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do you perform oral sex on dad I know you do he's gonna kill me Monica and I'm her mother and i'm leilani and uh she's my mom yeah if there is one thing you'd change about me what would it be what your pickiness you're so picky we brought our own tequila we brought our own lemons it's being prepared it's not being picky so what position was i conceived in you know what I don't know it could have been anything the moment you decided like okay we're gonna have a kid you don't remember it wasn't very exciting so I was gonna see if during flooring sex yeah I'm gonna just do another one go for it Alfie have you ever stolen from me no I would be too scared you really never stole anything from me ever I would have got my ass whupped yeah she would have definitely hit me I don't hit you I smack you but I don't get you a nice little across the head and that's all good okay your turn okay Oh when I moved out were you relieved or sad I was relieved first and then I got sad like a little bit later is that when I moved out or when you kid you kicked you out but you did they packed my stuff up it wasn't even nice it was like in trash bags and she just flipped drawers out god that's like a long time ago you deserved it yes okay now I do need only a bad mom she was a little bright had an attitude definitely had an attitude it was a lesson big on misses her my car yes when I get old will you let me live with you or will you put me in a home I would let you live with me then why did you look down when you said that because if I was making you're not looking at me right now when you're answering you're gonna put me in a hug have you ever been arrested yes I have been arrested did you go to jail though yes I went to jail he went to jail just for the night just for one week just I was really why I told you I didn't I tell you that was 69 I was drinking oh you trying I got arrested yeah I got a walk out of the store with your yeah I did tell you what something I do that embarrasses you your picking is seriously that again like me you know when we're at restaurants the whole family is in ingredients when we say don't send your plate back we are scared what's gonna happen to our plates or our dessert whatever just go do you perform oral sex on dad I know you do just one time I let Alberto use my phone cuz his dad and I got it back and it was just like you and him having a conversation he was like should have asked you for a bj when I don't even remember the rest of that texting conversation I just blocked it I just remember he asked for it and I was like no dear what what's a lot like a daily thing like a weekly thing there's a monthly thing I don't know this a lot means something done I just a lot that's I mean often ah go let me know me God but I did it already how many people have you slept with oh just drink don't answer how many guys have you slept with and you know their names what do you save that I don't know like you bets a lot I'd like to think you were drunk and you didn't know what you're doing I don't know I don't know kids these days are different three really I'm actually surprised do you just think I'm tossing it out there for you at least 18 I was at least 18 yeah okay cool good what's your favorite sexual position my drink wait what is it what is it no I'm drinking can I start guessing drinking is it something related to what you told Mariah on New Year's and I was sitting there completely grossed out hmm seriously is it that though no are you sure stop I'm more scared of my mother than I am of you guys obviously I am in reaching distance from her right now quit it don't drink so much okay next question what's your favorite sexual position I'd be on top I do I like it it's fun up you know the library because it's fun what is fun about it being able to do whatever the hell I want to do he's got to stay there and he's got to do what I say she won't tell me her favorite sexual position it's weird we're gonna guess you know what's gonna happen for the rest of the night me and Mariah are gonna ask you repeatedly that's what you really want to know out of all this all this that's you want that's what you asked me something you really want to know and I'll tell you the truth but that's the only question you hid from me to call it to show it that's a lot of things yeah that I like that one too okay then we have something in common okay she asked me to do this and I said yes thank you so now you owe me one and I got to drink the cup tequila yeah I'm taking out

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