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Welcome back in our corner of Drinks Tube!
Yes, yes, yes! *Cheering.* Of Course, of course. Drinks Tube eh? Very easy. Have you been to
Mexico Jamie? Er no, i’d love to. Oh perfect, neither have Jeremy and Amanda so this drink
will bring you to Mexico already. Nice. The cocktail is called the Michelada. Michelada.
It’s 100% based beer cocktail, wow! So very in fashion, low in AVB because mainly it’s
beer, savory. Beer cocktails are a big thing right now? Exactly, within food matching.
When you cook at home, you have a nice BBQ in the middle of the afternoon when it’s very
hot. A beer cocktail is the best thing you can have ever. Step number one we need a beer
glass, so any kind of glass and a fresh lime, what I do, I split in half the lime and the
first thing, I rub the rim of the glass with the lime. Rub that rim. Yes. Here I have some
Salt, which I have with my favorite herbs which is thyme. Nice flakes yes. And you see
I put some fresh thyme but you favourite herbs. It’s amazing, flavoured salt is such a joyful,
joyful thing. You choose the spice you like better or the herbs. I simple do a nice rim
like this, you see. Imagine when you approach the glass, these flakes of salt turn on all
your palette with the flavour, it’s amazing. Taste buds. Taste buds, taste buds, thanks
so much. No problem. Next step with the same lime, I put a little bit of drops in it. So
like quarter of a lime. Yes, pinch of salt. Ooo. Pinch of pepper. Ooo. Your favourite
dressing sauce. Worcestershire sauce. We either say wor-chesters and it’s always wrong. I
know… I know, DDJ BBQ… you see most Americans say wusstershire and he has now been infiltrated
by the Brits how now says Worcestershire. It’s intentional because everybody pronounces
it in a different way. Then we have some spice sauce as well. Tabasco. Tabasco, everybody
has a couple of drops to your palette. And now, a little bit of Tequila. Now if you guys,
never been to Mexico. The best way to really experience and be in Mexico right now is not
to sip the Tequila but actually, but give me your hands. Exactly, ladies first. One
drop of Tequila for you, one drop for you and Jamie. All you can do now is to rub it
together with your hands. Your hands becomes colder and it evaporates all the alcohol all
you can smell now is the agave. It’s amazing. It’s the plant that is used to distill this
lovely spirit, my favourite. Agave, that’s a cactus, a cacti. It belongs to the same
family. You know that in Greek Agave means stunning, beautiful, like you. Because they
are so beautiful. Yes, like you. So you could also be called agave. But they are very healthy
a cactus. Indeed, indeed and obviously we put 25 ml not too much of tequila. So this
is subtle. Yes subtle. Nice and subtle. Because the main ingredient as I said is beer. Now
I choose a nice Mexican beer. Modelo Especial. Light fragrant, thank you very much. We gonna
put some ice until the top and we’re gonna top it up with our beer. Have you seen some
place that serve beer with a slice of lime? Yes. We are doing the same, the lime is inside
instead of here. So this about, you only use such a subtle amount of tequila, that you
are just propping up the beer and then the spice and lime just wakes up your taste buds.
And the most beautiful thing is you can use the spice you like there is no rule. It’s
within our hearts, especially if you like tequila. He just touched me. Ok that’s nice.
So enjoy the Michelada, i’ve got Michelada for everybody today and of course welcome
again to London. Thank you.

100 thoughts on “Michelada Beer Cocktail | Jamie Oliver & Simone Caporale | Food Tube LIVE

  • This Italian maestro and Jamie has inspired me to take up bartending/drink mixing as a hobby… Just what I needed, another food-ish hobby to take up my time.
    Need to get myself a starter set, only made a couple stirred drinks so far, Cuba Libre was amazing in this heatwave we have in Norway!

  • Guys, if you've never tried a beer cocktail then this is the one you should start with. It is a game changer. Let us know how you get on with this in the comments box.

  • Why these people don't drink in the video? Watching the faces, we could know if the drink is really good!

  • Hmm interesting take on a michelada, im mexican and i have never seen tequila added to one but hey if it tastes good why not! Anything goes!

  • Oh now I see.. Simone is the GOD of good & classy drinks. Jamie, you should bow down to the almighty Simone!! 😀

  • I'm a mexican bartender and i have never seen tequilla being added to a michelada, i'll have to try it, it looks really good!

  • Indeed, the micheladas are not made with tequila, i guess it taste quite good, cause it is like submarinos, but it dissapoints me that it was never specified in the video that this is  your own variation, not the original way.

  • Im Mauricio from México, well is nice combination but never use tequila in michelada.

    We have more flavors mango, strwaberry, etc. The better is Classic michelada

    1.- Fresh lime and salt.
    2.- In the glass pepper
    4.-Clamato ó kermato (coktail tomato and shell and shrimp)
    5.-Lime juice (one)
    6.-Magui juice to beef, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce.
    7.- Tajin chilli pepper
    8.- Corona beer

    Greetings Jaime O. from guadalajara, jalisco,Mexico.

    Note: somebody drink much tequila at the same time with beer, will have the worst hangover… Méxican people know it.

  • Im Mauricio from México, well is nice combination but never use tequila in michelada.

    We have more flavors mango, strwaberry, etc. The better is Classic michelada

    1.- Fresh lime and salt.
    2.- In the glass pepper
    4.-Clamato ó kermato (coktail tomato and shell and shrimp)
    5.-Lime juice (one)
    6.-Magui juice to beef, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce.
    7.- Tajin chilli pepper
    8.- Corona beer

    Greetings Jaime O. from guadalajara, jalisco,Mexico.

    Note: somebody drink much tequila at the same time with beer, will have the worst hangover… Méxican people know it.

