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hello everyone this is Darville 20 welcome to episode 19 of twenties Amna factory let's play series where today I'm making the conductive iron energy conduits booyah ah load up the recipe and you get three of them if you craft him in a crafting table and for the same ingredients you get four of them if you make him an assembler so a little bit more efficient to make them in the assembler but not that much but enough to make it worth considering at least maybe a little bit so last episode we wrapped up making ourselves a farmer and I think the plan for today would be to probably start using the thing so I'm gonna check out this guy it's been so long since I've actually used the farmer I'm not super clear on exactly how the thing works I remember it being pretty cool um it's industrial for going in this pack just just just out of curiosity I don't think so it doesn't look I don't see it in there definitely not um how about ender IOT's farming station so the farming station is here it doesn't look too bad doesn't look too bad needs a soul machine chassis which is just uh it's not terrible vibing crystal autoclave with vibrant alloys and emeralds doesn't look too bad Zee logic control or a primitive processor wafer walkabout alloy and not actually interesting there's there's yeah that's the standard recipe is this license place at all hard to get tungsten steel plate dark steel bars no I don't know you get tungsten steel probably a machine that we don't have yet hot Tungsten's deal with a blast furnace was this vacuum freezer at all hard to get electric pumps first here for circuit oh my goodness I'm concerned about that probably Frostproof machine Kaazing that's cool that's cool alright so we're probably not quite there yet not quite there yet but I would definitely like talking to a calling station at some point if if we can so let's try out the farmer and see how oh ah how this bad boy works all right so you sir do you how do you work how indeed remember we disable grasp everything sounds so where am I in relation to my base I'm here okay cool got it you're out it not a terrible place to be all right so we basically want to run some conduit endowment this guy powered up and see how he operates so the best place to tap into power here would probably be any one of these cables I should probably deaier wire this just a smidge just a teensy bit how about that uh that that conduit Inge for this stuff Emme conduits how hard was that to make not terrible rubber and cables around that and then some more conduit binder which were oh we could get more conduit bender I just have to go mine and some clay and sand and grab laughs any of that stuff to be there um but let's consider making this a little bit better so your your cool to hang out doing the thing that you're doing right let's make you conduit binder so that you can run through here and yes Dyer wire but you know what I am in the position where Dyer wire is a thing that's gonna happen right now until we we get more resources and can really start automating the production of new stuff I think Dyer wires is gonna be a fact of life for a little bit sorry not that sorry well a little sorry well not terribly sorry but sorry enough was that Minnery unclear won't want wall so you're cool so can I just throw right C's in there all right that's cool I suspect though what you're gonna do just kind of put stuff wherever you feel like it it's an accurate statement pretty pretty accurate so if we wanted multiple types of resources I mean one thing I'd love to know is exactly let's throw like a ton of rice in there I should have a bunch of rice seeds or a ton of something seeds right so we're gonna have to figure out pretty soon which resources we need to make stuff but we'll figure that out right for now let's get a bunch of rice going on because that's kind of a non food source and canola might not be a bad idea either because that's gonna make eventually a bunch of stuff crystallize canola seeds make even more seed oil powered canola seeds make even more seed oil so I mean we can easily change this up right but I just kind of want to have like a mapping here 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 and that should work right and then throw some water in that thing yeah so at some point we'll get more Canole going on that's cool worms cool and I think we should be good then nice shouldn't you okay cool so what I'm gonna do is just that to the stuff in the grass it looks halfway decent out here and then um well let the rice grow and and the farmers just doing a job getting us some food at least because we've already automated sugarcane and I don't know exactly what resources we're gonna need so let's you know I know it asked me to make lots of canola and stuff right that was one of the quests farming said we're gonna need large quantities of canola for biodiesel and sugarcane for ethanol we're gonna got sugarcane so maybe we should throw canola out there I wish I could split it I wish I could be like half canola have rice but you know we'll see what happens and obviously we're not filtering the exports anywhere but we'll figure that out too so for now let's proceed with quests and then see where that gets us does that sound like a cool plan because that's pretty much what I'm thinking alright so quest wise what do we got going on next right so we're in early game right we are probably gonna only get in the chrome and stainless steel pretty soon so what's involved in making chrome dust chrome does is obtained by electrolyzing ruby dust which I assume I have rubies of some kind we do have Ruby or and that'll smelt in the Ruby or pulverize into crushed Ruby times two and that can pulverize in the Ruby dust so we can smelt it and then that's cool aluminum and tile tiny pile