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I don’t know what condition
they’re going to come in. Maybe they will have
to, like, carry Mika in. Hey. Hey! CHRISTY: Oh, my god. What you guys been up to? CHRISTY: Autumn
just got a tattoo. Like mama, like daughter. That’s amazing. I can’t believe she did it. So I texted all of the girls
to meet me here at this club because I wanted to finally
announce my big business news. And it seems like a
perfect place for it. It is super exciting for
me, and I cannot wait. I have an announcement to make. That’s why I brought you here
to this beauty salon bar. After going back
and forth, I finally found the perfect location,
and I finally signed the lease for five years. So we’re starting–
[cheers] –construction. Cheers to Elena’s
new beauty bar. – Cheers to women in business.
– Yay. Heck, yeah. Boss bitch. Is this why you didn’t
come to my wine launch? [music playing] ELENA: You think I didn’t
come to your opening because I didn’t want to? I don’t know why
you didn’t come. I was sick, girl. You should know
better than thinking that I didn’t go because I
was just doing something else. TONYA: Only thing you asked me
about my wine, what’s the name? I asked you about the
label, how it is going. I don’t know. I’m really hurt that I’ve
been with Elena all day, and I’m the one who had to
bring up the wine launch. If Elena wanted to be supportive
like she said she did, she should have
brought it up first. We were just
talking about this. Supporting each other
in our new ventures. Would you come to her
opening of her blow-out bar? If I’m not sick. TERRA: I got a question for you. I have split ways with
Black Girl Moscato, but we’re under
the same company. Would you still go to the launch
party of Mini Mama Moscato if Black Girl Moscato was
at the same launch party? [music playing] When Terra said she was
going to drop the name, I thought I wasn’t going
to have to hear Black Girl Moscato ever again in life. But here we go again,
back up in my face. That’s a trick question.
TERRA: It’s not. ANGELIQUE: It’s only a trick
question because she doesn’t want to go because the title. But at the same time, she
want to be a good friend. So that would be
a trick question. CHRISTY: Are you going
to have any launch party, like, with your own line? TERRA: We’re
individually selling, but we’re releasing
at the same time. So now you have two wines. TERRA: I don’t have two wines. She bought me out of
all Black Girl Moscato. But you’re having a
launch party together. Because we’re under
the same company. That sounds like
you got two wines. CHRISTY: I’m calling
bull [bleep].. Blup, blup, blup! I’ve done a lot to
change my wine for Tonya, so it’s really
[bleep] that Tanya is taking this like a joke. And I feel like it’s
making me second guess my relationship with Tonya. TONYA: So there’s two
moscatos at the same launch. That’s crazy. Terra said she gave up
the name Black Girl Moscato, but having it at the
same launch as Mini Mama, nothing’s changed. She’s still supporting it. I think she’s still
owns them both. I think it’s actually
time to call it a night. I know, it is. Well, I’d like to
go back to the house. Autumn’s about to
be here any second, so I’m going to wait for her. When Terra announced Mini
Mama Moscato a few weeks ago, I knew she was still involved
in Black Girl Moscato. And tonight, Terra just
confirmed that both wines are under the same umbrella. Once a liar, always a liar. You OK, girl? Mmm, nope. It’s bull [bleep]. It’s total bull [bleep]. Talked about, would
you still come? ANGELIQUE: How long ago did she
tell you that the Black Girl Moscato was, like, cut off? Well, now, I feel
that she’s never ever even got out of the other one. She’s your best friend. She’s supposed to
be honest with you. What the [bleep]? She’s been a [bleep]
crappy friend. I’m really emotional
right now because I feel Terra was, like,
trying to bamboozle me, and pull the wool over my head. And when it comes to
business, I can’t trust her. Take your mom
back to the house. I’ll meet you there. I love you. Come here. Get some sleep [inaudible]. [crying] ANGELIQUE: Mom, what is wrong? TONYA: This is
some bull [bleep].. [crying]