  • I've never seen before That michelada, I think that will be delicious I'm gonna try this mix but I really think that the classic michelada is such more delicious

  • Hey guys at drinks tube, I have to say that you've inspired me a lot to make some nice looking drinks and cocktails. I'm a young starting bartender and the tips and recipes you guys provide really helped me along quite a bit. Keep up the good work guys, big fan! 

  • Recipe for a Chelada, not michelada…….Salt the edge of the glass in the same fashion juice of one full lime, same amount of Clamato as lime juice, drop of tabasco, a few drops worcherstershire, beer, then add the ice…. that way the beer won't bubble up as much. Try it, the best and most refreshing beer cocktail you´ll taste! Modelo beer woks well but the best is a Corona.

  • I've only had micheladas with tomato or clamato juice .Mexican/American thing?. This looks delicious none the less

  • This is really different to the actual mexican michelada, but it looks good so maybe ill give it a try (: But i still want Jamie to taste a real mexican michelada, how its supposed to be made.

  • Interesting, beer cocktails, I'll take Jamie's word it is a big thing right now, please do some more beer cocktails, looks interesting.

  • Foreign barmen will obviously give a twist to the original recipes. Here in Mexico I have not heard about adding tequila to a michelada, but sounds interesting!, I think there is no correct way to make a cocktail, every pub, bar or cantina (as we call them here) has their very own style, but the essence stills the same. I will give it a try :). By the way, Camille is very very very cute!

  • @Pragedez  agreed, this is a version of a michelada but there should definitely be some clamato to give it that classic michelada taste

  • Only thing I woulda done different was left a little bit of room for some clamato 
    but this is niceI! never added tequila to my MIcheladas b4

  • this is a different michelada, still looks amazing, but try a real mexican michelada, they have to be my favorite drink, we have really good places  here in LA for them.

  • Mexican michelada has 355ml beer,  tomatoe juice 100ml (clamato), chilli, lemon, salt, (tajín) and ice, try that! 
    add shrimp,celery, cucumber, maggie sauce great for hangovers.

  • I drink a lot, so micheladas are a regular thing for me they're are hangover cures for us but I've never had one with tequila. Plus the rim seasoning should be a little spicy too.

  • As a Mexican who loves micheladas, I can't tell that tis is not the way to go…. just my humble opinion.

  • Sorry to say thats a really bad Michelada. It needs a lot more sauce, and other ingridients. Also, agave is a plant not sugar syrup. And you dont put tequila in a michelada!!

  • I don't really mind the tequila and the creative stuff in the michelada considering that here in Mexico i've seen many variations on it; what really bothers me is the ice, i've never seen anyone in Mexico put ice in a beer of any kind, we absolutley drink our beers cold, but never with ice, that just makes them taste like water (or a coors light, which might be worse).

  • There is NO WAY, in mexico does not make michelada like this. Maybe is some kind of interpretation of that drink, and is a big sin, put ice in a beer XD. thanks any way. Ps, the other drinks are great!

  • Well… I guess thats what happens when you go to mexico and never leave the hotel, you'll think the crazy stuff they do for tourist (like the tequila hand rubbing-ation) its the usual things we do in real life

    Btw I don't mind the tequila in it, everybody fixes their own michelada the way they want, as long as it has beer, lime juice, salt and some sort of spice element I guess it is still a michelada. Cheers!!!

  • Michelada with NO Clamato 😱 is not michelada nice combination but you are missing Tajin in the cup instead of salt and herbs an the most important complement the celery … Nice energy fun recipe but do your research first you don't wanna give the wrong information 😉

  • Sorry oliver but a real michelada is salt and lemon with a drop of tabasco no ice…. and definetly none of that Worcester sause business… big sin for michelada fans.

  • Alright, time to solve this, Chelada: Salt, lime, beer, ice. Michelada: Wostershire, salt, maggi, lime, Tabasco or Valentina, beer and ice. Ojo Rojo: Same as michelada but with clamato. I know everyone has their own take, but here in Mexico, it should be exactly like that, if someone makes it badly, it would be sent back. Pepper could be allowed. Tequila and beer is a popular drink called Submarino, no ice, one whole tequila shot and beer. It is also popular to add shrimp or oysters to your michelada or ojo rojo. Amazing when hungover. This is informative, I'm not offended or anything, it's all about having a great drink, as long as it tastes good. Cheers.

  • I don't know what this guy made, but I assure you this is NOT a real michelada. Please google the recipe and judge by yourselves…

  • Ok, this is not a michelada.
    Real one has lime juice, salt, chilly powder, worcestershire sauce, black label hot sauce ( Salsa Valentina), soy sauce and sometime chamoy (dry/sour apricote) adn other clam and tomato juice (tradely known as a clamato).
    This recipe looked like a poorly made margarita. And we hate margaritas in Mexico.

  • Every video that I keep watching just make me want to become a Barmaid! What a great Channel. Keep going, greetings from Honduras.

  • I am Mexican and that is not a michelada you are missing salsa chamoy you are missing the tomato juice the best one to use for michelada is clamato Thomas Tabasco sauce or any hot sauce do you like salt and lemon and pepper I like the way here in rim cup but we use salt mix with chili powder and lemon powder depend what part of Mexico you are they put clam juice.and salsa Maggi

  • Wow… hold your horses… no Tequila to be poured into the Michelada. More lime. Modelo is ok. From México, I know what I'm writing about.

  • Made this one for myself and a couple friends. Everyone thought it was awful. I guess, we do not have the same taste buds as Mexicans. Raw beer, best beer. But, ofcourse this is made my European twist so what do I know.

  • It really looks like a "Caipirinha de Cerveja" a Brazillian drink made with lemons, beer, sugar and a little of our sugar cane's brandy, Cachaça, I wanna try this one too!

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