wow that is so good, let’s get a slice of this steak and get a little bit of the butter I’m getting that bitter coffee vibe, then the sweetness of the shallots but I needed to have that sip of beer at the beginning to put it on top of that, like layering those flavours now let’s just have another one so that those flavours can mix together in my mouth they just get on so well together, they’re like best mates. They’re just like talking to each other about the same flavours that are in there that sort of bitterness that’s in there with the coffee, it’s in here as well It’s so good and they work so well together you’ve got to try this Now that was my match with this dish but what would you have matched it with? Remember there’s no rules with matching beer with food, it’s what you like but tell me about your choices what’s your favourite beer and your favourite dish? Let me know in the comment box below and make sure if you want to know more about beer matching click on the link and also subscribe to Drinks Tube people, cya!

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