Masha and the Bear – The Three Mashketeers ⚔(Episode 64)

[Applause] I'm telling you that this is not a proper way to bring up the little baby and I'm telling you this is my babies offering my baby I'm the way I want is is not the proper way to feed the baby what I was saying little babies don't run away from mothers who treat them well baby you need to teach your baby to read to read and to sing and I'm telling you that to feed the baby is the most important lesson [Applause] Wow yes will become musketeer we'll deliver everything right away because I who start and we can't agree on the mean your rights we call ourselves the Musketeers where are the presents and where did our friend go hey you misters have you seen here a musketeer yes this is the real d'Artagnan you see no doubt that I raised a real hero will you said I did everything wrong you

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