– Welcome home, you guys are here on the Carl and Jinger family channel. It’s making a big comeback. We were the first ones
ever on YouTube to do Bunch O Balloons, Mentos and Coke, and now Mentos and Coke is going everywhere! And so we wanted to bring it
back and do some fun things. Every single one of us in the
family has a different idea and we’re gonna all break
up and go our different ways and see what we come up with. With Mentos and Coke experiments. You guys ready to do this? – [Boys] Yeah! – All right, every day is a new day. – [All] Let’s make it an awesome one! (upbeat music) (excited yelling) – [Carl] I wanna to try and
do this under the water. – [Luke] Ready? Three, two, one! – [Carl] Oh no, what’s happening? – Okay, I’m going to go get my things. I have an idea but I have
to go to the storage unit to pick up something. Uh, I’m coming back, I’m coming back. I have to go pick something up. – [Carl] Mom’s already gone. Kyle, looks like you’ve already gotten an idea going over here. – Uh, huh. – [Carl] All right and then uh Gage you got something figured out? – Uh, I think so. I’m trying to think of the
best way to do it though. – [Carl] I have an idea thought out. I already have an empty bottle right here. I’m not really positive if
this is going to work or not because I want to do this one underwater. – [Carl] Look at our living room you guys. You’re not going to believe this. We’ve been filming all
these ball pit ball videos with giant legos and
everything in the living room. Uh, we filmed one, a
couple for Kyle’s channel and it’s been super fun. If you want to check those out, check the link up in the I card
or down in the description. I’m not sure where I’m
going to put the link yet. But those are really fun. You gotta check ’em out,
especially Leela, the dog, running around in there is so funny. You have to see it. – So, for my little mechanism
here I have this knot around this thing here and
then I put it through the hole. Put that in there and
then you pull it out. So all the Mentos can
fall through the bottom. I’m gonna have some help
putting little holes in it and then it’s gonna be like a sprinkler. It’s gonna be so cool! – So, I had to run to
the storage unit because we recently cleaned out our casita garage cause we want to make a gym
in there, like to workout. I actually was looking
for a glass fish tank that we’ve had lying around forever and I cannot find it anywhere. So that probably means that
it’s at our house somewhere and I came to the
storage unit for nothing. – All right I have got
my Diet Coke and I’ve got my Mentos here and I’m gonna use these to come up with an idea. I know we have stuff out
here in the casita garage and I know I can get
some good ideas out here. I think I’m going to do
something with balloons. I think that’s a good idea. So I’m thinking what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna use a balloon here and I’m going to zip tie it to the top of the Diet Coke bottle. And then maybe I’m gonna have
the Mentos inside the balloon and then I’m gonna tip it over
and let the Mentos go inside of the Diet Coke and then it’s going to have a big expansion. Maybe it will even fill
up the balloon completely. (happy music) I’m done with the setup for
my experiment and now you guys have to wait til the end,
where we get all back together and show off the experiments, to see mine. So, see you guys there. (happy music) – Decisions, decisions. I want to try and do this under the water. I’m going to get this bottle
of Diet Coke right here and I’m going to take the cap
off and put like a membrane or a layer at the top and
then I’m gonna put Mentos in this one, put in on the
top, upside down like this. Have the two fixed together and then when I’m under the water I’m
gonna squeeze this really hard, force it through the aluminum
foil and get the reaction, at least I hope, I don’t
know if this is gonna work. – So this is what I have, it
has like little sprinkle holes. And on the top it’s a
really tiny hole so it goes (squirting sound) All I have to do is load
all the Mentos inside, tape it all on to the cap
and then we’ll be done. (happy music) – Do you think you’re gonna win? Do you think you’re gonna win? – Oh by the way, thank you for helping me do these little holes. (high five smacking) – You bethca. – Do, do, do, do! – Who do you guys think is
