Rahil Hoque, Graduate of our Advanced Wine & Beverage Business Management Postgraduate Program

If you love wine and food, Toronto is where you want to be. My favorite thing about Toronto is how diverse it is, how many different restaurants there are and all of the experiences that you could have within different little pockets of the city. A lot of people that are in this
industry kind of grow up with wine. My parents never drank wine. I never grew up with wine and so when I fell in love with wine, when I first discovered it, it
was completely new. The most appealing thing about George Brown was how hands-on the program was and how hands-on the teachers were and they were able to
bridge the gap between just teacher and student and they were really mentors to
me. One of the reasons why I joined George Brown was because of the travel portion at the end of the year and it really excited me. This is definitely
something I wanted to do Experience the food, experience the
wine, experience the people and experience the culture and I was waiting for
Scotland, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain but, once I entered George Brown I fell
in love with everything else. I fell in love with the teachers, the school, the program itself and my classmates George Brown has opened a lot of doors
for me. I got an opportunity at Alo – the number one restaurant in Canada being
the top restaurant in Toronto and that's catapulted my career as an Operations
Manager and now I'm running four establishments, Garde de l'Est, and Ascari and Table 17 and Hi-Lo I'm doing the best work of my life. I get to mentor the
next generation of hospitalitarians and I get to instill into them what I
learned at George Brown; that it's not only about your skills, it's about the
relationships that you create. George Brown has set me up for success.

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