New Amsterdam Pink Whitney Vodka Review

Tonight we’re gonna try this one.
Pink Whitney. This is a partnership between New Amsterdam vodka, barstool
sports and particularly the Spittin’ Chicklets Crew. It’s named after hockey player Ryan Whitney and his favorite drink fresh pink lemonade and New Amsterdam vodka. Now, Ivan hasn’t got a clue about any of this. Doesn’t know about any of
this. So when he comes down to sample that and do a review I’m gonna make up
an absolute bullshit story about the origins of the very hard to find Pink Whitney. We’re going to try this Pink Whitney. Are you familiar with it? Okay, you know Puddles. We’ve seen Puddles. You watch American Idol. I think I’ve seen it a couple times.
Okay, so they got this act. it’s called the Pink Whitney, and so it’s
a woman she comes out in a pink hockey helmet,
complete hockey gear and she sings Whitney Houston songs. And it’s like
crazy popular, like absolutely crazy popular. And so they made this called the Pink Whitney. And it’s hard to get. It sold out immediately this American Idol. It’s
crazy popular. So there we have it, the pink Whitney. Hot summer day, you need to quench your thirst. It’s a [expletive] good glass of kool-aid. That’s what this tastes like.
30 bucks a bottle for this shit? Yep. You spend 30 cents a pack, whatever it is for kool-aid and add some sugar and water and there you go. People lining up for this shit. Well, they
obviously don’t drink scotch and quality shit then do they. It’s a fistful of [expletive] all right here. Pink Whitney. I’m gonna have some real booze. And this is real. Here we
go guys. dip your cookies in your bourbon and
whiskey. So what’s your honest thoughts on this Pink Whitney. It gives a gives a
flavorless alcohol a little bit of flavor. It’s like kool-aid. Because vodkas got no taste. Technically, vodkas got no
taste. You know what else has got no taste? What? People that drink Vodka. There you go. [music]

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