Martini Royale Cocktail | Jamie Oliver

Hello you lovely people from Drinks Tube.
OK we’re gonna make the modern classic that is the Martini Royale. Amazing in the summer,
very refreshing. Really, really good. Let me show you how to do it. First up, top your
glass up, like that. It’s so simple to do, so it’s easy for like four, five, six, eight
people if they turn up. We’re gonna use 75 ml of vermouth. OK? So that’s one of these
and a half. Not quite. Then what we’re gonna do is top up with Prosecco. Now this has been
chilled on ice or get it from the fridge. You want 75 ml. Obviously we don’t want to
weight it or measure it because the bubbles are gonna go but when it hits the top like
that, that’s pretty much perfect. Just spoon it once and twice very, very gently from the
bottom to the top don’t mix it around we want as many of those bubbles as possible. Then
I got some gorgeous lime here, just a little wedge, like that and as I squeeze that lime,
let’s get some of those essential oils and flavour from the skin. So I’m gonna squeeze
it that way round so the juice comes out and then travels around the bottom to pick up
that extra flavour and then simple plop it in. Get our ourself some lovely pieces of
mint, ’bout three pieces, like that, push it together like a little bunch of flowers
and just grab it and put it into one corner. And for me this is simplicity at it’s best.
Very balanced, the Prosecco is so gorgeous and refreshing and the lime just lifts the
vermouth in the most fantastic way. Everyone has got to try that. Let’s have a go. Joyful,
really joyful. I think my wife will like that. Very refreshing, there you go. Now guys if
you haven’t subscribed to Drinks Tube, click up there subscribe it’s free and I hope you
like this video, this is a brilliant drink everyone should try that. If you’ve got a
friend who does dodgy drinks at dinner parties then send them the link because this is so
easy even he or her could get it right. Until next time lots of love guys. Bye!

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