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– Have you ever caught me having sex? (laughing) – My name is Preston. – I'm Patrice. – She's my second daughter. – This is my only dad. – Stage four lung cancer. – You don't look sick. – I don't feel sick. – Cheers to life. – To life. Ladies first. – Alright, let's see! Describe the first time you ever saw me. Was I ugly? Be honest. – All babies are ugly when they're born. – Not mine. – Yeah, you came out 'boom',
and then where you came from (laughing) – Okay. – I was just saying "ooh,
I hope that goes back to" – (laughs) Gotcha! – I'm just saying 'cause it just come out and it just stays there. (laughing) – Did mom's thing thing go back to normal? – Yes it did. I was happy. How did you react when
you found out I was sick? – I just felt like
everything just stopped. I couldn't breathe, it was just unreal. – Yeah. – How did you feel when the
doctor told you had cancer? – Basically the same. Thought about mom, thought about y'all. – Next question? (laughs) What's on your bucket list? – This is part of my bucket
list, is hanging with y'all. – Oh, what the f–? – Now, now, what I've always
said is that I was gonna do, was do a business transaction
with a prostitute. I wanna just go (slaps
table) put money down and – A business deal? – And go and do it. Don't even want to know her name. – (laughing) What the? – Now, now, now do I have
editing control over this? – You said it! He didn't tell you to say that! You could've definitely
lied or took a shot. – Shit, I said too much. Have you ever caught me having sex? – Oh my gosh, no! Never! – Okay, that's good. – Never, thank goodness. Okay, have you ever broken the law? – Hell yeah. So I had a credit card, I had
used it, but the motel owner said they didn't get their money. So they took me to jail. They said "search him". I said "oh man". I had weed on me, I had a bag of weed. He come to search me, he
shuffled over and he (patting) "He's good." I said "A'ight, let's go to jail then.". But I get in there "hey
man, you got any weed?", this was somebody already in jail. He had papers. So that night we smoked
weed, and I got bonded out the next morning, and I
left him the rest of it. – How old were you? – I was in my early 20's. Have you ever stolen from me? – Uh, I don't know. – Look at me. – So there was this one
time, I think it was $20. – What the hell you gonna
do with 20, you was what? – Like five! I don't keep cash. Go ahead, take that back. Damn! Alright, let's talk funeral arrangements. I don't even wanna talk about that. – Oh go ahead now, go ahead now. – How do you want it to go down? – Just a memorial service,
cremation, boom, I'm done. But I have a playlist
that I want y'all to play at the memorial. Ooh, jazz, Bob Baldwin,
Parliament-Funkadelic, James Brown, I want
people to have a party. Do you think I did enough in my life? – Travel-wise, seeing
things around the world, no. But, I mean you sacrificed
that time to take care of your family, and work. – I know I did just what I wanted to do. – Exactly. – When you know people say
"what you gonna leave behind, you ain't-" I say "hey,
I raised three girls, and they all good people, I'm cool." Boom! Go ahead. – (laughing) Oh my god, my bad, hold on. Is there anyone out there that
you want to tell to fuck off? – Now if you had asked
me this three years ago, I'd'a had somebody, but right now, nah. – Nobody? – Nobody. I'll probably go home and
say "God, I should'a said so-and-so.". Let's take a bet on how
much longer I have to live. I ain't making, 'let's
take a bet', I ain't gonna take no bet. – I dunno, there's no bet, we can, yeah we'll just take a shot. – Okay so, so, so, we'll
make a bet, who will pay you? So we can't make no bet. – Yeah you're right. He's here. What's your biggest regret
as a parent and in life? – One regret being a parent
is not being there enough. Y'all had to do stuff
with just you and mama, cause I was working. So I missed out on that end,
so I would apologize for that. What will you miss most about me? – Your whole being,
like every single thing. You're the coolest ever. (cheers) Is part of you ready to go? – Hell no. There's no part of me ready to go. – No. – No. – I love you dad. – I love you. Thanks for doing this, thanks
for inviting me for this. – Thanks for doing it too. – Thank you, thank you. – We didn't cry, we didn't cry! – I didn't cry. – We didn't cry! I'm so happy right now. Cause I'm with you. – I know somebody's gonna
look at this and say, – "Why is he drinking?" – "Why is he drinking, he got cancer." So yeah, uh, go back to that
question, 'who would I say to fuck off?', people who
be trying to tell me what I should do and who I should be. If you don't know what
I been through to get where I am right now, fuck off. You can't tell me- – Shit. – Shit, thank you.

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