Lecrae on Dealing with Groupies, Drinking & Smoking Weed + Kicks a Freestyle on Sway in the Morning

this is sway sway sway sway in the morning in the morning in the morning shake weight your fuckers up cross shops sometimes with political sometimes we're ignorant yeah and we're everything in between such is life today we're in between but we got a hybrid artist here hmm I like that you like that work with it he's more than just one thing he's multi-dimensional people try to put titles on him even I used to say he's a Christian rapper huh but he's a rapper who is a Christian okay oh that's good yeah okay I feel like you the poet right now you know write a book write a book now a lot of times when you get into that that that non-secular set of music a lot of times when the constant hip-hop a lot of rappers don't rap well so egg be like their label corny yeah and here comes Lecrae a you know marching through the ranks and raising the bar to a whole nother level I call them a hybrid because you've been able to carefully master a blend of what you do as an artist with your message as well yeah where it doesn't turn away your average hoodlum your average prostitute yeah your average scholar doctor and everything in between absolutely all right you got the new mixtape church clothes – yeah come on all right and he's here with us today to talk to the citizens citizens of sway in the morning welcome Lecrae to the show ladies and thank you oh my goodness I can't do better than that for a person who came in here late give them round are you gonna Holly what are you trying out for the previous listen listen if I was Hollywood I wouldn't be running through the streets of New York I ran for this okay something close that while you sweating right all right no strip clubs nah do you get to go to strip clubs do I get to go to strip clubs I mean you know I I'm fine I'm cool on the strip clubs I got I got a lovely one at home okay okay you got okay you got a limit at home all right do you do you drink when you go out uh well you know I'm saying I look at it like this I don't think there's anything I don't call drinking a sin and I like the Helen things done wrong that if that's what you choose to do you do it you know tell me I mean oh my my I'm on my way ten I'm on my my my exercising and keeping my my body clean so you know that's that's not my typical thing but I'm saying yeah I think I know nothing against you if you want to throw him back well I'm just talking about you learning Tom I'm gonna throw it back okay okay do you never smoke weed or nothing like that I used to man I used to blaze them young Sam but in but you know how to let that go you have to let that go ahead to let that go all right cool man look right here man yeah let me ask you a question because uh first of all congratulations on the new project you got a lot of people on it including b.o.b Paul walls on it too right yeah yeah um I like what you did with knife wonder with the with the rise joint rights my god okay who are some of the other people you work with on this project and how did you select them man um you know David Banner came through man he's like a big brother in a lot of ways man just you know gives me good wisdom and insight so he came through like some stuff Boy Wonder you know I'm saying a lot of it is just you know mutual friendships man authenticity I'm all about the authentic authenticity I'm not just trying to argue this this piece works with this piece I'm like man let's get together and make dope music I'm saying so you know I just love hip-hop man I'm product of the culture and I love it when it's good and and when the bars raised and so on my that's that's my ambition that was my intention on church clothes that was your intentions on church clothes I'm open up the phone lines eight eight eight seven four two three three four five I'm glad you're here because I want to ask you a few questions about church and entertainment all right all right look Crazy's here all in a gown leprae yes sir first osuzu name in the mid said we're talking about throughout November the 7th we're gonna feature some new music from it in a moment but I wanted to get some I want to get your opinion on some things come on we had the pastures of La in here mm-hmm and you know none of us should be judgmental but I was a little skeptical about this show um because of you know in iron coal I watch it maybe that's why they do it but in the trailer of the show it shows a lot of it feels gluttonous in terms of the material items that they've accomplished Yves along the way as pastors some of them made money before they came on this show for sure and so I was asking them questions as you know someone who wants to learn and know you know I remember certain books and certain stories in the Bible about gluttony you know and I remember when a Moses came off the mountain and found a tribe of people who were who had lost faith in we're worshiping that golden cow did have and it was said you should not worship any you know inanimate objects only God I'm paraphrasing I know something and so I asked him about the celebration of having Bentley's on TV in front of people in your congregation who are struggling to pay their light bills um is that wrong or right and with Jesus ride in a Bentley if he was here today here's what one of the pastors responded with us with Jesus drive a Bentley yeah well Billy's weren't Korean Bentley's want to manufacture back then but Jesus rode into town on a jackass and that's one of the that was considered like a Bentley and we gotta you got to go past Jesus to Adam when man was created the first thing God did after he created Adam in verse 28 of Genesis chapter 1 it says God blessed Adam and that that's generic for woman as well that means he empowered us to prosper and gave us dominion over all the earth now I you know I don't know my Bible as well as that man does or you perhaps but the analogy that a donkey or an ass is the equivalent to what a Bentley is today come on sir you are yes and I what do you come on sign okay come on sign I mean you they had horses and steeds and chariots back then yeah I'm gonna I would assume a chariot would be far more luxurious than a dinner a donkey all right you feel me yeah um my own thing is is this man like I miss the days way like where's the social economical concern for our communities I'm saying like what happened to win when that's the the banner that pastors held up you know sound like when you got MLK you know fighting for the rights of humanity and for and for the struggle of us like I feel like man we already chasing money we already overextended ourselves financially like I don't need a message on how I can get rich like like I'm now here looking for hope like I'm saying I got cousins in jail in and the government shut down you know I'm saying like a billion gonna solve my issues with the day day they talk a lot I mean I I don't personally want to see my pastor living like a rapper right ah no offense to rappers but you know rappers often use the excuse that I'm just a rapper for the mistakes they may make or the deeds they may do right pastor doesn't have I mean yeah yeah I know we're all human we're all men but that's why you understand be hot you held to a higher standard so we were talking more about money and I remember reading it's harder for a rich man to get into heaven then I mean the harder for a rich man to squeeze to the eye of a needle camel kill me yeah I'm with you done good help me out you all right I'm rich it up yeah I read my Bible I brush you up a little bit but you good good then is to get into heaven and uh what's the singer night at caddy trick on chick haddock Dietrich haddock came