going to win this challenge? Vote up in the poll. All of us have a lot of
experience with Mentos and Coke so it should be interesting. Okay, I have the fish tank. Now I’ve gotta like, wash it out and get it ready to fill with water. And try our first experiment. – I need to tape on this and put it like – [Carl] Whoa, that scared me! – That, just like that and
tape it around right here. – [Carl] Sure, ill help you out. – So it’s held. (happy music) – I think my mechanism is going to work. Hopefully it doesn’t go everywhere. Well that’s kind of what
I designed it to do. Hopefully the Mentos don’t
fall through on accident. – Hey guys, I got all my stuff ready. And I’m gonna go, I’m in my office, my gaming office where I live
shoot so make sure you go to “” to check out some awesome live streams. Let’s get to building our
Coke and Mentos bottle rocket. And how this is gonna work
is I’m gonna bascially try to tape something
on the top of this cap, like some Mentos on it. Basically I’m just gonna screw
it on and shake it a lot. Just pop off the cap on the
concrete and it will just go straight up in the air. Really fun. (upbeat music) Okay guys, check this out. I have my Coke bottle done. I have these stipes going on. Sorry I have the hiccups. But I think it looks very cool. I don’t know if they are
doing designs or anything but I think this one looks very awesome. I think it’s good to go,
now it’s time to move on to our cardboard wings. – I’m going to go sneak up on Luke, hopefully he doesn’t notice me. What is he doing? I mean you don’t just rip
cardboard for a bottle rocket. You just kind of shake
Mentos up inside of it and throw it on the ground. I think that’s what he’s gonna do because who just rips cardboard? I think he’s doing it
for like a certain design or something on it so
like it twirls around. Or something like that. (upbeat music) – All right, awesome. So how this is gonna work
now, let me get the cap and put this on top and then the Mentos are just gonna hang right there. And once I shake it up and set
the cap on all the Diet Coke will mix with the Mentos and
I’ll throw it on to the ground and the cap will come off and
it will launch straight up into the air. – I think I have one problem
that I have to contend with. If I go down into the deep
end of the swimming pool, then just the pressure of all the water around this, full of Mentos,
is probably gonna squeeze and maybe break through
the aluminum foil and push the Mentos down in there
before I’m even ready to do it. Maybe I’ll do it in the shallow end. (upbeat music) (foil crunching) (Mentos hitting) Here is the very, ever so delicate top to my Diet Coke bottle. It’s just two little layers
of aluminum foil right there. Hopefully it doesn’t just
all force it’s way through. – Guys, do you want me
to go spy on my dad too and see what he’s doing? Yeah? Okay, let’s do it! Shh, I’m spying on my dad. What is he doing? Oh my gosh, he has two bottles. Maybe he’s doing exactly what I’m doing. – [Carl] There it is you guys. I’ve got the entire
thing all the way done. I even rigged up a
handle to go on the side so I can hang on like
this around the side, go under the water with this
thing, squeeze the top jug, and hopefully get the
reaction all underwater. (spraying noise) – [Jinger] All right, it’s
time to fill up the fish tank, for our big experiment. Yes! (water pouring) – [Carl] This is exciting, Jinger. I’m really excited to see
what you’re gonna do here. – Well, we’ll see. Hopefully we get a cool, underwater effect with the Coke and Mentos. The trick to Coke and
Mentos, in my opionion, is four Mentos only. If you do too many Mentos,
it doesn’t foam as much. Are you guys ready? – [Guys] Yes! – Okay, and I hope I
can do this really fast. Here we go! – [Carl] Three, two, one, go! (cheering) – [Kyle] So cool! – That’s so awesome! – [Gage] That is so weird. – [Carl] Wow, that is so cool, yeah. – [ Kyle] It looks like
a little air bubbles coming up to the top. – [Gage] It’s totally still going. – [Kyle] It looks like squid ink! – Whoa, whoa it’s still going. (cheering) Should I just squeeze it?
– [All] Yeah. – Okay, watch.
