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all right what is going on guys so it's time for another video on Mysterio hope you guys enjoyed the first video kind of talking about his abilities where he's gonna be practical and breaking out some gameplay like how he works and stuff so I've talked about it and if you saw the first video if you didn't see it'll be in the description below but if you did see it man you'll know that this guy is actually Domino immune so what does that mean basically his ability accuracy cannot be lowered so he's immune to dominoes bs he's immune to critical failure if you know critical further damage you'll see I don't have a single critical failure proc on me I don't take any degenerate damage from it it is awesome none of my abilities will fail the trigger because he's immune man he's ability accuracy reduction immune as long as he's not armor broken or knocked down by a spider verse character and Domino doesn't apply armor braid baby yeah no I'm sure she doesn't unless you may be a bit more especial I don't even think they apply armor break but and she's not spider-verse character so I don't think she can even turn off his passive ability Jim it's awesome so this node actually has cornered and masochism so I actually talked about masochism in the last video why mister it could be a pretty good counter for it because his heel block is passive and not an actual debuff so you see when I have this heel block up I can I can parry give her the debuff and she won't heal she'll still shrug it off but she won't heal which is really nice so yeah right here I'm kinda against the corner I'm just waiting to throw my special three get this bad boy off we're going to frenzy Gasquet huge attack increase and then our poisons gonna have plus 300% potency so if we boys in Earth's gonna do some nice damage we should I be a little careful because there is some cornered on this node right there I parried but I didn't have the passive he'll block on her so she did heal up right they're kind of annoying but it's okay see I'm gonna go ahead and play another he'll block like it's so easy to apply it just takes a combo of lights pretty much and you apply that he'll block so it's really nice and yeah right here I parry again triggered masochism I'm just trying to get out I try to get off my my poison and I didn't get it off in time to get off the crazy poison damage stupid masochism and but it's okay I right there's a little annoying but uh yeah it's okay she's almost down and as you can see the only damage we've taken is from like block damage because this is basically the equivalent of a four star this is variant one so they hit pretty hard that's the only damage we took we didn't take any kind of critical failure damage which is just it's awesome and it's really awesome Domino immunity hint it's cool now moving on to the next fight I have for you guys it's gonna be against realm of legends of Wolverine and this is just a greater outline actual block ability as soon as I read that he'll block ability in like can he take around legends Wolverine and I was like well there's only one way to find out and it's go do it Cinco trying to do it so I went in here man God we have to overeat and we're gonna try it so right now as you see I do have suicides on you're gonna be shrugging off the bleed and because we passively poison you and as long as our helmet isn't correct again that's constitutes an armor break or being knocked down from a spider-verse character which neither thing wolverine does so I don't have to worry about that but yes we're applying the the passive heel block it's about a seven second duration every time I apply it the thing about fighting Wolverine if you're if maybe it's been a while since you fought him in drama Legends basically he regenerates based on his power so I'm trying to bait out his specials I can keep up the hill block a lot but I can do the whole fight that way it would just take quite a while so I'm gonna go for an l-3 using the l3 it uses up my chemical gases though so my duration on my heel block won't be as long because for each one we get two seconds so with zero we'll only have a one second heel block so I'm gonna try to bethe special so but now I can put a really big poison on him and poison also reduces healing by 30% from Mysterio that's also going to help to negate it but it's really all about those keel blocks man as you can see still he's retaining up a crazy amount right now maybe I should have just maybe I should just went for heal blocks the whole time but I don't know using the poisons are pretty fun so yeah and you also get a pretty big attack increase from special three so I don't want to be sitting here Fighting's Wolverine all day so we gotta give it a try sir here I'm gonna bait the special two and then I'm gonna throw my by special three I just wanted to make sure I had a he'll block on him cuz he's getting some crazy regen and he has a lot of power right now so I wanted to try to bait out these specials but he just not really no no that's there you go finally throws that still got the heel block on in the duration it's good you trying to bait up this l1 and then throw my special three they're finally throws it let's get off my special three and as long as he's at low power his reagent shouldn t go to much anyway so yeah and special three looks super cool I really like it the animations on this guy's sweet man shoutout to a fan artist man for making it looks really cool so yeah we're gonna keep pushing up his power try and get my chemical gases up so now I have them up and I can apply my heel block and it's a long heel block and boom we got off an ice poison they're doing 1,800 per tick and you still heal blocks or good we're doing a good chunk of his health about halfway done about one hundred and twenty four hits in which again keep in mind this is the afore star equivalent