My Real HEALTHY Morning Routine | Summer '18

hey guys it's Katie so you guys have been asking for a new morning routine and I had not realized how long it's been since the last one we did so I'm excited to show you my summer morning routine and the things I do every single day so the first thing I do once I wake up is make my bed I honestly feel like if you have a clean physical space you're gonna feel better mentally and to be ready to take on your day I started doing this maybe six months ago I know a lot of people do it as kids but I was never consistent about it so good new habit that I made in 2018 making my bed every day and I really do feel like it's helped a ton once my bed is made I chug some water I always keep a big jar of water with me throughout the day usually with a straw sometimes without it just helps me to drink more water and then when I'm out and about I always take my LSF day drinking water bottle with me I had to take my thyroid medication so a lot of you know I have hypothyroidism I'm trying out a new medication so I'll be doing a vlog sharing more about that but right now it's just one pill which is nice because it used to be to wash my face first thing in the morning I always wash it at night but you want to wash it in the morning too just to get any dirt that's settled on it while you slept off and I do not puts away in my body but I love it on my face this fresh soy cleanser is absolutely one of my favorites just really gentle and I'll spray some rose water just to help remoisturize and brush my teeth so this is probably the longest two minutes of my life I don't know why brushing your teeth feels like it takes forever luckily it has like the little self timer on it but I usually use this time to like stretch wake up my body a little bit so I can feed two birds with one grain and then hit that deodorant you guys know I've been really trying to consistently use a natural deodorant and even with summer sometimes they need to switch it up but it's my first go-to in the morning I got this new cute robe from Victoria's Secret I'm just loving it's like a little shorter like kimono very lightweight which is nice for summer then I'll grab my journal and head out to make coffee so I for a while was trying to not have coffee until after my workouts but I got back in coffee and the first thing in the morning train so a little like roulette with my coffee pause from an espresso grab one double shot in here look at it so good and then I've been loving this cashew milk so I'll put that in my steamer and get that going just about a cup of the cashew milk it's just really gentle on your stomach add some cinnamon which is a good anti-inflammatory to have first thing in the day get that going and then you always know I absolutely love vital proteins this is no surprise been talking about it for years they came out with the collagen creamer not too long ago and the coconut is my favorite it is so flippin good so the serving is actually two scoops I usually just use one if I'm using espresso because I want to have that milk to help just dilute the coffee a little bit if I was using actual coffee and then I would use the full two scoops of the collagen but it is so awesome for your body it's dairy free collagen is like the building blocks for your muscles your hair your bone and skin nails everything so it really really helps your entire body plus the coconut has those good healthy fats that are really good anti-inflammatory – after I have my coffee I've been going outside a lot to just kind of set my intentions and start my day writing down my goals so we're just starting the summer shape up series day one getting my goals set for the week and I like doing this first thing in the morning because you don't self edit as much you're kind of just like sleepy and tired so you just go and write which is really good you don't want to self edit when you're trying to write goals and set intentions for yourself just be true and honest to what you want what you want to make happen and it's a lot easier to do first thing in the day then I'll head back inside and go check on work stuff so I'll check emails get settled I don't think we think you guys have seen the office yet since it's been set up maybe on Instagram and Instagram stories but not here on YouTube so this is our little LSF HQ office I'm obsessed with that pink phone it's so cool the calendar we have a couple of desks in here and try to like space out really nice on my desk I have this little time cube you guys see that little block and I love it except I definitely don't use it as much as I could it just helps you like block out your time better throughout the day to work on different tasks I always have my essential oils going throughout the entire house but the office is all about that ATTENTION ASSIST we all need it especially on Mondays pineapples everywhere and some motivation on the walls to keep us going throughout the day so once I sit down I'll kind of go through YouTube comments see what's happening over there check in on the community tab which if you guys haven't seen it on YouTube go check it out it's super cool it's just another place where we can catch up let you know what's happening with love sweat fitness with the challenges and it's kind of like almost like Instagram but on YouTube which is fun okay Trello is my number one go-to for organizing my life you guys I absolutely love it I can't say enough about it I have the app also and it is so cool because you can make all these different boards with different checklists like really important things like grab those pineapples this actually was important for something we're doing this week but it just helps you like organize your life so whether you're in school for different classes or work jobs like it is so amazing after I've done some work and settled in for a bit like just trying to take care of any of the things that have to be done first thing in the morning then it is time for my workout and I'm so pumped with the summer shape of starting it's so cool you guys so there are like thousands and thousands of you doing this which is amazing and I'm doing day one so getting my workout on so I'm going to use the weekly workout schedule for my warmup one round and then the hot buddy sweat guide for the other part so I'm gonna head to the beach grabbing some clothes this makes fitness closet yes I have a whole closet dedicated to all my fitness gear shoes laying sports bras drawers and drawers of them it's kind of a problem but I'm ok with it so cute pants from Lorna Jane a little sports bra from Victoria's Secret and then that pink hat and how cute is the inspo wall you guys saw this on Instagram too if you haven't made one yet go do it it is going to help you stay motivated to keep you inspired every single day get it up on your wall and let's sweat it out so then I've been trying to like I said head to the beach for my work house I just love getting outside and seeing the ocean first thing the day it really helps set me up so filling out my water bottle grabbing all my goodness how cute is oh yeah little little sneak peek at something that might be coming 40 miles up and I got that cute new flamingo cell phone cover to it just love alright so this is one of my favorite beaches to work out at because you kind of get a mix of the grassy areas as well as like the beautiful ocean views and it's really