One, two, three. (cheering) That actually worked. I’m happy with how it turned out. – [Carl] That was so awesome. I kind of wanna just
grab that other bottle and try one more time. – Okay, let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Okay, round number two. – [Carl] I’m excited cause now you got the first round jitters out of the way and I think you got the technique down and you’re gonna get it right in there. – All the technique. – [All] Three, two, one, go! (cheering) – [Gage] That was crazy! – Oh man you guys! – [Carl] That is so cool. I can’t believe the reaction
that you get out of that. – [Kyle] That actually went
way better than the last one. – And I can’t believe it
works inside, in the water. That is such a visual. – [Kyle] It looks like
squid ink right there. – Here we go, you guys ready? – [Carl] Yeah. – One, two, three! (cheering) – [Carl] That’s awesome. All right guys, who wants to go next? – [Boys] Me! – [Carl] Let’s go, Kyle. (upbeat music) – [Jinger] All right Kyle,
you ready to do this? – Yeah. You have this little string here connected to a little nail that when you pull it out all the Mentos are gonna
fall through into the Coke. And then the Coke’s gonna
come up and go through all these holes and this
little slit that’s gonna spray right at you. (cheering) – [Carl] Spraying awesome,
this is gonna be awesome. Okay, let’s see what you got, Kyle. – [All] In three, two, one, go! – Let’s shake it. – [Jinger] Shake it! (cheering) – That was awesome! – [Gage] Oh look, it’s still going. – What a creative idea! Soda trying to get
everyone, that was so cool. – [Carl] Wow, that was awesome
and look at it bubbling up in there, in the nozzle. Super, creative design. Awesome, you guys. You guys are gonna have
to at the end of this vote up in the poll, up in the I cards, and tell us which contraption
you thought worked the best. I don’t know, Kyle’s was pretty cool. – [Jinger] Pretty creative
to use two soda bottles. I’ve never seen that. – [Carl] I know, so awesome. All right, what we say? Why don’t we do Gage? Let’s go Gage next. – So my experiment is I have
Coke and Mentos and balloons. So I’m going to start with
this three foot clear balloon so we can see the reaction inside. We’re gonna see how well this works. – [Carl] See the Mentos go in
and then see the whole deal. You’re gonna zip tie? You have to put the Mentos
in there first right? – The Mentos are already
in the balloon, yes. – [Carl] How many did you end up using? – I ended up using four cause
in fact I did an entire video on my channel where I tested
a bunch of different sodas and a bunch of different
amounts of Mentos. – If you want to check it out go to the link down in
the description below. – Go check Gage1up. – [Jinger] So you’re zip tying it now? – Yes. Now all I need to do is
tilt up the balloon and then the Mentos are going to
go inside the Diet Coke and then it’s going to have
a big reaction, hopefully. In three, two, one, go! (excited cheering) – [Carl] Weird! – [Kyle] Flip it upside down. – [Carl] See what happens when you just squeeze it all in there. Oh my gosh, that’s so crazy! Look at that right there. – Oh my God! – You can see all the Mentos
in the bottom right there. – That’s so crazy. – [Carl] Pull, pull, pull,
pull, pull, pull, pull. Oh, the suspense! – [Kyle] You got it! – Ah! (yelling) (laughing) – That was crazy. I missed, I totally missed. – [Kyle] That was so cool though. – [Jinger] Diet Coke
and Mentos everywhere. (laughing) This is turning into a fight. – His turn, you’re
actually up next, right? – Yeah. – All right, lets see what you got. – [Jinger] Gage, how did that turn out? – I think it turned out
better than I thought. – [Jinger] Okay, that’s good! – So I was hoping it was gonna pop. It was gonna go everywhere
but it’s okay that it didn’t. I thought that was still really cool. – Put my Mentos inside
my cap really quick. I gotta carefully open it. – [Carl] I notice you have an action cam. – Yeah so I’m gonna
launch it on the concrete and so you guys can actually see from the bottle’s perspective. – That’s gonna be awesome. – I like how he colored it
and designed it like that. – [Jinger] Way cool, that’s
a really good design. – [Carl] So wait, you’re
gonna drop those in there, put the lid on, then you’re
gonna pound it on the cement and then we’re gonna get
the rocket cam video. – Yeah, okay. You guys better go over
there and get ready cause it has to be very fast. – Here we go. You guys smash that like
button and give Luke good luck! – [Carl] Oh my gosh did you
