OENOLOGIE. Les insolites du Sitevi – Special levures – épisode 2

Welcome to the second episode of our program Special Yeasts « Les insolites du Sitevi » / “ Sitevi Out of the Ordinary”, we’ve teamed up with Fermentis. Today we will comprehend market trends! We will look into 3 subjects: Which wines are appealing to international customers? How does this impact oenological practices? How do Fermentis adapt? Let’s go! [Musique] Anne FLESCH, you are Sales Manager Oenology in Nothern America at Fermentis Which are the main trends regarding wine consumption in the USA? Americans consume more and more wine, from all colours, with a clear increase on whites

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and especially rosés. Re. White wines, they really appreciate wine with a strong varietal character like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris or Riesling. In that case, varietal aromas like thiols terpens rather that terroir are really emphasised. Re. less aromatic varietals or rosé, We look for a very fruity fermenting profile With a strong esters and higher alcohol degree production. Sandrine BERTY, you are Sales Manager at Soufflet. Which type of yeasts strains do your winegrowers-customers look for ? Here, in our southern vineyards, with climate change, Our vinificators look for yeasts that resist to high alcohol degree and that do not need lots of nitrogen. The winegrowers who produce sustainable wines tend to reduce their sulfite inputs. So they look for strains That produce less SO2 and volatile acidity And that provoke alcoholic fermentation quickly. Nathan WISNIEWSKI, you are Sales Manager Western Europe at Fermentis. How do Fermentis adapt its yeasts strains to these market trends ? Today, consumers expectations, And thus vinificators needs evolve very rapidly. We notice 3 trends : One : Increase of white and rosé wines with 2 profiles that are looked for : ester profile and thiol profile. Re. Esters, we have launched in 2018 a yeast strain that strongly produces amylic esters. Second trend : Bio. We have lauched a Bio Ecocert certified strain this year. Third trend : resistance to more and more difficult fermentation conditions (temperatures, lack of nitrogen). We work more and more on hybrids like cerevisiae – bayanus. « Les insolites du Sitevi » / “ Sitevi Out of the Ordinary”, it’s finished ! We produced this program in partnership with Fermentis, a Lesaffre group business unit, dedicated to fermented beverages. We discovered innovations and trends of micro-organism like yeasts. Do not hesitate to share, comment, or even watch again the first épisode ! [Musique] une [Musique]

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