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  • Didn't know Terra needed Tonya's permission to do whatever she wants with her wine, how she makes her money and support her family 🙄 get over it, it's just a name, I'm sure there's tons of African American women that aren't offended by t

  • Well, it will be interesting to see who loses their money first. Come on, there are people out in this world who make their money growing grapes and making wine. I don’t know who advised either Tonya or Terra, but vanity goods usually do not last. It is sad to see that both of them have such huge egos. Of course they all feed off one another. Elena is gambling her home thinking she will build some sort of empire blowing hair; Jasmine thinks she is going to be a famous singer; Christy wants . . . uh, anyone figured out what Christy wants? and Mika wants friends but mistreats everyone, blah, blah, blah. God, I live this show!! 🤩 Thanks for this video and comments.

  • Tanya is just bitter and jealous! Terra can launch with the other lady cause that's double the crowd the company wouldn't want to spend money to launch two separate wines when they can lunch both at once!


  • Tata could have waited to talk about her wine launch. She is sooooo, selfish. This was Tonya's night, but no Tara had to make it about her as all ways.

  • Christy shouldn’t be commenting on their (terra/tonya’s) friendship because it appears that she is trying to drive a wedge and secure her friendship with tonya. We already know how terra and christy get along! Tonya is a big girl she can decide what Terra’s motives are on her own.

  • Tanya you should allowed your daughter to speak for you you are a big woman is if you disagree say you disagree if you agree say you agree if you don't like it say you don't like it like why Bring Your Daughter and a girls night out like it's like you bring your daughter to stand up for you like you can't stand up for yourself like and this is what I don't like about you if somebody have an idea about a business you seem to get upset all the time like people shouldn't go ahead and do what they feel like to do is like you should be involved in every and anything with that a little bit like selfish if your friend have a business mine why should they check with you is their business mine is their stuff if they feel like they want to bring you in bring you in if you don't they don't like you don't need to get upset and you need to check your friend as well because at the end of the day is she care about you like she care about her money should have understand how you feel I think you just like a people pleaser you just go along with whatever People Say I do like you don't have your own voice you are a big woman like get over it at me I used to like you but now I see that you don't have your own voice you just go along with what anybody do one thing and what wherever the wind blows that's where you blow to level the window that's where you go like get over it is like we was you just always including you like now when you say been working on your wine and all of these things like I don't really hear much you talk about it like your best friend she talked about her stuff all the time like fair enough you said that your business and everything like and when people ask you about it you want to get offensive another that like if you say you're doing a wine like I don't see you the wind fish it so when people ask you about it we are allowed to ask you about it why you gonna get upset then you gonna say oh that's my business then if that's your business and you don't want no one to get involved and keep it to yourself keep your mouth shut simple as

  • But at the same time I do understand where Tony is coming from but the same time she said she have a wind coming out and she's not talking about it she's not showing it like I don't understand this woman's like get over me you do know she's not a good friend so why you even wasting your taste on her life is just pathetic and stupid for my liking like every time someone's got something coming out Tanya's got something coming out but it never come out so is pathetic stop the f**** crying and f**** do something about it like bring out your wine like what the f*** you were why you crying you'll never bring out anything you say you gonna do this and do that you never seems to do it you talk about it and you want to talk about it once but then the rest of the show I never seen you do you always around a girl you never go off and do your own thing so I don't know why you upset what you wanted to drop everything for you because you don't like what she's doing get over it is going to do whatever she wants she is one person you do know she's not a good friend so why even bother go there like that's pathetic man

  • I love how she said she wasn’t involved but yet she has 2 vlogs on ‘Black Girl Moscato’ and how it’s going. Wow you’re such a nice person who doesn’t lie at all to friends, Terra slow claps with an eyeroll

  • No im with tonya all the way terra has become way to shady and will throw anyone under the bus to get what she wants