of dark ashes sweet now just to be clear if we wanted to pulverize this we would get two crushed Ruby or which we can pulverize again to get impure Ruby dust sounds like a familiar process right and then we get Ruby and garnet components cool so I think like as usual every time I what I've been doing is every time I find an ore that I like actually used for something I've been kicking it up there in that place so what I'll do is just smell these guys up and then macerate them I think that'll be at least faster I mean granted it's not as efficient but we know how hard it is to get resources right not and then we need to electrolyze it right is that the deal so advanced electrolyzer you do your thing right oh we need six of them to get chrome that's not a problem nice okay let's at least get the ball rolling over here not terrible so that'll get me chrome dust right and then we'll need stainless steel plates right so stainless steel ingots come from a blast furnace obviously of stainless steel dust which is a bunch of iron dust manganese nickel and chrome that's not bad pulverizer mixer it's a little less iron dust but like at that point not worth it's not a big deal at least and cool we got some aluminum for that so good times so you get me a bunch of that right manganese that's something I don't know if I have any of let's see if we have any of that hanging out over here I haven't see a nor version of it so it must come from something manganese dust pulverized tungsten or she'll light or pyro or tantalate or some kind of tungsten I'm guessing not or we can centrifuge staying at law doesn't help us what we're trying to make with that stuff whatever that is electrolyze pyro lucite dust which comes from what exactly impure pyro lucite dust crushed pylos I dust pyro lucite yeah I'm assuming we don't have that either cuz those well actually we do have some of that pyro poor I don't think that's what we're looking for though right no it's pi rope dust so many dusts that sounds awesome that's so so so familiar magnesium silicon and aluminum let me do a little bit of looking well one of them was I'm got a tungsten or tungstate or they don't have craftable recipes well maybe now that I've completed the clock the chrome quest you know well I don't look of it why don't we the quest Madeira stainless steel be your primary cure for HIV in the same way that a little one was for MDM wrought iron rose for LD manganese comes from electrolyzing tantalite dust pyro lucite or spessart een dust you have what you already have chrome makes a bunch of the dust in the mixer begin processing it through the blast furnace this may be a good time to reevaluate your power generation and storage infrastructure did you know so tantalite dust tantalite or as craftable by the way we don't have any but it's craftable so tantalite for and then what do you get you get smelted into to dust okay and let's snag one of these dudes for the old scanner dictionary because as you know we're gonna need some more that look you sure I would imagine that's the that's the base component for HIV then yeah we're probably gonna be doing a lot of that in the future all right so you said do what now you said electrolyzing tantalite dust wow you're still cooking electrolyzer i'm proud of you for working so hard wow that is slow that is a slow process ah we're getting lots of oxygen from doing this by the way well we'll let that cook and meanwhile I'd also like to look at the brewery you can turn plan balls and other various sugary crops into biomass of the brewery biomass this is the first step towards making plastic technical technically polyethylene that's what we need that's what we need to get to get patterns the brewery is a very very slow machine and it requires almost no power building higher-tier breweries or many lv ones as recommended if you want to have a sufficient amount of biomass ah so brewery huh so you want me to make the basic one which is the LV so let's make it for the quest right and then will consider upgrading it pretty quickly so this shouldn't be too hard all right what am I missing I am missing an electronic pump I have a motor in there and I've I made extra of some things and then wow I'm really low on a lot of things let's come back in a minute after I make all this junk I think we should be cool now let's see let's do some of this good enough hey while you're chilling cuz we're out of rubber thanks bro basic brewery nice now something tells me I'm gonna want this brewery to be near my drawers I'm just saying I got this hunch call it a crazy hunch but I feel like that's gonna kinda wanna be where we're at right um so yeah you are quest complete so after brewery we have I don't need no stinking Tower if you don't feel like making a distillation tower just yet you can get ethanol via a single block distillery however the distillation tower will be needed for petrochemical stuff like oil later on but it's optional at least for a little longer so the distillation tower I remember be in a big multi block right I'm imagining that's what it is I can't even imagine it's not oh yeah that's a big that's a big multi block and uh a lot of stainless steel a lot of stainless steel so that's that's that's probably stainless turbine block of stainless steel they were stainless steel something's right clean stainless steel casings let's hold off on that one for a little bit I'm down with making just the distillery I like the basic one so a basic distillery is our next task so this is apparently slow right so could we let's let's let's start looking at how slow this thing is and decide if we want to ramp it up right so conduits have I used them all I may have I may have we're gonna absolutely need more of this stuff we're gonna need a lot of things alright let's just get it going manual for now it's a dirty word