Red Wine Sediment Can I drink it I Now We Find Out!

Hello welcome congratulations you found the video. So what we’re going to be covering today on this video is actually Sediment in wine. Have you ever found yourself going to your cellar going to your friend’s house? Even at a restaurant or liquor store. You’ll buy a Bottle of wine and you notice that there’s sediment in the bottle now should you buy this? Should you purchase this should you even open this bottle? That’s what we’re gonna cover today. What do you do with wine sediment? So stay tuned Hey guys, welcome back So like I mentioned before what we’re going to cover today in this video is wine sediment inside your bottle What do you do with it? Can you drink it? Do you want to purchase it if you notice it? Kind of where where do you go with this? So now this bottle of wine that I have I actually just pulled out of my cellar out of my Euro cob What all your cob is is it’s actually a large wine fridge Well, they come in many different shapes and sizes all do do a little tutorial on one of those one of these days But anyway, what it is essentially is a wine fridge. What is a wine fridge? What are you doing with it? so long story short well We’ll cut to the chase is actually what the wine Fridge is or year old cob is it’s just temperature controls your wine get that question a lot white wines red wines How do you drink them warm cold what temperature when kind of all of that now with mine? In this bottle that I actually just grabbed so I keep all my red wines at 59 degrees Now what that does is that temperature controls your wine so a lot of people think you’re supposed to drink red wine at room temperature, which Yeah is true can be true but what what it means by room temperature like with me as I keep all my reds at 59 degrees and that happens year-round in a in my basement where mines actually had so What that does is it keeps all the humidity consistent. It keeps the temperature consistent It just gives a really nice place for your warnings to age. So you’re younger wines can grow older Your older wines can get better. So that is the whole idea behind all this so White wines, I like mine greater on 39 degrees red wines 59 degrees I’m having dinner that night and I want a nice bottle of wine all going out of the year old Kyle pull one out open it up Let it breathe for an hour or two or depending on how much time I have that way It’s at a nice crisp temperature the way I like to drink my red wine So that kind of answers that let’s get back to what we came here for sediment in wine if you notice you’re at a liquor store or a friend’s house or something like that and you pull this bottle of wine off the shelf and at the bottom of the bottle you notice that there’s some Grainy looking almost salt like well, we call that set of it. Now. Is it? Okay it’s perfectly fine I’ve consumed plenty of sediment in my day and it’s never affected me. Do I suggest eating a bunch of it? I Don’t think that’s something any any funny either. So there’s a happy medium So what I’m gonna show you is a couple hacks today as far as what to do when you run into sediment how you can take care of it and How do you go about drinking this wine? Because it’s more than likely the wine is probably still perfect You just don’t want to be taking mouthfuls instead of it. So One thing that everyone can do is everyone has a cellphone So with your cell phone, all you’re gonna want to do is just turn your flashlight on Now, like I said this came right out of my euro cough, so I brought it over set it down I wasn’t shaking it wasn’t trying to move it all around And this bottle has actually been sitting in this direction For probably a couple months. I tried to rotate them a little bit but I know it has been sitting like this for a long enough period of time where the sediment is going to Probably build up a little bit and with this typical or with this actual wine. I know that they are Prone to sediment when I’ve had them before so I knew it would be a good example So it’s actually just why I grabbed this bottle so we should be able to see something So, like I said, I haven’t been rough with it so what I’m gonna do is actually just pick the bottle of wine up try not to shake it around too much and Then I’m just gonna grab my phone with the flashlight on Now what we’re gonna do is then on the back of the bottle of wine right here See a little indentation That’s called a punt now all the wine bottles are designed this way to actually catch sediment because this has been known to have so what we’re gonna do is just Take our flashlight and if you hold the flashlight into the pump their bottles a little dark But you can kind of you can see through and you can actually see the sediment in the bottle So we know that we need to watch out this You can’t hookans account lines. We always want to sort like I said Nothing nothing wrong with that But just be gentle with it and If you consume a little bit it’s not going to be the end of the world But like I said, no one wants to eat a bunch of bunch of sediment So now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to open the bottle of wine We’re going to use our phone. We report in to the decanter. We’re actually use the flashlight on our phone to project up So we can kind of see what we’re doing when we’re pouring it You know odds are pretty good that if we just Jack the bottle upside down like this and let it all flow in the settings going to Flow with it. So we’re just going to gently pour the wine into the win decanter and With that being said we’re going to try to use the natural the natural Wine bottle curvatures to Catch most of the sediment so so and actually with this one is just a twist off so we are going to move it up We’re going to twist off this end. Now with that being said, well, we’re going to put our phone back in place now Careful with your eyes here, but we’re just gonna put this up we’re gonna leave our flashlights go up and what this is going to do is this is going to allow us to see the bottle and then see where that sediment was and Then we’re going to just kind of keep an eye on it and then try not to pour as much in there so we can Do some juice over the decanter too Now when you’re doing the decanter with the wine You want to pour nicely slow if you can and try to get as much of the wine If you see here You can you can see how the light is coming up and I can see you directly into the bottle So I can see that sediment And I’m just going to keep doing that For the rest of the wine And like I said you want to try to Pour it slow enough so as much the wine can hit the surface of the decanter But that’s going to do is that’s going to start opening the wine up even faster So we’re going towards the end here and I’m not gonna pour it all the way and I’m gonna leave a little bit Because the odds are we’re gonna catch some sediment there too. And if you look here You can see you See the sediment on the side of the bottle there try to get some better light in there you can see a big piece here So you can see all that sediment on the side Doesn’t mean the wines bad wine still gonna be good we’re just gonna let it breathe a little bit longer and we’re just gonna consume less segment and you know with me I think that’s going to make The experience all that much better So that is kind of what you want to do as far as when you have some sediment and it’s candor You can drink it straight out of the bottle. I would just still do the same. I would still do just do a slow pour into your glass rather the Decanter if you don’t have a decanter at your disposal not a big deal. You can still just leave in the actual bottle It’ll breathe just fine. But this Kandra does it just helps open things up better? I like to reference it and tell people it’s like after a long day at work you Like to take your socks off your feet feel so much better That’s exactly what this bottle of wine feels like after it gets out of this bottle and gets to move around There’s two cancer a little bit gets to move around breathe a little bit. Everything’s a little bit better So once again, thanks for tuning in the Anthony Hendrickson. I appreciate you guys Checking out this video learn something today, and I hope that you’ll subscribe you can hit that Bell notification The Bell notification is going to let you know when other videos like these are being produced When the next one comes out and it will keep you in touch with More wine knowledge. So once again, this is anthony Hendrickson. Thank you some promote so much for tuning in We’ll see you a nice video. Bye

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