Making a Ceramic Whiskey Decanter Set : Squaring a Whiskey Decanter

OK, now we’re going to, we’re going to start
putting little accessories and little handles and stuff on our whiskey set. But, looking
at this bottle, let’s go ahead and make it square. You could just use your work table
or you can get some paddles. I’ve got one big paddle right here. Called my work table.
OK. Make it nice and square. So you see, we’ve got the square bottle. Let’s clean up the
bottom a little bit there. OK? And we’re going to find, this is where the handle’s going
to go on this. I take a look at it. It looks good. Let’s go ahead start preparing to make
our handles. We’re going to need about, well I’m going to start off with this much clay
here. I’m going to show you how to pull these guys.

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