in the diary where I language but you know you got to do what you got to do sometimes cool so you are how slow oh I'm assuming you need brewing machine is that what that is water and sugar canes equals biomass alright I just wanna make sure yes that's correct all right let's do I mean there's Endor Wars there's aqueous accumulators there's obviously a ton of things I've been really bad about using you can I just borrow this for a minute bro that would be groovy we're just getting the basics understood right I'm assuming that you're gonna be like cool and transfer fluid into here right right right apparently not conduits please pressurized fluid conduit right just need to understand is that the deal it is so that will theoretically maybe produce enough water so how fast are you going I haven't given you energy yet so that's part of the problem oh I you're a great tech okay so you need that kind of energy so you're an LV machine so you need to go on the LV line so you need some 4x conductive iron cable that's an extra hassle isn't it a little bit a little bit do we have any more conductive iron we have a little bit yeah let's do this so we can get the rest of this stuff turned into some of this stuff right that shouldn't be too bad 16 is a nice number you know what I want to do actually though is that so we can do this first cool doot-doot and to their that's right I did this backwards again I want to do the rubber first cool fourteen then should be good enough for now this is gonna be a mess of wiring I'm not even gonna pretend it's not okay but it's gonna be necessary for the time being I will reach I will rewire this okay I will I will I will I will I'm just saying that that's gonna happen I just want to get this going and see what it looks like and how it all works together and then will rewire stuff okay you can probably live somewhere else like maybe under here that's probably gonna be fine oh good you remembered your stuff that's extra cool that's extra cool that he remembers his stuff all right so now you should be cooking yeah pretty slow not like end of the world slow we might need a better water production thing in there but we'll want to ramp that up to mV probably we'll see how much how much of that biofuel stuff we need are you done separating your stuffs you are tantalite dust good job can we put ruby dust back in there so you go back to work thanks chief alright so stainless steel right so now we just need some nickel dust so let's get what we have here right let's get six of them cool and then we're going to need six times for iron ore for five times four right so let's do that just to make it a little bit better right because the other option is the mixer which is for in bar dust oh that's that comes out to be the same amount doesn't it wouldn't that be too so I'd be six iron and one nickel so yes it does so we're gonna want to eat more of these right I think that math comes out to be the same so it's easier just to craft it in a crafting table than to mixer it in the mixer cool so manganese dust sweet really did I math wrong huh I might have well that's enough stainless steel for now how bad is this process gonna look like that's not terrible it's about the same as aluminum we might we might hit some power problems but we'll find out but for now we're doing pretty good in terms of power production sweet okay so you wanted me to make stainless steel ingots as well so as soon as one of these is done this quest will be complete the machine needs more energy sure it does we should we should upgrade this dude so he can draw more energy that would be cool there's a lot of things we should do like upgrade wise it's it's a toss-up between like progressing towards patterns and upgrading our existing machines and I think I really want to stick on my focus on patterns thing right now just because right so the distillation tower was the other quest that we just unlocked there which is cool right that's another approach we could take but look at all the things we have to make 18 stainless steel casings that's that's a lot of casings and refresh my memory stainless steel casings so that would be 36 stainless steel just to make the casings which isn't terrible right with Tier three circuits in hand it's time to make a distillation tower which is the gatekeeper for both plastic and all the petrochemicals okay highly flexible multi block structure two blocks high 215 high the way it works is that each level of the tower after the first while putting an additional fluid output any fluid outputs that there are not room for a loss but we need the distillation tower for right now is the right down biomass into feedstock into ethanol and water it only has two output so a three high distillation Tower is just fine which is what the materials the quests asks you to find will build cool if you're gonna break down other stuff you need a bigger Tower but we're gonna skip this remember because we are gonna make this guy the basic distillery which will hold us over for now okay and that's gonna lead us to ethanol which I'm pretty sure is what we need right so basic distillery what's up so we need to know one of these which I think I need to make another one of these four okay so it's gonna be hammer file screwdriver see this is why you want to make a few extra things hammer file screwdriver and then I might have everything I need to make this screwdriver wrench and then we just need one of these up we're getting a little low on wrought iron and we might want to hire we might want the MV version of these but the quest is calling for the basic version and I don't know that the quest will recognize me crafting the advanced version is valid right so drop a wrench into that bad boy we're gonna need a few more of these so cool and that should be your basic distillery right assuming