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igf-1 and your immune system two relatively unlikely culprits when it comes down to your body being able to produce more muscle I want to talk today about how these systems work and some things that you can do to start getting a little bit more out of your body when it comes down to building muscle the right way but also supporting your immune system so you're not getting gnarly upper respiratory tract infections if you haven't already make sure you hit that subscribe button new videos going up every Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time and bonus videos sprinkled on throughout the week as well hit that little bell it turn on notifications so you know whenever I post up live videos too alright so there's this thing called kala strum out there now call strum is the type of milk that is produced right after a mammal gives birth honestly I don't even like calling it a milk because realistically it doesn't have much nutritional value but nutritional value isn't important here what we're looking at is its ability to boost the immune system by having high concentrations of immunoglobulin a but also tissue and cell regenerating growth factors like insulin like growth factor so what I want to first do in this video is explain what I GF is insulin-like growth factor you see IGF is essentially the next step of growth hormone when it comes down to building muscle what I mean by that is growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and it basically tells the liver to release IGF in fact one of the main purposes of human growth hormone in the first place is to tell i GF to be released is the IGF is like the soldiers that run around throughout the body and actually elicit the growth hormone response upon the cells and the tissues so growth hormone tells the liver to produce IGF IGF is released and it goes and does the job so if you workout for instance and you work a specific body part when you go to sleep that night and you produce growth hormone the liver is going to release IGF to a localized area to stimulate tissue recovery and ultimately muscle growth okay now let's talk about the immune system for a second the immune system plays a big role here as well because without the immune system we wouldn't be able to have the inflammatory response that allows us to actually recover every time you workout we are eliciting some kind of immune response in our bodies so where does call Ostrom come in and why am i doing this video well interestingly enough there's just been a lot of research in the world of kala strim and I'll explain the signs and some more detail a little bit later but I thought this all roped together pretty darn well you see call Ostrom is there for an infant to get a quick shot of immune system support when an infant is born they don't have a lot of the immune support to protect their upper respiratory tract that's why it's so important that you keep a newborn out of public places for a couple of days until their respiratory system finishes being healed up and completely finishes its cycle of growth so what we're doing here with call Ostrom is we're giving ourselves immunoglobulin a which supports the upper respiratory tract but additionally call us from also has the insulin like growth factors in it to help grow the intestinal tract of an infant you see an infant needs to develop the smooth muscle tissue in an intestinal tract to ultimately be able to digest the milk that's about to come in the next couple of days so call Ostrom is super high in the immunoglobulin a that I just mentioned but it's also very high in lactoferrin now I'm gonna talk about lactoferrin in just a second additionally cult lustrum is high in what are called macrophages and leukocytes again these are sort of the master particles of your immune system which are important for not just upper respiratory tract infections but all kinds of other immune responses as well so let's talk about lactoferrin here for just a second how does lactoferrin play into all of this and how come nobody focuses on lactoferrin as the primary benefit of kala strim I wouldn't go so far as saying it's the primary benefit but it is pretty darn powerful you see what lactoferrin does within the body is it helps us metabolize iron you see what's going on inside your body that you don't always realize is you usually have enough iron even people that are anemic usually have enough iron it's just not in a useable form it's in sort of this unbound state where it's traveling around causing chaos throughout the body and not actually being utilized so the example that I generally use is if you were to leave a big pile of metal of iron out in the elements and you let it sit with some oxygen what would happen it would start to rust well the iron that is in our bodies is no different in the iron that we see outside it's still a metal and what happens is when it floats around through our body and it's exposed to oxygen that we breathe it's going to oxidize so if we're not metabolizing and utilizing that iron we have a high degree of oxidative stress this could lead to more soreness it could lead to more illness and it could ultimately lead to the fact that you're not recovering from your workouts and nearly as well as you could be so lactoferrin binds to this I it ki lates the iron so that the iron can actually be utilized or excreted if there's too much therefore leaving you with much less in the way of free radicals floating around throughout your body you're not in a situation where you have all this