[Preview] What drinking Mountain Dew does to your liver and abdominal fat

So this is my poster child
from the study. This is Shannon and Shannon’s MRI on the left
was when he started. And Shannon had a tremendous
amount of visceral fat… Well, not a tremendous,
but enough subcutaneous fat. But the bulk of his fat was central. Two months later, just over two months,
this is what Shannon looked like. And I say after MD but this had nothing to do
with the medical doctor. This had everything to do with 36 ounces
of Mountain Dew that he got rid of. And he made other changes,
but this was the biggie. He reduced his visceral fat by 35%
and he lost about 25 pounds. So that was his visceral fat,
this is what Shannon did to his liver. Shannon started off on the left
with a liver packed full of triglycerides. Two months later he normalized. It’s phenomenal! And when I sat down with Shannon and his wife
and showed them these pictures, there was just this is look of “Ah!” I mean they were so grateful
to be able to see the images and were so inspired
to continue on with the program, because they’ve actually seen
that they could be empowered to make these changes in the organs
and their function, based on what they’re doing
with their diet. So is a very powerful tool for them and I found this to be the case with the other
people that went through the study as well.

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