I make a little bit more 10 cable huh I don't know how to keep using up all my tin cable but I do alright so basic distillery ready to roll hey I don't need no stinking Tower I mean those thinking towel now the bottom of this dude is already doing the thing so here's what I'm thinking I might want to do let's get the Ender fluid conduits and we're gonna get the 4x conductive iron cables that we just got ok our elevators of this thing thank you thank you thank you thank you we should absolutely make one of those at some point ah soon so you sir we're gonna get remade a little bit what we're gonna do is you're gonna extract on blue and not insert anything and you're going to insert on blue extract on green and you're going to insert on green cool so blue extracts does the water thing how good is that beautiful biomass we're getting there cool now in order to biomass basic distillery into ethanol which is I think what we need to be doing here right because ethanol bucket is the next thing we need a program surfing of configuration zero I can also just make water which seems like a giant waste fermenter can turn it into fermented biomass which is cool distillation tower as you can see so we get the same amount of ethanol it might be faster in the tower but for now I don't think we need it right we don't need the tower if what we're just after is ethanol then I think we're cool so let's just get a programmed circuit of configuration zero and you should be making ethanol I would think a bucket with programmed configuration zero right ethanol fermented biomass with vinegar fermented biomass biomass program zero still needs his power hotel there's your problem nice check it out we're making ethanol how cool is that now we get 700 millibars of it right so I'd like this machine to keep running and get me a bunch of ethanol so guess we're gonna grab a tank with which to store and we might need more conduits I'm not sure that's right need more conduit binder hopefully you can like pull from the adjacent tank I know you kind of maybe can pull polyethylene Oh were you already having polyethylene there's a problem I'm hoping he'll actually pull and not need conduit Inge he was so empty looking this one's empty yeah he pulls her a ethanol so give me a buckets worth thank you and quest complete right booyah booyah now that turns into sulfuric acid which gets me to ethylene and polyethylene cool it is produced from sulfur and water you'll need huge amounts of this for a whole range of chemical reactions as it is a very common ingredient so sulfuric acid bucket okay that's probably not it diluted sulfuric acid in the distillery chemical reactor water and sulfur trioxide or a sulphur dust in water get to meet three buckets so two buckets of water I can do that and how are we for sulfur we've gotten this some somewhere so two buckets in the chemical reactor right and one of you speed a little bit of effort but not bad we're getting there we're getting there all right so we've got three buckets of which I should probably put this in a tank to be fair we've got ethylene phosphoric acid polyethylene remember bucket please or tank please yes you get ourselves a tank got ourselves a bucket so we quest complete ding Thanks do you not pick up you do you were just too fast on the draw there all right plenty more pennies an ethylene is the next cool task ethanol and sulfuric acid make ethylene ethylene and oxygen make polyethylene when you have large amounts of rutile probably after you visit the moon you can consider using it to improve your poly ethylene yields for now it is not a great idea as rutile is quite rare alright so as an all and sulfuric acid make ethylene right so we're making ethanol true ok make ethylene all right so what we eventually want is polyethylene right but ethylene is where it's at right now so chemical reactor it's one bucket ethanol one bucket of sulfuric acid makes a bucket of ethylene and a bucket of diluted sulfuric acid okey dokey smokey not terrible yeah so that's what we're gonna want to do so let's get let's just get this process working just so we have an understanding of it and then we'll go from there does that sound fair so it was in the chemical reactor right sulfuric acid plus you guys makes ethylene right chemical reactor so Furyk acid in ethanol in a chemical reactor ethanol homes with York acid suppose it matters right that doesn't matter does it usage 30 you so we're under the 32 but no wait usage 120 you aha so guess who needs a tier 2 or an M V chemical reactor I don't think we have one of those yet do we I don't think so MV chemical reactor is the next task for dire you know know if the next task for dire is wrapping up I'm sorry to say but it is that time so how would I make the chemical reactor the MV version of it that would be you now the HP version steel rotor microprocessors HP machine holes are just a bunch of stainless steel I might be able to make the HP version I'm just saying but I'm thinking I want to save HV until we have more automation does that sound fair to you guys I think so so yeah let's wrap up here we'll come back next episode I will make the MV chemical reactor between episodes right so that we can process and get our polyethylene going and then from there we should be very close because that that gets us plastic sheets right next to us plastic sheets and then we have a better way of making those instead of using two stacks of wood per plastic sheet right we are super close to being able to fully automate that I just have to find it like a little bit better way to get sulfur but that shouldn't be too bad because didn't I say I found sulfur dust I found the sulfur or somewhere yeah yeah did I add it to my dictionary over here I don't know anyway wrap it up point when I sign it off hope you guys enjoyed the episode take it easy