oxidative damage now this also occurs in your gut you literally have excess iron particles that sit in your gut and if you consume lactoferrin like through kala strim you're in a situation where that iron gets chelated and expelled and evacuated out of the body meaning you're able to absorb your nutrients better and get more out of the food in the protein that you're consuming so it does have a direct result on how you build muscle and how you stay lean now call Ostrom also does a very interesting thing when it comes down to the overall immune system you see it activates something known as GC protein derived macrophage activating factor yep that's a mouthful and all that means is that call Ostrom essentially makes the kill switch for your immune system a lot bigger when you look at how the immune system works usually it has to have some kind of stimulus to get turned on now you don't want a super over-reactive immune system that gets turned on from everything but you do want one that is able to get turned on appropriately when it's time so visualize the immune system as having a big red button and as soon as an infection that is actually worthwhile and worth fighting is seen that big red button gets pushed but if you don't have this GC protein to ride macrophage activating factor elevated that button is really small so the likelihood of actually flipping the switch and turning on the immune system is significantly smaller bovine colostrum has been shown to improve this and this was actually proven through research there's one study that looked at participants 152 of them to be exact over the course of eight to 12 weeks now these participants they had consumed call Ostrom now what they found is that those that we're consuming the kalos room ended up having a reduction in the amount of upper respiratory infections by 44% so those that took call Ostrom had 44 percent less respiratory infections that is very very powerful just by adding colostrum into the mix so this has to do with of course the immunoglobulin a which directly works upon the upper respiratory tract but also again this GC protein derived macrophage activating factor that I was just talking about but now let's talk about some of the more fun stuff the stuff that you might be interested in hearing about as far as your immediate results today go there are some very powerful physical results that come along with call us from – and they stem not only from the immune system but also from the IGF response that we'd get within ourselves the Journal of applied physiology conducted a very short study to see the acute response when consuming colostrum they had participants consume 20 grams of Col Ostrom each day for two weeks or a placebo while those that consume the kalos room had a 17% increase in localized igf-1 so localized insulin-like growth factor increased okay additionally they had an improvement of their IgA by 33% so a 33% increase in their immunoglobulin a so improvement in their IGF allowing more muscle growth localized growth hormone essentially and also the ability to fight off an upper respiratory tract infection keeping them in the gym longer able to train more all without compromising their immune system but there's another study that gets even more intense and this one has to do with performance this study was published in the Journal of Medicine and science and sports and exercise ok and it took a look at 42 participants that were avid cyclists so these were athletes and what they did is they divided them into three groups one group they had consumed whey protein only at 60 grams another group they had consumed call us from only at 60 grams and another group they had consumed way at 40 grams and call us from at 20 grams so away call Ostrom combination and they had them conduct two-hour test rides on their bikes for a course of eight weeks every day for eight weeks and what they found at the end of these eight weeks were pretty darn crazy they found that the call Ostrom only group was able to improve their ride time by a hundred and thirty two seconds that's pretty dramatic okay then the call Ostrom plus way group was able to improve their ride time by a hundred and fifty-eight seconds what about the way only group the way protein only group at 60 grams ended up improving their ride time by 37 seconds that's a pretty remarkable difference and a lot of this has to do with the acute IgA response from the kala strim the immediate effect on the immune system allowing the body to recover faster even during a workout but also the improvement insulin-like growth factor that allowed the body to recover at a faster rate so again at the end of the day paying attention to your IGF levels and paying attention to your immune system is very very critical we don't want our IGF levels to get out of hand but we want them to be high enough to support the level of activity and that is critical too much IGF is not good but just enough i GF to support our needs and support what we're doing can be a recipe for the best kind of body that you could possibly imagine and if you want to check out something that does have some awesome colostrum check out antler farms column down below I put it in the description they're not even a sponsor of this channel I just really like their product when it comes down to call Ostrom so you can check them out in the description down below and try it out for yourself as always I want to make sure that you keep it locked in here in my channel if you have ideas for future videos let me know in the comment section below I'll see you in the next video

