Rack Magic™ Siphon for Beer Brewing – Improved Autosiphon

Welcome to Brewing TV. I’m Nick, and this is the Rack Magic Siphon. The auto siphon is one of the unsung heroes
of the home brewer. Properly used and well-maintained, this guy
can save you hours of time, and that’s time that you can spend…having a pint. The problem with these guys? They’re kind of cheap. It’s bendy, this wall is very thin, it’s prone
to cracking and breaking, and this little guy on the bottom always tends to fall off
on the bottom of your fermenter. (CRACKING NOISE) Enter the Rack Magic siphon. This thing is made with 35% thicker plastic
for more durability and shatter resistance. The screw-on bottom eliminates the chance
of the lost cap in your fermenter, and the whole thing breaks down for easy cleaning. Bottom line, this thing was built with the
home brewer in mind. Rack Magic – accept no cheap imitations. Cheers! This is the first beer I’ve had in a month. It’s amazing!

19 thoughts on “Rack Magic™ Siphon for Beer Brewing – Improved Autosiphon

  • Not sure I like the threads. It seems like a good place for bugs to hide. I wonder how effective sanitization would be on it.

  • Thanks for sharing about the "new improved" auto-siphon. Been using one of the "cheap inferior" models for about 8 years and (knock on wood) have yet to break it, crack it, or have the bottom "trub guard" fall off. Nevertheless, if at some point in the future my trusty old unit breaks, I will know that there are "upgraded" alternatives. Cheers!

  • I've got a valve on my fermenter and kettle (with trub dam that does very well), so I just attach a hose and let 'er rip. But I used to use a siphon, and it also disassembled. Never had a problem with it. But that stainless steel suggestion sounds cool, although maybe more expensive than it'd be worth. Either way, happy brewing everyone!

  • I've been brewing for 15 years on and off and the only time I have ever had any of the "issues" described here is when I either didn't do something properly or abused my gear. If you're abusing your gear, it could be made out of stainless and you'd still have issues. IMHO this is a money grab, although the fact that it breaks down further for cleaning would be nice. I didn't look at the price, however if I was new to brewing and/or replacing my auto siphon I would think about this.

  • One of my "old" siphons fell down on the floor, while the cap was off. As a result the small lock plate inside the pipe came off. There was no way to get it in place again. I had to buy a new one.
    That you can disassemble evry part of this "new" siphon is a big plus. top!

  • anyone remember when brewing TV use to kick ass? Chip, Keeler and Dawson just brewing? not advertising for the site, those were the days. I don't feel like the have the right to call this "Brewing TV"

  • Well Dam,I can't find a YOU TUBE video showing how one works????? Why didn't you show how it works??? Yeah I know looks easy enough,was sure hoping to see one work.Not sure wheater to buy one or not,looks nice but just not certain??

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