  • Terra saying she did a lot to change her wine for Tonya umm honey you named a wine a very offensive name an the wine thing was Tonya idea first

  • Ever since series 1 episode one and Ive watched them ALL…she was the most bossy…narcassistic furtive one going… shes either stole other peoples ideas..always wanted to get her head in any deal… Tonya said it once…that Terra is the executive producer of this show! (Why?) So any new ventures coming to any of the cast..she got first choices..stealing away any chance for the others to succeed. Tonya challenged Terra and said It was her (Tonya) that even thought of the title for the show..but Terra only put her name on the credits. How Terra chewed at all of them like a child in a playground.."if I dont like her You musnt like her" and that bloody crying!!! Terra now your Karma is here its gonna bite you on youre perdunkadun butt!!

  • I have watched EVERY episode and I don’t think ANY of these women have ANY IDEA how to be, or what a TRUE FRIEND really is. To me it’s sad, they all lie on each other, talk behind one another’s backs throw each other under the bus fight , dry snitch. Let’s be real would you really want to be FRIENDS with any of these women…IJS

  • My mom actually knows Jasmine. They were co workers at a hair salon, before Jasmine got on the show. I'm not lying, I have no reason to.

  • Tonya acting like a cry baby just because Terra wine launch is happening at the same time as black girl Maschoto. The drama Between Terra and Tonya seemed petty years of friendship ruined over a name of a wine

  • I’m still trying to understand why Terra thinks she has license to be involved with a business titled “black girl moscato”? It’s unfortunate how white people think it’s okay to exploit another race for financial gain. And unfortunately this happens all the time and it remains cyclical in our society.

  • This is the only Little Woman with successful woman.. They're all hustlers and in business.. Atlanta and Dallas.. Not really.. I don't even know what theu dp

  • Elaina not a business woman…her best bet was to do the little people clothing line but she is ashamed of being little so she didnt want to do it…

  • Wine Launch? I don't care Who Launch first. To me It's doesn't matter who's gonna launch there first Wine Job or whatever but yeah… Talk each other in private not talk about it in front of everyone. sigh

  • Jasmine is the only one I like. No wonder gel life is so good she gives off good energy so gets good energy back. You are what you give out.periodt.

  • TONY’s daughter is looking cute and her braids are looking good honey💎💰🤑🤑🤑I love that alfit too

  • I feel like the main reason why tonya has a problem with terra doing a wine is be7she feels like her wine won’t do as good as terras. They all know that whatever terra does she is successful 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • This show is pure evil all around. And reflects todays society of fake social media friends. These women should empower each other. But only hate on each others endeavours.

  • If someone doesn’t go to an event don’t get upset that’s so childish like they have lives too their lives don’t surround around you

  • You have a name too but if you wine was called white girl you will expect her to get mad but you just messed up

  • Them white witches are not to trust.. Listen to your daughter that's your friend for life..I love me some Christy.😅😅😁😁

  • Mika is a child in her mind, terra is an opportunist ig she does anything for you she throws it in your face, and truly she isn't a loyal anything of anyone, elena need to stop acting like she is so innocent, and Tonya gets the short stick when it comes to terra……..

  • Thats why you don't have a black friend in the group.
    Triggered by anything and everything.
    The show would be million X better if she left.

  • Terra you never support anyone and didn’t support Tanya wine idea now u want ur own and got it from the same winery as her

  • Terra is constantly bullying Christy. She is afraid Christy might have better success than she is. Ladies should call Terra out on her behavior. She is toxic. You can talk about Christy's daughter but she cannot call you out on your behavior. Terra is crazy. I think other ladies are scared of being bullied by Terra.

  • Can't stand terra she steals everyone's ideas has no respect A terrible attitude. with a friend like that who needs enemy's she deserves all misery the world can throw at her…………

  • Honestly, if white girl rose is a brand that’s accepted… so should black girl moscato..
    I don’t like either names, but if ones okay, so is the other x

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