Navy shooting at Wattala: Driver under the influence of alcohol

Blanka Navy opened fire at two vehicles which fled disobeying the orders of the Navy officers to stop at a security checkpoint in Hoonah pedia what the lab one of the drivers died in the shooting the Navy engaged in inspections last night by setting up a checkpoint near the ho nupedia flyover in what Allah the Navy opened fire at a nano vehicle traveling from kilobots go to Wasilla they disobeyed the orders of the Navy officers at the checkpoint the shooting took place at around 12:00 last night this vehicle attempted to escape by running down a Navy officer at this point another Navy officer on duty had opened fire in order to control the situation the driver of the vehicle was injured and was admitted to the hospital the driver had later succumbed to his injuries preliminary investigations reveal that the driver was under the influence of alcohol the deceased has been identified as Chara Sankar a 34 year old father of two and a resident of Wasilla his eldest daughter is three years old while his youngest son is a three month old baby meanwhile Navy officers opened fire at another vehicle that disobeyed their orders at around 1:00 a.m. this morning while the vehicle was damaged the drive of the vehicle did not sustain any injuries police stated that investigations revealed that the driver who was a lawyer by profession was also under the influence of alcohol security forces have set up checkpoints and deployed number of security officers across the country for the security of the general public the general public has a duty to provide their maximum support to the security forces to carry out their duties without any hindrances so I request the general public to not act in such a manner that would obstruct the duties of the security forces when attempting to run down officers while under the influence of alcohol you are obstructing us you are doing wrong to your country

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