Nostale Review Acte 7 Commentée !

Hello everyone, Following the Gameforge’s live stream about Act 7 , here comes a small review with all the important informations First, the Act 7.1 will be out in December 7.1 because it will be in two parts and 7.2 will be out in 2020 To go there, you can take the main quest at Port Alveus and then take the Act 5 boat Here there will be an orc which will send you to Moritius Island The level to go there is +10 heros/AW/champion level and it can go until +60 for this Act 7.1 Before talking about Act7 in more details For Act6, the entry level will be reduced to level 85 instead of 88 There will be far more monsters and their level will be reduced by 5 so more easy to kill but the xp will still be the same as before And Act 7 will give more xp but will be more difficult and we will still lose some exp if we died For Act 7, there will a new main quest composed of 140 small quests More than 45 daily quest and all of them gives Hero Exp so it will be easier and faster to level up The main quest will give you a new title which increases all attack by 1% and also a new NosMate that looks like a chicken There will also be 17 new maps 10 TS, 40 orcs NPC and 50 new monsters and bosses Monster from all elements and Fire, Water… Or neutral New drops and seals Seals can be obtained on the monsters or also on smaller versions of the bosses in TS Some monsters will summon smaller ones Just like the new armors will do to help us fighting Act 7 will be the same size as 6.1 approximately New equipments, level 30 55 58 60 As well as new gloves helmets… No buff shown except for the MA 3 new raids, easy medium and difficult with a level 100 boss The two easiers raid will drop the low level stuff and the materials with a team of a 8 members while the most difficult will allow us to get the scrolls and materials for the higher level stuff which also needs lower level stuff to be crafted like the +25 +28 eq for Act 6 This raid will be done with a team of 20 5 new passive skills : HP, MP etc… like the books in Act 6. More important news ! The runes system Gold + Material from Act 7 and maybe from Act 6 since there is a Fernon’s item here and they talked about an Act 6 material which is needed. The runes system only works on the main eq, like the sword I don’t know for armor starting from the level 80. Maximum 15 rune effects Basic option like +1% MP and Special Effect every 3 levels as shown on the screen I said max 2 specials effects, but I am not sure about it, see the guide which does not say anything about it If you are not satified, you can remove all of them but it will erase all of them so you have to restart from the beginning And if you get two times the same effect, it will be amplified When you try to upgrade it you can either success, damage (equivalent to the fix level for the + on eq) or fail and you just lose the materials so you don’t lose the eq The second new system is the Tattoo system which are Active skills that you can use with or without SP and can give you a buff like on the screen You can have maximum 2 tattoos at the same time And you can upgrade it up to 9 times to increase its percentage From 10 to 11% on the screen This time, when you try to upgrade, you can either success, do a major failure which reduce to upgrade by 1 so +2 to +1 or just fail and you lose the material They will also upload new guides before the update. Apart from Act 7, here are the most important news Equilibrium of the classes at the beginning of 2020 ! ! ! ! ! ! (If I did understand what they said) For the merge of servers from different countries, they can’t do it without deleting one of the language and the localization for now they can’t do it without deleting one of the language and the localization for now but they are trying to find solutions They also gave some codes to use in the Nosmall : yougotafriendinme and greenings There were also raffles during the live stream to win NosMates like a Seedle or Tropical costume

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