Morning Newswrap: Chennai Reeling Under Acute Water Crisis, Hotels, Offices, Metro Hit

our top story chennai is grappling with its first water crisis in years but authorities have been caught napping the government has come under fire for failing to deal with the crippling water shortage that's affected Chennai heights schools offices and restaurants have pressed the panic button and have now started taking several steps to curb the water usage several schools in the city have now revised their timings owing to the water scarcity even as restaurants have put up messages on water conservation some of them being forced to shut down due to lack of water the four main reservoir supplying the bulk of city's drinking water have been completely dried up the combined storage capacity of the four main reservoirs stood at a meager 0.23 percent on Monday now the Madras High Court has questioned the a AIADMK government for not tackling the water scarcity saying that they have not taken adequate measures to tackle the crisis this even as DMK workers have hit the streets protesting against the state government Chief Minister a deferred E felony Swami has however downplayed the water crisis and said that the entire crisis is being exaggerated jenna is grappling with an unprecedented water crisis water has run out of taps reservoirs are bone dry residents are struggling relying completely on water tankers a water tanker comes every alternate day or even more sometimes and distributes water to various houses we are in a prime location in Chennai in Needham baucom and even in this area what the locals tell us is that they have to go block water tankers on the roads and only then does it come here and distribute water on Wednesday the Madras High Court pinned the entire blame on the crisis to the AIA TMP government's mismanagement the High Court sought details of how many lakes had been defaulted after the deficit monsoon but Chief Minister Oedipa DiPaola Nicoise me called it a manufactured crisis okay the water loompa three by taking it in like a who do you pretend you prefer or my authority I will say the wooden group taking redevelopment and the Chief Minister's comment triggered a political flashpoint DMK workers hit the streets slamming the EPA's government for not being able to gauge the problem when it could have been tackled Chennai i'ts were up in arms as each day brought more misery in their lives your book about clearly wanted off one thing and we have not yet got their water and no require stop when it will come like that the government is giving such a false information to the public I Booker in my lorry on 23rd May I'm here to get still they are delivering water for 10th of May the government says the monsoon failed them and they're doing their best they can but experts blame the consecutive governments for their dismal attitude in handling better water management practices that has led to this particular situation in Chennai with Mirah journalist Daniel look Priya ended today as China continues to reel under acute water crisis the hospitality industry has also been hit very hard India Today had visited hotels in the city to try and understand the steps being taken to fight the water scarcity in this city no clay Abbasid even gets you this very comprehensive ground report as the water crisis in Chennai hits the hospitality industry hot many hotels and restaurants have put up boats seeking customers cooperation in using water judiciously this swanky hotel located near the airport has put posters and installed water meters a personalized letter also greets guests in their roof detailing the crisis now buying water we filled one it's expensive number two even the quality of water was not bread even though we have a filtration plant in all we had to lately through a lot of just from that filtration prong because we saw everything was coming in and you know getting filtered as the crisis intensifies hotels have resorted to rationing water this hotel in central Chennai tells guests to be careful with water at the time of checking in our requirement is around nine thousand liters per day and we get a real in seventy thousand liters there also is very difficult and we inform our customers we have been telling all the customers they are also aware of it how to go easy on the water prices this hotel in Thein impede with taps running dry finger bowls are given to customers put upon the lunch loan there Madeira there was an area that needed it I love the narrative of it that needs in a tank light even there one check a little over they were able to perceive look another stop on acquire and Berlanga strategies as on Monday the combined storage capacity of the four main reservoirs stood at a meager 0.23% but the state government is downplaying the issue allowing the pressure here and fatigue now in the Guillermo this is yet key artists were left in the malapa yeah the political rule on the air can also lay her on this iterative tangle dynamo part energy and a key ally in the Cobra to make you know this the Potala tropi in the Corolla we were busy on water expenditure of the hotels have gone up by 25% even as government of tamil nadu says there is no water crisis the reality is quite different it is time the government wakes up and finds a lasting solution for this problem that happens year after year in Chennai with Charlie Lobo look Priya India today now it's not just residents hotels and offices which are bearing the brunt of this water crisis the Chennai metro rail services have also taken a hit take a look at how Chennai is struggling to cope with massive water crunch and it is not just the residents hotels and offices which are hit badly the Chennai metro rail service is also affected the toilets in the Eleanor and st. Thomas mount metro stations are closed for three days due to lack of water today's top cap arrangements have been made where water tankers did come and supply water now an underground station such as this in Chennai uses almost 9,000 liters of water per day the elevated stations use around 3,000 litres of water per day the entire metro line uses over 2 lakh litres of water per day the 19 underground stations used nine thousand litres of water each day while the 13 elevated stations use 3,000 litres of water each air conditioning takes up another seven thousand litres a day it's really