Not, Not Worth Getting Upset Over: Wine

If I don’t feel guilt, then I don’t think
it’s cheating. Oh my God. So you can do whatever you want. If you are not …
you don’t feel guilty. You need to be
on an FBI list. Yup. This is not, not worth getting upset over. Brought to you by Pringles Wavy,
they’re not, not Pringles. Are Pringle Wavy really Pringles?
I mean- they come in a tube, that makes them Pringles. You know what else comes
in a tube? Tennis balls. But tennis balls and much less crunchy. He got you there. And that brings us to another
extremely controversial subject. Is emotional cheating, cheating?
It’s not not cheating. Nope. The human mind is private, and an abyss. You’re entitled
to your own thoughts. Like you wouldn’t get in trouble if you’re cheating
in your dreams. My mind is not an abyss. Emotional cheating. It’s just a ridiculous phrase.
Like for example, me and my wife were on a vegetarian diet,
you know, and from time to time I dream about having sex
with a steak. I’m calling the police. You can’t have sex with a steak. I think the lions
for emotional cheating might be drawn at right where
you’re like, is this flirting? Can you cheat on somebody if you don’t even know
that y’all are going together? What happened to you? I don’t know. You’re still in the dark. I was just living my life, and then apparently I had
a girlfriend for three months. Are you with her? She’s with me.

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