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– Oh my god, please take a shot. Have you ever had a
threesome and would you? – I have had a threesome. It was filthy. – I need a fucking shot,
I need a fucking shot. (“The Marriage of Figaro”
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) – I’m Angelina and he is my dad. – Geno. – My name is Duranged Pitt
and this is my mother. – A.J. was my first baby. 43 hours of labor that I had with him – So there’s a lot of
guilty-tripping that happens. – Only on Mother’s Day. (laughs) – Not that last part but
everything else, pretty much. – We could, today could be the day, yeah? You ready? – Ooh, I don’t know if I’m ready. – I can’t imagine a
question you can’t answer. – Don’t say that. (both laugh) – Okay, whatta ya got? – Oh, yep, I knew this was
gonna some how get weird. What’s your favorite sexual position? (laughs) First question guys? – What is your favorite sexual position? Oh my fuck! (laughs) If you drink, I’ll drink with you. – What is it? – No, I’m drinking. – Can I start guessing? – I’m drinking. – I ain’t taking no
fucking shot, fuck that. I like 69. I love having that access but uh… (offscreen laughter) – You guys know you’re fucking
my life up right now, right? – You can feel free to forget that as soon as we leave here. – Yeah, forget that, good
fucking luck with that. Good fucking luck with that. – Okay, doggystyle. – Okay. – Feels good. – When did you lose your virginity and did you use protection? – Ten years old. – What! Ten, Danny? Wow, that’s crazy, that’s crazy bro. Did you? – Yeah, yeah, I did. – Did you use protection though? – Of course I did. – What kind of protection? – A condom, the one you gave me. – I gave you one? – Yes! – [Mom] When did I give you a condom? – You took it out and you’re like, here, take one of these. – Definitely a condom. I think it was regular, it was– – Flavor? – Truthfully, if I’m a be honest– – There’s flavors? – There are! – What the hell you do with flavors? – Was I an accident? – There was a good weekend night. Alcohol was consumed. – But were you, at the time, thinking, oh cool, she’s gonna get pregnant now? – No, that never crossed my mind. – Okay. – Where was I or where you were conceived? – No, that’s not what I asked. – I do! There was a pool table involved. (laughs) – No there wasn’t. There was no pool table involved. – There was a pool table involved. – I don’t like this game. – Was I an accident, like? – I don’t think any of
my babies were accidents. I mean, you do what you do
and what happens happens and hey, it happened. – Yeah, I was a mistake, pretty much. – Have you ever stolen from me? – No, I would be too scared. – You really never stole
anything from me, ever? – I thought about it a couple times. She counts her money, I swear. (both laugh) – Have you ever stolen from me? – Lemme see your hands. Abso-fucking-lutely. On multiple occasions. – Really? – [Duranged] Yeah. – No. Technically. Define steal. (laughs) – What did you steal from me? – Money, weed, Jose Cuervo. Have you ever stolen from me though? – You know that I have. Yes I have and I’m sorry to, oh my god the way you’re
looking at me right now. – How many people have you slept with? – Two. – Really?
– Three! Three, three. Sorry, three. – Three?
– Three. – How many people have you slept with? – Counting John? – Hopefully, you had a child with him. (laughs) – Take the fucking shot mother. Tequila. – I better take the fucking shot, man. Some things are better
left unsaid, my son. – Abso-fucking-lutely. – Six. – Are you, no! – I swear. – The Aaron guy, then there’s Lance. – Oh, I forgot about them two.
– Yeah, remember that guy. Ali.
– You remember more than I do. – You’re gonna drink on this one ’cause you don’t know how
many people you’ve slept with. That’s a very polite way of putting it. I would call him a man-whore. – Well, I guess everybody’s
gotta be something. – How many guys have you slept with and you know their names? – Why would you say that? – I don’t know, like, if it’s a lot I’d like to think you were drunk and you didn’t know what you
were doing, I don’t know! – So you just think I’m
tossing it out there? – No. (laughs) – Three.
– Really? I’m actually surprised. – Have you ever had sex in
my house or in my bedroom? Now you don’t even have to answer that ’cause I already know. – You know what? You know what? – I done heard, you done
shaked and quaked up. I thought it was an earthquake in my room when you and Tiana– – No, no, damn! – The room would be shakin’! I could hear her little sweet sighs. – Mama, shut the fuck up. Shut the, stop looking at me like that! – I’m just letting you know, bro. – When I get old, will
you let me live with you or will you put me in a home? – I would let you live with me. – Then why’d you look
down when you said that? – Because if I was making– – [Mom] And you’re not
looking at me right now when you’re answering. – Because if I was making enough money, I would still put you
in a separate building aside from my own. (laughs) – You’re gonna put me in a home, huh? – When I get old, will
you let me live with you or will you put me in a home? It’s like that, huh? – I’m shippin’ that ass for sure. – Fuck you! (laughs) I know you’re gonna have
a little room for me in the basement or fucking
closet or something. Have me some fine-ass honeys dealin’ with me.
– Shut the fuck up, alright. – Working on me.
– Shut the fuck. – Giving a girl a reason
to fucking live, okay? When you’re old, you need a reason to live and I want some fine-ass motherfuckers giving me a reason to
live, are you feeling me? – I’ll have to open up my home ’cause ain’t nobody else
gonna deal with you. – I’m not that bad. – You’re gonna sexually
harass everybody, hell no. – You sound like one of
those sitcom TV things. – I’m not talking about the old women. You won’t hit on anything
over 35 right now, you think you’re gonna
start hitting on old women when you get to a home?
– I’m talking later. Way later. – If there is one thing
you’d change about me, what would it be? (chuckles) Be careful. – One thing that I can change? – Just one, just pick one. – My mind is racing right now. – It would definitely be your
road rage, that is one thing. (laughs) That can go, that can cease. – Your pickiness. – What?
– Your pickiness. You’re so picky. We brought our own tequila,
we brought our own lemons. (both laugh) – Do you think you
would’ve married my dad if you weren’t pregnant with me? – Wow, that’s a tough one A.J. Yeah, he was, I wasn’t. (laughs) – Do you regret having me? – Absolutely not, no, heck no. – Do you ever wish that
I lived away from you? – No.
– And we weren’t together? – I never want you to be away from me and I know you’re a
grown man and I know that kids have to leave the nest
and do what the need to do, as it were, but if I had a
choice I would have all my babies with me for always. I love you guys so much. – Ah, don’t be a sucker mama. (both chuckle) – I love you more than
anything in this world. You’re the reason why I live, you’re the reason why I get up. You’re the reason that I am. You make me what I am. – Love you too. – I love you. – I love you too. – Wanna do a shot? – One time.
– Alright. – Love you, mother. – I love you too. Cheers, thanks for doing this. (both cheering) – Salute! Opa! – I don’t necessarily think that I learned anything more
about you than I already knew. I’m still blocking that out. (laughs)

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