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  • Hi Dire I don't write to much to you but when I hear couple of times I make patterns is little to advanced to you but why you don't check logistic pipe is open from near to beginning and like always you chosen hard way to automate everything I think you read this message byby

  • Dire…gregtech machines will auto output if you use the gregtech wrench on the side you want it to output to and click the auto output button the ui

  • I wonder how many modpack makers and mod authors watch Dire and think 'why do I even bother writing tooltips or quest text?'

  • Lol dire getting ready to make stainless steel in the mixer yet he complete lost his that and craft it in the terminal instead lol #direderp

  • I always make a gaggle of Drums to store excess chemicals. Hook up a pressurized pipe into a few dozen drums with all your machines. They hold 256 buckets and are pretty cheap to make all around.

  • 19 Episods and Dire still does not know that the back of GT machines in output and that you can use the GT wrench to move the output to another side and that you can't input on the output side.

  • for a self-proclamed automation freak, there is a shocking LACK of automation! You are already 20 episodes in and there isnt any, in a pack that basicly requires it from page one…. nobody forcing you to play this you know -.-

  • Does anyone else have a problem with sugar cane farm ? My sugar cane just won't grow faster even though I did everything like Dire with timers etc. 🙁

  • Gregtech machines have the output as the back by default and dont take inputs from the output side unless you use a screwdriver. That is why the brewery didnt get any water from the infinite source when you first put it down.