in and this is what his take was on wealth in a clergy I say a man deserves to whatever he works hard for he deserves it and whether he's a preacher a plumber or whatever carpenter if you work hard at what you do you deserve to have whatever you want to have dry whatever you want to drive I think the problem is is when people see preachers with Bentley's in the in the church is falling apart or there is nothing in place to help the people that are in need to go to the church hmm are you you agree with that I mean I to a degree I understand the sentiment like I'd have to have it in context but I understand the sentiment of like man you work hard and and and this is the fruit of your labor but I I do wrestle with the idea of like like trying to get rich off of off of the people you know what I'm saying like like saying listen man I didn't change their lives I deserve all this bread like I do feel like the workers is worth its weight is like you honor them or whatnot but but the whole idea of like I don't know man I don't know where the line is drawn sometimes with that type of stuff I mean like I just I look at the warnings against you know being ambitious about you know wealth and being ambitious being selfishly ambitious and so on and so forth and on and you know man I hear more warnings than I hear like advocate for like y'all go get that for isn't that one of the what other seven deadly sins no well I mean I guess I don't know if it's like listed out in the Bible like seven deadly sins I think it's more like a cultural type of deal but I will say you know I'm saying like like greed and gluttony and lust Envy I'm saying yeah those are all like I think they all kind of come together as you know you can lust for money you can be greedy for money you're glutton for money I'm saying like you got to watch your heart and your motives like I don't I can't judge nobody's motors I can't just let him do his motives but I just say everybody got to watch their motives in them saying look pray is hanging out with us we're gonna play a new song off the new project for church clothes to deserve this is what aren't we playing right now it's a little West Coast field man I'm turnt you know saying I was out I'm you know I'm looking I'm out there trying to figure out who need to go on this one but you saw to the good don't get it you trying to get another feature on it maybe so you know I mean you know who knows we're doing a remix but you know who produced it um this is my man ke and uh man is just is just about man you know being turned but without popping mollies you know I'm saying oh yeah you never pop mollies no no sorry okay Carlos man we're gonna open up the phone lines sway in the morning yeah that's lecrae you got that first right here on sway in the morning we break hits hello you want to ask them something real quick really quickly my grandmother back in the day used to hate when my brother and I used to rock the hockey jerseys that said Devils across it like that she was a Christian as well yeah if you had a child and you know later on in life that grew up one to play professional sports would you let them play for a team called Devils and stuff like that man I feel like this like you know culture starts dictating too much stuff and like inanimate objects aren't evil in and of themselves you know I'm saying it's the heart of people that are is corrupt it's not like things and pictures and stole and so forth so it's like I mean like a picture is not gonna jump off and make and corrupt you you mean like that's your own internal self so I'm in school man like skeletons and skulls I got a skull in my head at ain't evil you know me mm-hmm so when I don't wear skulls because I felt like it was evil so I can wear Souls now go for it man yeah look grace are the worst oh cool I was really curious because we know that you're an outspoken Christian but when it comes to the rapper side do you have groupies ah a little making Goods running after you ma'am you know what I will say man the ladies are pretty respectful they're pretty respectful of me and they know what I'm about and they they appreciate the mission and the mindset and so they're pretty respectful I mean every once in a while somebody get out of line but but not like nothing crazy like I ain't nobody hiding in my hotel room and I like that I'm good yeah but it was an example of someone getting out of line you know like um let me know if yo if your wife and you having problems like hold on slow down back up so would you ever do the pastor's of our lamp they actually be a hundred I'm straight you're good I'm straight why not um you know that's just my thing is man I really there's an entertainment value that is that is is is is a given there that I don't think is necessary you know I mean and so and no shade on none of them man you know love to them and those people whose lives have been changed by them but I just met I don't feel like the church's to be exploited for entertainment purposes you know me when you said people females asked about your wife you and your wife haven't show are you married marry or you just refer to her nah I'm straight a married man how long have you been married like seven years yeah like we got it in young man you know I was I you know when my life changed I was like look man my vices and I need to go ahead and lock this down so I'm not out here you know what I'm saying so yeah I love it to death all right let's go to Line six Joe is here man Joe you there yeah – look rain Joe I just want to say hi to Lacroix I really appreciate your music Lecrae Thank You Man you're it's evident that you are definitely about truly about the Lord and not about I really appreciate that in today's culture and I also want to say Heather B I love you all the way back from the real world days Thank You Jonathan talks down there funky sad don't beat on uh-oh hold up hold up right there let's go hmm yeah yeah check check check Hey look dollar seven digits call a chemist I compound underground sounds with pronoun so pronounce the name right rappers who take a stance b-boy pop the lock on the minds of these slaves until they free Boyd mushy be your souls who don't get it so we spit it where the smoke is blowing loud and you're the crowd is looking frigid and it's cold in the streets so the bars got to be hot people want a message but some of them wanna be shot so I give them both until they talk but ruefully give some of them think that you don't the others thinking juice a joke let me clear my throat as I provoke you with these quotes got a Grammy in my closet but I traded for the hope other people because these days evil if you ain't seen my lord man wait for the sequel people holla 1 1 6 cuz they know he represents something bigger than the dollars innocence still it don't make sense I rap for killers in dark tints drinking liquor till they throw up in brick and they passed it and it's past tense with pastors and past friends swag in the morning show you know we got to get it in that's the real god flow the prey man love it good to have you up here man and church close to you didn't get church close one picked that up to cop that and get church close to coming out November 7 always welcome up in thanks for having us appreciate it man slow all right anybody you wanna shout out man shout out to the whole family man you know my whole fam one one six fam you know out of all the one 160m across the world I appreciate y'all get that church close to it's love I appreciate it yeah that's the man nominated for BT Award night Soul Train award but one that Grammy man it's crazy man congratulations bro you're doing great work man you shed its sway in the morning holy pond shade 45