so we're doing okay so far doing okay he hasn't been getting too much healing we've had that he'll lock up for a lot or here throughs doubled regen I'm like okay let's make sure we got that heel block on throw the special so we're good or throw my special now keep cycling the frenzy gas and as you guys can see like this is a legitimate strategy like if you're facing a healing opponent this is a fine strategy to use and it's also like easy to do first of all and second of all get some great damage from the poison not only but after using your special three once you're in the frenzied mode you get basically an attack rating increase equivalent to what Namor gets from one of his Furies from the special three so it's it's just a crazy attack increase it's awesome the one fight that really came to mind when I first got Mysterio besides revelation Wolverine was actually act six chapter two mr. sinister the big bad mr. sinister with caustic temper because Mysterio remember he's poison immune so you know I thought he could maybe take on that mr. sinister and I still think he can as a 565 but as about a four-star equivalence it's rough I tried and the shock damage from the the node the EMP modification anything is called that basically every time you get a buff which counts dexterity and your opponent use a special you get passive shocks on you it's a such a stupid note what Mysterio is not shocked at me so that shock just did so much damage to me and it just killed me I got it like 20% off on my best or anything but I couldn't solo with this level but I think a 565 coach with a large health pool you know it's so squishy I think II can do it man because you can pretty much keep Hill block up the entire time and you can get off some pretty good damage with your special three like a 565 Mysterio man let's see mine does 6k light mediums a 565 with class advantage would probably be doing I don't know 12 K maybe at least 10 K 10 K plus for sure with that attack rating at 565 so he'd be hittin super hard man that'd be awesome so now we're about 240 hits in and wolverines at about 23% health as you can see man we're getting him down that's working it's just taking a little bit of time it's yeah I'm gonna go ahead bait out his special and as you can see right now I'm just chillin I'm just waiting for that passive little chemical gas timer to run down just so that it's best for my signature ability so that soon as I get out of the special three I'm basically gonna instantly have a chemical gas from the signature ability so nice little tip there after especially you can basically have one if you just need your special three at the right time make sure I bait made sure to pay doubt that special just because I knew he was gonna prop regen and he did us right here gonna get out some chemical gas taken for 1800 again pretty solid gonna go get off my heavy attack get back to keel block going and yeah man things are going really good to go for some more poison just because why not the fights almost over and you haven't applied he'll block and do I go for a special – maybe oh no wait maybe I don't know maybe no I don't know I don't remember he's rocking me doing like crazy so I'm trying to get off these heal blocks right now yeah I'm going for a special three gotta go for this specialty the finisher so I think I'm at one at least it's been a couple taste since I did this fight uh yeah there we go apply heel block drop special three we're closing in on three hundred hits which is trying to hide but this is Rome illegible green you know crazy healing so yeah and the special three does the trick so there we go Mysterio wins taking down Rama legends Wolverine he could do it I knew he could do it well I had a feeling he could do it uh yeah three hundred hits there men not too bad again about a four star equivalent it's just that I feel block man that's really nice just so much utility wrapped up in a nice little fish bowl head I dig a man I dig him got some great damage and most of all the most important thing about the character he's suicide mastery friendly which is great because I run the suicides and that's what stealth spidey just not man he was not suicide friendly at all he did not want to run those masteries with him which I hated see that's that's another thing I love about Mysterio man he's just really cool let me know what you guys think of him where he could have some uses like I said I I'm willing to bet money no i 100% do he could he definitely can solo mr. sinister as the 565 if you boost up you bring the right synergy team heimdal handle of course and your bush man you could definitely do it you could definitely do it man you be hit so hard well I'm sure we'll see it at some point but yeah it's just awesome so much going on yeah a lot of great stuff and again the got some cool synergies if you were bringing Emma Frost you encounter converse controls which is great it'd be pretty crazy if he had that in his base kit and pretty nice but at least he can acquire it with this energy to better have four or five or six triangle frost that's gonna do it for this video guys I hope you did enjoy once again this was like Conti created program video so Mysterio is gonna be removed from my account de you're watching this video he gets removed if you're watching this on the Wednesday that it should upload I don't know I'm gonna be camping who ended up loads I hope everything uploads good I'm just looking up some videos right now before I leave say I hope you guys did enjoy if you did though drop a like again if you didn't see the first part it's gonna be in the description below and yes subscribe if you like see more content let me know if you guys think I should go for Mysterio and arena if you're gonna go for Mysterio I'd love to hear as thoughts and opinions even down below thanks for watching guys be so

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