saddening that to see that there's so much of water scatters in the city and no actions being taken by the government it's all her heart that we pay so much for Metro and even there there's no water the Chennai Metro is trying hard to cope with water shortage switching off air conditioning during non-peak hours to save on water Omega sewage treatment plant is also being built in Quinte government has to take some steps to play up this issue today in my office also there is a water scarcity morning and water has not come to our office this is the problem everywhere indeed the most Chennai now the Chennai Metro is tackling a water crisis just as the rest of the city and they're trying to cope and find out new ways in which they can tackle the problem and look for a solution with video journalist Vivian Charlie low bun Chennai India today shifting focus to Karnataka now Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has once again accused the BJP of horse-trading Kumaraswamy said that the BJP has reached out to one of his Emily's and offered a bribe of 10 crore rupees to switch camps and join the Safran party he further claimed that his party Emily had rejected the BJP s offer and immediately informed the JDS top brass hitting back and the Chief Minister state BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa asked him to show evidence and clearly named those who were allegedly involved he ended up I even said that kumara Swamy was scared because his emily's were rebelling against him now remember kumara Swamy has timing and and again claims that the BJP is trying to poach Congress and JD as Emily's to make the government in the state collapse the Congress read his government in the state is in par with the wafer thin majority and the BJP has a formidable 105 seats for margarine I know you were to running a gig Arthur contained a former JP JP Naya crew your sign cardiology sir karateka tied away er Goliath dizziness I narcotic garage at Sakura Congress in the JD s boxes in the name on a pelican umbrella a hot quadruple and Meneely alexavic a political operative a nom de turpan serkova want a laguna madre direct then a Gabrielle former trader named teyla ronon began telephone monitoring even Aaron Peruvian edited an affiliate computed the eraser karateka vacante Morris only limit disappointed desperately I want to a straight question three boys refer to the money to me being a cheap and stuff Karnataka we speaks like this he will lose credibility and also mention the name Bubba I news from the center now the Modi government is steam rolling ahead with their one nation one poll proposal in a bid to build consensus on holding simultaneous polls the prime minister said convene the meeting of presidents of all political parties for which 40 were invited now 21 parties attended the meeting while the Congress skipped the meeting however the divided and the UPA was out in the open as Congress allies National Conference and the NCP chose to toe a different line with Farooq Abdullah and Sharad Pawar attending the meeting a Union Minister Rajnath Singh who was moderating the meeting said that the Left parties had reached questions about the feasibility of the idea but did not oppose the move in principle a committee will now be formed by the Narendra Modi light government to prepare a roadmap for the one nation one election proposal surah Sione if these each you know jammu taper of NASA marathon dia for about the difference of opinion CPI CPI M clear yet yes I see who escape Lakenheath sky 190 Aki one nation or one election many one actually started up with Nakia lake in Hunan a schism in Russian culture Turkey if you utter a syllable cream I will stand on some of the intellection booster Sharad Pawar said the very serious constitutional amendments that are required the CPI is supported fully saying that in a and many other said with the present Constitution setup it is not the idea may be laudable but if you want to work it out you require to thoroughly discuss the question of constitutional amendments that will require some experts which is some suggestions of forming some expert committees of the cetera of that nature but at the with the present Constitution and article three five six remaining this proposal is both anti-democratic and anti-federalist Party is supporting the idea one election now the Congress seems to be fighting on two fronts one even as the party decided to boycott the old party meeting on simultaneous elections Mumbai Congress president Melinda aura has backed the theory of one nation one poll Malindi aura said that being in continuous election mode is a roadblock to good governance and distracts politicians from addressing real issues while batting for simultaneous polls they were also advised his party to take the right stand on the issue now even as Congress openly said that they were against the government's electoral reform proposal million they returned one nation one election as an important and valuable reform and said that the government should decide on it by taking all political parties on board now let's listen to what Melinda hora had to see on one nation one election to India today's consulting editor Rajdeep Sardesai your party is very clear there against one nation one poll you on the other hand have issued a statement saying our democracy is neither fragile nor immature and the debate of one nation one poll calls for an open mind on either side of the spectrum suggesting that you actually believe that it's a maybe a good idea that needs to be debated are you going against your party law today making a request and an appeal for a debate in my personal opinion suggesting that in my personal opinion that the country should have a debate could be on any issue today it could be on one nation one poll tomorrow it could be on GST day after it could be on some foreign policy issue even seeking a debate is perceived to be choosing sides and what that really means is that we as a society unfortunately and perhaps you have to reflect as well on it as a journalist have become so desensitized to debates in in public life and whether it's our quality whether it's journalists hmm we've forgotten what it means to have a debate in our society in India today politics is so polarized that a bipartisan view of the kind that you have expressed will be seen as rebellion that