Pros and Cons of Drinking Alcohol – A tool to help you weigh up your decision to be sober

today I’m going to be talking about a technique that often use with clients called the decisional balance hi everyone hope you okay if you are looking for channel that will help you improve your emotional health to reduce anxiety, addiction and depression you’ve come through to the right place don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on the red button below so you’ll be notified of any new videos when they release them. A tool I’m talking about today is called the decision on balance and I want to do this in relation to people with alcohol problems and how someone with an alcohol problem will benefit from doing this simple or little motivational tool this as I said, it’s called the decisional balance it helps you to weigh up and to confirm your decision to stop drinking you very often want to working with clients they say to me yes I want to start drinking but when you talk to them further well the reasons why don’t want to stop is very shallow and that’s when it becomes really difficult to maintain the sobriety all the abstinence as as it were but would you have more reasons when you can find more reasons to stop or to stay stopped then that makes it more likely that you will stay stopped and this little tool the decisional balance helps you to do that if I could just bring up a copy here and whenever look in the screen by the way I didn’t create this this is being around for decades not sure how long but it’s been around for a long time also there’s a lot of variations of this but this one I prefer that I’m showing you now because it’s so easy to use as you can see at the top it’s as you can see from it it’s divided into four page you’re dividing into poor fall on the top column you’ve got disadvantages and advantages and in the row each row two rows no change and change in the bottom row for each grid for each square and we just ant basically answer each question for instance for instance in the top right-hand Square you’ve got disadvantages of not changing here you would answer what are the disadvantages of not changing your alcohol behavior well the disadvantages of staying where you are at the moment that could be answered like your health could continue to deteriorate you mental health could continue to deteriorate your family will not speak to you anymore you lose your job what are the disadvantages of carrying on drinking and in the other column which a lot of clients tend to find that difficult to answer what are the advantages of not carrying out drinking what are the advantages of no change advantages here could be you don’t have to you might find it quite hard you might change find change quite hard also you might have a certain set set of friends or all your friends are drinking you would have to leave your friends maybe you enjoy drinking maybe enjoy the taste maybe enjoy being not being sober maybe enjoy the effect that alcohol gives you and you will miss that especially if you’ve been drinking for a long time in the bottom column disadvantages of changing what are the disadvantages what are the disadvantages of stopping drinking what are the disadvantages of changing a big one for a lot of people is boredom especially if you have to change a lot of your friends also as well drinking if your dependent drinking takes up a lot of your time what would you do with all that time boredom for a lot of people is a massive trigger also as well for some people it helps them to sleep then you’ve got the other column the final one we’ll talk about is the advantages of change what are the advantages of change what are the advantages of stopping drinking that could be your health and improve you’ll have more money here I would encourage your clients to add up how much alcohol is costing them for instance you’re spending ten pound a day on drink that would be seventy pound a week and think plan week that would work out – I don’t know need for four thousand pounds a year what would you do at 4000 pounds you’d write it here the advantages here for me that I would be eventually they’re able to go on a nice holiday pay off my debts or that money would go towards some clothes whatever that advantage is here you put it in that box there and the useful thing about this exercise is that you use your results that you’ve put in all of those boxes to balance out against you if you put a lot in the advantages of no change that’s the first left hand column and then that will show how why you’ll find it difficult to stop drinking and also I do congratulate some clients and if they have put a lot in the disadvantages of carrying on as they are and what I do encourage them to be as honest as I can because that’s when you start from his honesty isn’t it and then you can work away from there I hope you find that useful I put a copy down in the description bar below a link to my website this exercise okay find that useful let me know by commenting down let me know by commenting down in the description bar below and I’ll see you soon you

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