Putting Razer’s Gaming-Enhancing Drink to the Test

(intense music) – I’m Matthew Buzzi,
this is Chris Stobing, and we’ve got a interesting combo for you today of Super
Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, which
everybody knows and loves, and something a little newer which is the Respawn, not energy drink, mental enhancement drink from Razer. This was made as an April Fools joke in 2010, and they decided to
make it a real product now, and we’re gonna play
Smash Bros. along the side and see how we do, see if
it helps me elevate my game. Hopefully, our native skill levels are kind of equal enough that we can see if it can give us an edge to see if we can feel any effects,
see if we feel nothing. Chris is gonna be the control. – Oh, something to note here, do not exceed three servings per day. – Oh, that’s actually, you know what, I’m glad you read that. (laughs) – Because you’ve got quite a few servings right in front of you.
– I couldve crushed these – Tastes like if you had
Splenda or something, it tastes a little like that. I’ll try the other
flavors here in a second when I’m done wiping the
floor with Meta Knight. What are those lollipops called,
they have the gum inside? – [Man] Blow Pop? – Blow Pop, thank you, could
not think of the word Blow Pop. This tastes like the green
apple version of that which is the flavor, so. I feel a little more energized than I would if I was drinking coffee. Let me try the– – You’re really enhanced, man. You’re just– – I’m so enhanced. This looks really strong, and it is. I was gonna say it’s not,
and then I swallowed it. – There would be, oh God. (laughs) Good thing this isn’t going
on the internet or anything. – Yeah, no, that would
be terrible for you. (laughs) So, I will say, ’cause coffee’s
not something that makes, I’m not one of those
people that get jittery from having coffee or, in
comparison, I do feel with it. I do feel alert for whatever that’s worth. I mean, I’m drinking a ton of, I say chemicals, that sounds bad, but I mean, I’m coming out
with what I was saying. – It is chemicals, yeah. You’re working with chemicals. You’re working with,
nothing about this drink is necessarily natural. – I shouldn’t feel surprised that I feel kinda energized when I’m drinking a bunch of chemicals but I do, so. You’re gettin’ handled. – I am really getting handled. This is not good for me. This is not good for my
public image right now. – I do feel myself getting
a little over-wired. My hands are, I don’t think they’d be the most stable if I tried to hold them out straight for you right now. No, it’s actually rock steady. (laughs) – This is a gaming enhancement drink. – I must feel mentally wired instead. I’m actually fine. So, as I’m nearing the
end of my drinking here, I do feel fairly alert. I also don’t mind the taste as much as taking a sip isn’t
necessarily my thing, I keep reaching for it. I don’t hate it. You hate to see that. (laughs) – [Chris] Of course,
walked straight into it. – It does what it says it
does, I think I would say, which is kind of an accomplishment. I would, at least I personally would greet these things
with a degree of skepticism, but I feel more alert. I feel on the edge of
becoming, like, too wired, but I’m not. I mean, I’ve drank the whole
thing at this point, almost. So, it has seemingly improved
my Smash Bros. gameplay. You could say it was entirely
the Respawn if you’d like. – I would like to say
that, actually, yeah. – I don’t want to be the one to list off the score here, but, nice. – Oh, he’s up by, it’s not even close. (laughs) I think it’s 15 to one. – Chris, thank you so much for… – Being cannon fodder? – I didn’t wanna say it. I didn’t want to be the guy. – [Chris] Wait, what is that? (laughs)

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