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sway in the morning concert series on shade 45 macklemore ryan lewis call us at at eight seven four two three three four five slater morning shave four five concert series you sound like a man who's been through a lot you know in seattle I know Seattle man Seattle had a high suicide rate out there right yeah all this stuff is coming back to my head HP you know I be having all these any little facts and stuff that I keep like HBO only world that those same pair of boots twice in one year never than that you're never going to see what the same pair of boots on what was that like growing up in Seattle man did you ever get caught up in that crazy scene I brought they got great drugs yeah I definitely did I never had moderation with drugs okay and alcohol so for me you know a lot of people can get fucked up and be creative I never could and you know I was a crazy you know weed smoker and and that translated into some other things but first and foremost it was it was smoking weed and drinking on a daily basis you know I wake up and I would smoke the second you know I'd smoke the roast from the night before and you know call the drug dealer nine o'clock in the morning and blow him up until I could get a hold of him type of smoker so with that I could never be creative so I would go through long periods of stagnation um you know all power to the people that can smoke and be creative I'm with you I I wish I was one of you I'm just not so um yeah I definitely went through long periods of just lulls depression isolation and you know got caught up and and that's really what it took for me to get sober in 2008 um was that those depressing years Wow congratulations you've been sober since 2000 I know I actually uh I had a I had a little slip um when I got back from tour last December okay what like a slip with the alcohol do we cough syrup that Lane should you be rapping about it you really did I did you know I was um it was weird it was like I hadn't gone to any AAA meetings for a long time and that's what keeps me grounded and you know hip-hop and just music in general creates it around being an entertainer it's very much a self-centered artform mm-hmm and if you're always thinking about me you wake up and you get on Twitter and wake up and you get on Facebook and you're checking your YouTube and your going to the shows and how many people are saying how much they love you and it's just about me me me I'm not living a balanced spiritual life so I was thrown off a little bit coming off a tour not kind of keeping up with my everyday regimen got back wanted to escape my own thoughts wanted to get out of my head and you know had a cough and was like I'm just gonna you know take the prescription amount and you know half the bottle later that night killed the rest of the bottle the next day mm-hmm you know two weeks later got a refill killed the whole bottle and woke up and was like wow what did I do mclemore ladies and gentlemen totally transparent Ryan I know you're not clean dude we're gonna need to do a blood test nyquil man like green like two cherry wood you rocket wood next level

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