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  • Thomas. I finished chemotherapy for NHL Lymphoma 4 months ago. Aggressive treatment. I am in remission and doing great. My muscles dissolved due to cachexia and treatment. I have recovered some succesfully, but I want more muscle; I play soccer and need the strength, I exercise daily also. I am doing intermittent fast and plant based diet during the week days, I am more relaxed during weekends. I feel great, the fasting is fantastic; however I don't want too high IGF-1 to promote the cancer cells still alive, or too low that I don't grow my muscles and strength. I was thinking to target 150 ng/ml. I am not asking for medical advice, but What you would do if you were in my shoes?

  • The effects sound lovely, but 100 a month is crazy and I hope no one misunderstands that if you get the mg pills you won't have any measurable benefits until 10 grams consumed daily. Very pricey supplement indeed.

  • You lost me when you said colostrum “doesn’t have any nutritional value” then go on to explain all the science why it does. There are a lot of beneficial bio-active compounds in milk (like lactopherin). Colostrum is a more nutrient dense version of milk

  • Ive started taking colostrum recently. What is the best way to take it for maximum igf-1 and growth hormone benefits. Take it alone? Mix it with water or whey protein? Any info is greatly appreciated.

  • Great information. Growing up on a farm I had witness to the power of colostrum first hand. When calves are born and don't get on the udder fast enough they will die within as little as a few hours or a couple days if colostrum isn't administered to the calf quick enough. The cow provides a large does of colostrum when the calf is first born and its imperative that the calf gets it quickly either from the cow or from the farmer (if the cow wont let the calf suck). Sadly I've witnessed many premature deaths due to this.

  • Dang why is that thing so much 100 dollars for 30 servings… i cant get i am poor maybe later i can

  • Hey Thomas, how much protein can you digest per meal, and I asume it's a lot (more than 30g), but won't that "huge" amount taken at once be hard on the kidneys? Also, isn't coffee hard on the stomach or the heart taken on an empty stomach (hot coffee not cold brew) ? PLEASE ANSWER, big fan 🙂

  • Pepople are going to the extremes with the sanatisers. I am 68 and have had 1 common cold in 28years. Take care of your immune's system and don't worry as much with modern cleansing methods. There are no shots, pills or medicines that can cure a cold, they help the body to cure it's self. The body is a self healing machine that needs help sometimes and that's where medication comes in to play

  • Another way to reduce upper respiratory infection is if all those people that insist on going to the Gym while they are sick would just stay home.

  • I don't see how any of the large molecules/cells you talk about could ever make it past the stomach undeformed.

  • If too much IGF-1 is bad, how can I tell if I'm getting an appropriate amount, and does that amount change depending on activity level that I should be taking?

  • Do you have experience or is there any research supporting the claims of dear antler extract from antler farms? It would be great if you can do a video on this topic.

  • Hi Thomas, i love your channel ist very interesting but this topic you have to research better!
    I use to work on a farm for six years in New Zealand. We only used colostrum milk for the calves. Thats very hard work feeding new calves.
    But we knew you get a lot of money for this milk.
    We never sold colostrum Milk once cause we used them for our new baby calves as we never had a drop left…

    Thomas have you ever been to a farm where colostrum milk has been produced and stayed for some weeks (not just 1week)
    If you stay for a Calvingseason (july-okt) and see whats going on to get this milk you will never ever use colostrum again. I promise. Its very sad and discusting!

  • Excellent, I've been having a HUGE problem with sick people coughing on me and messing up my gym schedule. Whenever I push it hard at the gym, about 4-6 hours after I feel those free radicals suppressing my immune system, and if I had someone coughing nearby, I get a bit of a fever and have to fight it off for a day or two, very frustrating. Can you do a video on MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and it's positive effects on collagen synthesis?

  • Hi Mr. DeLauer, Is it recommended to take colostrum two hours after a workout 3-4 times a week? Any possible contraindications of taking it long term? Any other brand that you would recommend besides Antler Farms? Thank you!

  • Hi Thomas, I was wondering if L-carnitine can somehow kick you out of ketosis? Or if it is safe to consume in a Keto diet

  • Hello! Will 3g cvit and 10mg iodine in the morning stop my fasting state? I want to take it early and not wait for my eating window..:)

  • Hey Tom can you do a video about mitochondrial health and the benefits of CoQ10 and PQQ? Thank you so much!

  • the five studies on Colustrum and IGF-1 on says that: "While any protein sources has the potential to increase IGF-1 when included in the diet, colostrum is no different than whey protein at doing so. The IGF-1 that is present in colostrum naturally appears to be fully digested in the intestinal tract and does not reach the blood. " However, the other included studies on colustrum might find beneficial effects in: lean mass, fatigue effects(in HIV patients), symptoms of UC, a decrease in ketone bodies(so probably not helpful if on keto diet???), small decrease in triglycerides and overall triglycerides. I'm not sure how long ago the studies were updated on examine though….

  • wish you had a separate channel for autoimmune conditions and getting rid of them -you seem to have a deep abyss of information

  • I'm starting a fundraiser to send Thomas a box of new t-shirts for Xmas so he can upgrade from those size extra mediums from Baby Gap

  • I would love to hear more about insulin resistance when to train and what to eat after. It's very interesting watching your videos

  • Hey Thomas, thanks for mentioning our New Zealand Colostrum! We really like it too! It has a high IgG content that comes from a large herd with diverse antibodies and resistance. 100% pure, undiluted and minimally processed. We flash pasteurize our colostrum and spray dry it at low temperatures to preserve the bioavailability of all of its vital nutrients. I hope your audience will give it a try and get the immune support and athletic benefits that colostrum provides.

  • I've seen a few conflicting studies some saying that colostrum causes cancer and some saying that it helps fight cancer, do you know which is true?

  • While I appreciate the science, my head is spinning, I need to go watch the SloMo guys bust something! 😉

  • What effect does fasting and keto have on the HPA axis? I’ve read a lot of people saying that Keto messes up your hormones( testosterone, thyroid, Cortisol) Can you explain or refute this?

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