just, oh they’re in there? – They’re in there, the Mentos are inside. He just has to get the cap on. – [Carl] Get into position you guys. – Okay, ready? – [Carl] Yeah. – Here we go! – [Carl] Oh my gosh, Luke, be careful! – Ready? Three, two, one! – [Carl] Oh no! What’s happening? Leela, no! (laughing) – [Jinger] That was hilarious! – [Gage] Oh my God! – It wanted to come back to it’s maker. (laughing) – [Carl] I think it flew
right into Luke’s stomach or something, I don’t know what. (laughing) That was a good one. All right. Slow-mo, instant replay on that right now. (slow motion yelling) That one’s probably gonna
get some votes just because it was absolutely hilarious,
but you guys it’s my turn next. We gotta get my goggles
and get my swimming suit on and get in the swimming pool
because we’re gonna do this one underwater in the swimming pool. – [Jinger] Carl, are you ready for this? – I don’t know. I don’t know if this is gonna work. – [Jinger] This looks involved. – Oh my gosh, it is a little involved. I’m getting elaborate here. So, okay I have to hold onto this to keep my weight under the
water, so I can stay under. And then I’ve got my handle contraption on the side right here. And then the objective is,
is I gotta squeeze the top to get the Mentos to go
through some aluminum foil and then get the reaction. – [Jinger] Okay! – We ready? – [All] Yeah! – [Jinger] Yeah, let’s do it. – Okay, oh my gosh. Here we go. Ready? – [Jinger] Yes. – [Carl] Set, go! (underwater bubbling) Okay, wait, wait. Okay, I can’t quite
squeeze it down through. Every time I squeeze air comes out. – [Jinger] Oh no! – [Carl] So I’m gonna
try and shake it up here. – [Kyle] Dad, here’s an idea. What if you flip it around
and squeeze the liquid? – [Carl] Oh that might work too. I might have to do that. Let’s see. (underwater bubbling) (soothing music) It’s going! Yeah, look at this! (cheering) There they go! (underwater bubbling) The aluminum foil is
tougher than I thought. Oh, here we go. It’s kinda going in there but (laughing) not really. What if I just shake it really hard? Here we go. (cheering) Here we go. Now we’re talking! (cheering) Under the water! (underwater bubbling) Oh, I don’t know guys. It’s kind of a disaster I think. What do you think? – [Jinger] Shoot! – I think it failed, you guys. Fail! – [Jinger] Fail, darn it! – Kyle, how do you think yours did? – Oh, I think mine did pretty good. If I had a better reaction then it would have sprayed out here better. – I thought it looked awesome, like it totally sprayed out
the side and everything. Yeah, that was really cool. – Dad!!! (laughing) – Gage, yours it did really good too. You had the balloon lid
on there and everything. – Uh, huh. It didn’t work like I thought it was. I thought it was going to
expand so big that it would pop and the Coca-Cola would go everywhere but that’s okay that it didn’t. – We should try it again. We have a bunch of other videos
where we’ve done balloons on the top and Gage is gonna do maybe some other experiments. I don’t know, maybe on his channel. Go check out Gage1up. Luke, how did you think yours did? – I think mine kind of failed. I think if I had a little
more practice launching my bottle rocket then
it could go pretty high up in the air. – I think it was funny. It was just like mad
that you threw it down. It was just immediately even with you. – It got scared. – I don’t think any of my Mentos even made it through the tin foil. I did two layers and I thought
it was gonna be too weak and it was gonna fail but I
couldn’t even get anything through there so I don’t, maybe
we’ll have to revisit this and Jinger, yours was way cool. How do you think yours did? – [Jinger] I think it did pretty good. I wish I would have been able
to like get a better reaction but I felt like, cause the
last Mento never went in. – [Carl] Aw. – Like all four, I
couldn’t get all four in but overall I was happy with it. – It was really cool. You guys don’t forget
to vote up in the poll. Whose you think did the best and which one you
thought was the favorite. I guess that’s it for this
video, if you like this one make sure to check out
the other ones on screen. We’ve done a bunch of other
cool videos like this. Plus RC cars, hello
neighbor hide-and-seek. All kinds of really cool
stuff plus some vlogs. Check it out and we’ll see
you guys in the next one. – [All] Bye! – I kinda wanna try this again. – [Luke] That’d be really cool. – [Kyle] Yeah.
– [Gage] I do too. – [Luke] We could come
up with a different idea. – At least we didn’t go through all of it.

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