close to my house so heading down to find the perfect spot to get the hob a sweat going on you guys this is seriously why I love it so much you can do it anywhere and you don't need any equipment it's so good just your beautiful little body getting to work plus you can work on your tan so starting with some of the step ups you could always up level this too by jumping up onto the bench at the top so that's the great thing you really can take it at your own pace walking out like burpees or take them to full jumps which is really cool getting the spots on this little sneak peak that's the day one workout for the hot buddy so guys if you guys are doing it or if you haven't done it yet or seen it now you know kind of what it looks like here and then taking time after my workout to stretch out it is so important you guys you have to warm up and just as important as a warm up is a stretch after your workout to help your muscles recover and give them time to like relax and that way you can avoid getting too too tight so I'll stretch checking on Instagram loving seeing all of your guys's daily check-ins for the elsif roll call and the summer shape ups so cool once I get home I'll rinse off so you guys know I only wash my hair like once a week maybe twice and a lot of you have asked how I keep it from looking like crazy nasty cuz it does get very sweaty when I workout obviously so I'll use a little shower cap so it doesn't get too wet but I do like to let it get wet just like right around the crown of my head like the edges in the shower so I'll kind of pull the shower cap up a little bit while I'm in there to get it wet around the edges and then when I get out I'll blow dry it so it has that fresh water to help keep it a little bit clean I'll run the blow-dryer through and that kind of helps like get rid of any frizziness it'll happen from the sweat use some dry shampoo and the more that I've been using the vital proteins and the collagen the healthier my hair has been getting which is really good except that it does get greasy or a little bit faster than it used to because it's so healthy now which is great good problem to have so more Rose white water again and then the face oil I love using little Jade roller it really helps increase circulation get your blood and everything moving in your face and it just feels really nice like a little face massage and then the Murad sunscreen it's always a go-to I like having that sunscreen on every day just a little bit for when I head outside REE deodorize you get more deodorant on no one wants to smell all right once I shower and get dressed it's time to head out to make my post-workout smoothie this is been my go-to recipe for the last couple weeks this summer because it's just super refreshing and has everything my body needs for after a workout so when you're done working out you need carbohydrates and proteins and antioxidants to help replenish everything taken out of your body during that workout and to help your muscles grow and relax and refresh so grabbing all of my favorite ingredients right now lately I have been just obsessed with coconut water as the base of my smoothies especially post-workout because it has all those electrolytes you need and this avocado has been my go-to brand it is amazing it's hard to find really good coconut waters but this one is it they have all young green coconuts they don't use anything else a lot of other brands will add sugars and stuff that you don't want in there theirs is just pure coconut water from their own trees in Brazil they are Fairtrade which is cool and what I love about it is they don't just take the water out of the coconuts and that's it their goal is to use the entire coconut to make other products – which is really really rad and then with the coconut water you get healthy sugars you get the potassium magnesium which helps relax your muscles and all those electrolytes that help reduce stress and fatigue and also can really be like a great like low sugar option versus adding in like some other like post-workout drink so I'll use spinach which has selenium and other things that really help balance your hormones hemp and flax seed are great especially with hypothyroidism because they have healthy omega-3 fatty acids it will help your hormone balance which is a big thing you notice if you have thyroid issues your hormones are off a lot plus it also has like iron which you need you're usually low if you have hypothyroidism calcium vitamin E all of the goodness and some more berries in there for added antioxidants it is just super refreshing and packed with protein just perfect once my smoothie is made then it's time for my just summer glow look all right so this is my little makeup car I bought this car at Target hold it in like a couple of minutes and voila it has been a so useful super helpful because I do my makeup all over the house I don't really have like one set spot yep and using yoga block to this helped caught me up a little bit it's more comfy the cart just makes it really easy so I have a lot of different makeup products and I have to tell you I just recently tried this new set of makeup from wet and wild when wild was the first makeup I ever owned ever like seventh grade first thing and I actually really really loved it so this is their brand-new mega cushion foundation with SPF 15 and you guys it is so easy I'm a foundation girl because I like having that moisture and like supple skin which powder usually like just makes me really dry and I already have dry skin but this is really nice because normally foundation I feel like I'm wasting a ton because when I pour it out it's like all over the place and then it gets really messy and this little compact is super cool because there's no mess the little cushion allows you to like build so it's not like just all one thick color across your face you can start lighter and add on more and more and more and then I'm using just this little highlighter glow that's very bronzy right on the cheek and by the way that foundation is only $8.99 I have so much makeup the last foundation I just bought was like $52 you guys and I seriously love this so much and then this little stick is cool because it's all like just again very like moisturizing so I'm using this on my eyes and my cheeks and even on my lips gives you that just very like summer glowy kind of apricot color and that's like my favorite I feel like it really brings out my eyes to the cool stuff about all of their makeup is it's literally 100% cruelty free all of their like everything that wet-and-wild does and that's super important to make sure that what you're putting on your skin is healthy like both for yourself but for the environment then I do a little setting spray so literally like five products less than five minutes makeup is done for the day so easy are you guys so that's basically my entire morning routine I usually take about an hour an hour hour and a half ish to get everything done and I like to be because that's when my day really gets started here at L sub HQ that's when my team comes in to help me get everything done for you guys like our new workouts we're always filming workouts for every Monday on YouTube and other video sometimes two videos a week and then stuff on the blog new recipes and working on fun new projects for you guys so let's go check them out

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