Making a Ceramic Whiskey Decanter Set : Whiskey Decanter Set Details

I’m going to keep it in the, keep it in the
classics here and I like my booze triple X stilled, distilled here. That’s what the old
three X’s mean. It’s been triple distilled so it’s real fine. Now I got my three X’s
there and three little X’s on the whiskey sippers. No big deal, you’re going to barely
be able to see the X’s anyway after the fire but it’s o.k. You’ll know they’re there. Alright,
and then our big ones inside our plate. There and then I’m going to size it up, clean it
all up here. We got our deco on there, make sure that all of our stuff is nice and clean
now we get to take a look, a little preview and see what we got here. And it looks like
they’re all getting along just fine, little nesting plate and whiskey sippers. You see
that it’s nice, yeah for a nice summer afternoon.

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