Muscle Injections Almost Cost This Man His Arms

Romario de santa saldez has modeled his huge frame on his favorite superhero The Incredible Hulk but he's obsession with injecting muscle enhancing oil into his body has almost cost him his sanity and his life policy staff assume by taking Ponte so blast this is su most happily get out exclusively display polluted this tweed it has not met was in suder's won't you papa three years ago 25 year-old keen bodybuilder Romario had a chance encounter that sent his life into a downward spiral no swim world the master dodge kados knowledge in my language sure gundam academy of young scholars moved to Grand Falls together with enormous you commercia suppose models if as their musical scales present too simple the substance a mixture of oil alcohol and lidocaine is injected into the muscles to enlarge them soon Romario was hooked and injecting regularly he met his partner 22 year old Maris Angela Oliviero marina at the gym mucho champagne toast Tara definite quand le coup missiles are some tall I'm a sustained assembly the CG Hawaiian food can fizzes link achieved the poppy charts in over fascist sailor boy Romario spiceps swelled to more than 25 inches and people found him terrifying they wanna Vesuvius table tab island yeah yeah a common I don't know got mu Trek went out naked emigration cut all congressman Todd the homily Akshay calling me follow simple me I mean I feel everything but those eons have a movie any language because they made chief or say I shall soon be most this'll even occasion me my woman but romário also received praise for his incredible body which made it hard for him to kick his addiction aceveda's creators very Milwaukee hope that you all may have any about two more for me to do – my name is Bernard instinct pega activist advantage can get you random demas romário Psalms were now causing him constant pain but he would stop at nothing to make his look even more extreme sak where Mozgov okay Kobe's face 4matic he told you he'd been to Delhi Shoji the GPS on the protein to akedan I take you if when capsule on that my response is Ponte Preta you represent a caterpillar your parcels is áwillá specific a public iron boys the constant pain and negative reactions to his appearance ticket solemn romário his mental health that had a knock-on effect on his relationship to serious Portage's chemistry Sudha this was the turning point for a Mario he wanted to break the cycle of addiction and desperate decided the only course of action was to have his arm amputated yeah shortened mr. Dodd who Mia both come as voices vision opus if we sing crowd the ammonia pasta passing denim business poor DeFazio poses me so much strength you suppose those semen dip dude so quantum mask will follow to me he phase means I'm not moved us FISMA facing make father hey so much Megan asked if you know this is lava and put out no blasts romário was lucky he stopped using the muscle enhancer in 2013 but despite it almost ruining his life he's still tempted to try other substances from time to time what Samanas your company wants to discuss in there Shimada is to go kill my mom on jacoba notice – for physically tell me she was single missing kyoto did I say means propose the same thing as a mere Park Adela he's shaking new bait if we will I can operate in tacky a green tape it's okay what a citizenship I got new mafia I push a on the weakness and Vinod I will really okay Mrs Murphy you missed a momentum a souped-up turquoises do pardon Monsieur I half wish you kill pass a lot rice I'll file a now no fuzzies kinase a citizen Juvenal memorial still has ambitions to become a professional bodybuilder but is now committed to staying clean the ontology user sent Oh mais de vidas public offense kill me do you this is only the ABC action but tomorrow vision focus on you know I may have been seen in the same business a disco to list at Ohlone designed myself Obatala the vocal silly saying

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