  • Dire: Please take some time to organize your base (HEHE, dire organize?), upgrade everything to MV, and gather resources. You WILL need it. Trust me.

  • I was having a doozy of a bad morning, but hearing dire pronounce polyethylene correctly actually put one hell of a shit-eating grin on my face. 'Tis the little things I suppose lol Thanks dire, you're the best buddy

  • Hey Direwolf20, just noticed something while playing my game of this mod pack. You can replace the batteries in the CEF with Flux capacitors. They charge and discharge like the batteries but hold 10M RF each instead of the 100K. So you end up wish a basic cef with 40M RF. They are super easy to build too. 1 copper, 2 lead, 3 red stone and 1 sulphur.

  • @direwolf20 think about making process trees, a 3x3x5 area with power line as a tree trunk, and the needed machines around it, that way you have 4 sides for every machine to import/export and you can dedicate power generation to each process node, helpful with automating with AE

  • I watch these videos early in the morning so sometimes I fall asleep… But then I heard Dire say polyethylene correctly and my eyes shot open.

  • My following explanation may be in vain, but pain I feel when I see you missing something is almost physical. The hole on the greg machines is for output and if you click on the box with an arrow in the GUI of the machine it'll do it automatically(orange for items, blue for liquids). You can't input through the side with a hole but it can be enabled by rightclicking this side with a screwdriver and you can change the position of the output side with a wrench.
    P.S.(why not, it won't be seen anyway) First page recipes may work for other mods, but not for greg: many ways and even more steps in them to reach a same goal is it's thing, so please! check every single way to make something, research the ore-processing patterns, look into the way greg power system works – it will be much, much easier if you will have at least some notion of what you are gonna be dealing with every time you are searchig for a way to produce a new material. Coming into it blind and doing thing too fast wastes just too much time and resources

  • The flipping machines can auto output.. pains my GT heart to see all the direwire, learn the BASICS.. will save so much derps from happening. Also stop trying to get by using one of each machine.. set up multiple dedicated LV machines (making everything higher tier.. is not needed and will only hurt your power) once you will start automation you will quickly notice you can’t automate everything in one machine.

  • Dire Gregtech Machines have Fluid and Item Autooutput on the Output Side. You can switch that side with a GT Wrench. All your Fluid Conduids are totally unnecessary. Inside the Machines there is a Orange and a Blue button. You wondered what they are used for. Orange enables Item Auto Output, Blue…you guessed it: Fluid Output.

  • You said you wanted to put some sugar cane in the farming area, you can, just put snad and water down and it'll work, also if you use a redstone conduit on snad (be sure to use the wrench to connect it to the snad) it'll go super fast even without a signal.

  • I wasn't worry about the video. I knew it would eventually show up. Glad that youtube came around. Dire need to start reading the quest book more, then it wouldn't be 10 min of him saying. " Now how do I get steel" Slow Down and READ, Is that hard to ask.

  • I could have over slept? FYI – Deep Mob Learning has better resource gen in this pack (over Sky block at least). Stuff like Iron, Gold, Copper, Silver, Aluminium (dust), and SULFUR as well as others. I am using it for automatic resource mining at this stage with dedicated power.

  • Please Dire learn the chemical notation of these elements. You will find them in the chemical formula of the ores.

    Also from reading comments you may want to take some time and build a storage tank site for all the O2 and hydrogen you are producing, along with all other chemical liquids/gases it appears you will need a lot later on so may as well not waste time and energy remaking them.

  • dire, the x of the cables is how much amperage they can carry, each machine uses 1amp when working, if you are going to use 1 machine you dont need 4x cable, with 1x you are fine, also, for the blast furnace, i would put a batbox rigth next to the mv input hatch with with 16 batteries, that way the blast furnance it self has its own buffer

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