34 thoughts on “Lecrae on Dealing with Groupies, Drinking & Smoking Weed + Kicks a Freestyle on Sway in the Morning

  • Lacrae just said he wasn't sure if the seven deadly sins was listed out in the bible and it is clearly listed in Proverbs 616:19

  • Skulls and bones are very much a specific thing. A skull on a shirt represents death. Period. So I adamantly disagree with Lecrae!!!

  • There are several things to consider here. I will get into those later. I have to come back on here in a few hours after attending a service. Peace.

  • Anthony, reread your bible. There is Nothing wrong with drinking. It says not to get drunk. The Gospel is all through his music… be graceful not legalistic

  • If you go back and listen to his early music in one of his songs he was offered a drink and turned it down. Now he condones drinking!! Come on people wake up!! Stop making excuses for Lecrae and pray for him. He have actually backslid and need to return to his first love of rap!! You don’t even here Jesus as much as you use to. It’s about Lecrae now.

  • Why everytime lecrae is in a interview he never likes to make eye contact🤔I'm just curious I've seen many videos and he makes short eye contact

  • This is the same thing that happened to Amy Grant. If you listen to her back story the devil pulled the same bag of tricks on her. She had some big wig telling her she needed to find herself. Well she already was someone in Christ but the devil brought her to a place of mixing with the world making her music "good" without God. She became spiritually dead after that. Flat songs without the spirit. This is now slowly happening to Lacrae. You're not a Christian rapper your just a rapper that happens to be Christian. And he says alright. Compromise! The devil is subtle. He strips you of what Jesus gives you little by little til your naked spiritually. Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy! Notice how Jesus says kill first. Satan killed Adam and Eve before he stole. You shall surely die said the Lord if you eat from tree of good and evil.

  • Since your first album , every album lacrae has grown to a higher level of maturity in witch some can't understand how affective it is in the world , keep it pushing brother , and also check out my album my worse eneME. Contact me if you wanna help me share this with the world .

  • Feel bad he gets thrown into a theological debate on a secular radio show. Why????? Give the guy a break! Lets talk about the music.

  • I like lecrae he seems genuine for Jesus I don't like most rappers because of the disrespect towards us women but he seems different and i love his music

  • Lecrae is real!!!
    I have a question though. Why was Lecrae laughing at the Pastor? Hahahahahah, That is hilarious.

  • Lecrae was asked to criticize religion and he did it with tact. This is also why he has chosen not to identify with religion because he gets to profit like the world and avoid religious criticism now that he’s an artist instead of Christian rapper. He also gets to make money with the worlds blessing. TD jakes makes movies and Joel writes books because being a preacher doesn’t pay

  • I love Lecrae he's open with himself… liked this one " I knew my vice so I married early " Great brother!

  • So as a christian i know that the bible says not to be in a altered mindset from christ and thats exactly what drinking and smoking does and that is one reason why i dont follow mainstream christianity because it is faced off of false doctrine

  • I think lacrae is as good a Christian as anyone. I see people picking everything he says apart, but he has brought more people to Christ than I ever will. Also, he's reaching a demographic that can't always be reached from Sunday morning services.

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