Malinda era in a sense is departing as I said from the party view are you in a sense taking your first steps towards moving away from the Congress are you genuinely trying to seek a bipartisan view to a issue that is polarizing a public opinion do you believe India is ready Indian politics is ready for this kind of bipartisanship that you are talking about given the polarized nation nature of our politics Modi versus Rahul Giamatti versus the rest of quick-access deep I am asking a different question is India not ready for a debate is my party running away from a debate is my party saying no how dare you debate this issue One Nation one poll your party whether we address the as I said that the onus is on the government Rajdeep again the onus is on the government to come clean on its intentions for this issue for this reform it's a big reform as I said in theory even you agreed with me in theory it sounds good but the government has to take the first step okay that got the government for instance on GST of the government took the first step and said we are reaching out to the opposition we have a sincere intention the opposition led by the Congress supported GST we allowed it to be implemented we allowed it to be passed in Parliament we allowed a constitutional amendment how can happen so I'm sure the opposition will walk the extra mile okay the government has to come clean on its intention in theory I continue to believe there should be stability in our country so please don't speculate and bring about conjecture is this your first step to leave the party and things like that okay I feel sad there is a country we've become so desensitized to even having debates that when somebody calls for a debate regardless of his or her opinion or regardless of which side you have spectrum you're on that is being perceived as someone having our anti party view that's very very unfortunate and that is the unfortunate reality that our media and our politicians have brought India down to where we're not even able to have a the discussion in a country anymore and president Ramnath covent will address a joint sitting of Raja Sabha and looks by at 11:00 a.m. president covin will highlight Modi government's action plan and his speech will give a clear indication about the government agenda for the next five years in the session the Modi government will present the Union budget on July 5th several important bills are also pending before the house some of these bills which have been approved by the cabinet to be tabled in Parliament are the bills against triple' thalaaq bill on the use of other numbers as identity proof Medical Council will to bring more transparency in governance of medical education now as the death told you to encephalopathy in Bihar has touched 114 now Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has once again evaded questions on the crisis with each who was in Delhi to attend the all party meeting on one nation one pole evaded media questions and refused to give any answers on whether his government was caught unaware during the encephalitis outbreak now not just Nitish Kumar his deputies to Sheen Modi who's also from the BJP also appeared to be unfazed about the deaths of 114 children he dodged questions and chose to remain silent despite numerous questions being fired at him by reporters on the steps taken by his government to curb this outbreak now let's listen to what health minister harshwardhan had to say on the crisis in Bihar you're seeing what's happening in beyond the death toll is one one four officially it could be even higher isn't this a shame and a shocking indictment of the public health system in BR and dare I say across this country today and the ministers don't answer questions they I would love to say that certainly there is a need for lot of improvement in the health systems of the country and in last five years we have been trying to do our best who systematically strengthen everything in this country and I think there is a lot that needs masseur we questioned Nitish Kumar he stays silent we questioned Sushil Modi he stays silent in 2013 and BR encephalitis deaths 143 2014 355 2015 19 2016 hundred and – 2017 54 2018 came down to 33 now it's back 220 over these years Misha's government has ruled Bihar is he accountable are us coalition partners of his accountable is the centre accountable who is going to be held accountable sir if these deaths continue to mount year after year in a state like we are you see this is a disease which has not been eradicate from anywhere in the world and not what to talk of India and this is the disease which is endemic in this area and this is not happening only in this place it is happening at multiple places in the country and all over the world sir being endemic cannot be an answer let's be honest in Gorakhpur and to the credit of the yogi Adityanath government Gurukul was seen as the encephalitis capital till two years ago they worked at it numbers are coming down it cannot be an excuse er I want to know what efforts is your is your government along with Nitish Kumar really making on the ground to try and act proactively rather than react after the crisis and after the epidemic breaks up breaks out in a place like Musa for poor which has a history of encephalitis I you see I I can only tell you that we we are trying to do our best and I will personally ensure my I have put my one of my joint secretaries at the at the Government of India level we have stationed him there we are we have sent all possible help reacts and all you see pediatricians and the biologists and epidemiologist everyone possible people from a National Institute of nutrition or LC sed CDC we see from our side we had we have ensured that whatever the gaps are there you see the biggest gap was that if the child gets this illness we need to know it is there let me tell you that I was only four or five days old in this ministry and I had sent a high-powered team until now so many teams have gone there and every day I am monitoring that things almost on a couple of hours basis and from there our teams are reporting us directly thanks for watching the video for more such news and updates please like share and subscribe to to be also check out our other great videos from our channel we know you would love to

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