Leaving Things In Wine For A Month (EXPERIMENT)

– What happens when you leave a Filet-o-Fish in wine for a month? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat synth music) – Good mythical morning. – Valentine’s day is this week, and I’m sorry I don’t sound
more excited about it, but you know what would help? Wine.
– Yes! – Both now and on my
romantic Valentine’s date. Mm Link with the pleasure. – Oh gosh, please no. We all know how wine gets better with age but what if we age things
in wine for a month? What about that? – What about that?
– To find out, we once again return to the shelf that we leave things on, which we call, The Shelf That We Leave Things On. – We’ve done Coke, bleach, air,
Guinness, salt, pool water, nail polish remover, mouthwash, champagne, Shamrock Shakes in whiskey, and 93 Infinity G20 margaritas and dirt. – And we’re alive (laughs) – Today in the name of love, we gon’ try grown up grape juice. It’s time for Left On
A Shelf, Wine Edition. – You know how this goes,
we’ll be presented with an item or several items that have
been left in wine for a month and then we’ll have to guess
what happened to those items. – Now if we get three or more right, we get to taste red vine red
wine in Good Mythical More. But if we don’t, we
have to try onion wine. – Yum. Now for our first item. (dramatic music)
(screaming) Corn on the cob left in
red wine for a month. Okay and specifically
what we’re trying to guess is what happened to the cob on the inside. So did the cob of the corn on the cob, A, turn purple like all those eggplant emojis Morgan sends me. (laughter) – Morgan, he’s throwing you
– Morgan you gotta stop. – under the bus now.
– You gotta stop. You gotta stop that. (laughter) Or B, retain its color like
a mood ring on a sociopath. – I get it. (laughter) – So it’s always the same color.
– Make you feel good when I say I get it. – So red wine, red wine does have definite staining properties. – How could it not change color? – We’re going with A, purple? – We’re going with A, turn purple. That is our official answer. Let’s see. Sha-bam.
– Don’t know yet. I’ll tong that thing right outta there. – You gonna tong it? Be gentle. Okay, okay. – I see purple corn! – All right and you know what?
– Doo-da (laughs) – Now all right we’re right,
but we made an assumption that they did cut the ends, which drastically
increases the chances of– – It fitting in the jar. – But because we’re right,
we’re not gonna complain. – [Stevie] You don’t
know if you’re right yet, you gotta take that corn
off and look it, you know? – [Link] I can see the ends. – Oh no we’re wrong! (yelling) – [Stevie] No you still don’t know. – Only very few started to
turn a little bit purple. – Some turned purple. – [Link] Like the ends are purple. – [Stevie] Well no guys, the cob part, you gotta take the kernels off the thing. – Oh the cob!
– Oh the kernels are the corn teeth and
the cob is the cylinder! (laughter) – So yeah look it, even in the middle. – It bypassed the corn teeth and went straight to the cylinder. (dings)
– There’s a wine core in the middle of this. – [Stevie] Like what if you took a yeah, a bite and then what would it look like? – Well first of all,
what would it taste like? Wine (laughs). – It’s not bad. – It’s strong though.
– It’s strong. And once you get into that,
look at all of that purple. – [Stevie] Yes. – So we were more right than we even knew, when we thought we were wrong, then we were right again. – Sometimes, we need Stevie to
lead us to the right answer. (air whooshing) (dramatic music)
(screaming) Quick reminder, new fancy
fast food dropped today over on the Mythical Kitchen channel, be sure to go over there, check it out and subscribe, thank you. – Oh, ho, ho I forgot that
we were wearing the berets, so we’ve got to speak like this. – (laughs) Wow, okay. – It didn’t work. – No it did not. – Je m’appelle Laron,
(speaking gibberish) charcoal, and the red wine, and hard boiled egg in the other white wine, so we still have the options. All right– – No keep going (laughs). – All right so they wanna know, between the charcoal
and the hard boiled egg, still in the shell, right? – Mmhmm.
– Uh huh. – Which one got all moldy like
the walls on the Smosh side of the studio that we just painted over, before they moved in? – Right, right, right
we did paint over it. – Is it the charcoal in the white wine, or the hard boiled egg
in the red wine, or both? – Moldy. – Moldy. Moldy. Might need a little, might
need a little, any inspiration, oh sorry. (laughter) – So okay, moldy. I don’t understand. What is gonna, charcoal
can’t get mold on it, isn’t it like some sort of,
it’s like an inorganic material, or no it’s like burned stuff. – Mold can definitely grow on charcoal, it’s happened at my house. – Oh it has? Oh it happened at Link’s house. – But– – Excuse me, it happened at Laron’s house. – It was not, it was not in wine, Renee. – I think we gotta go with what we know. I’m going with charcoal in the white wine. I think the hard boiled
egg, you see eggs in stuff for long periods of
time with no mold on it. – The shell’s not gonna be moldy, is it what’s underneath the shell? – No, how would they even know? – [Crew Member] What else? – They got X-ray vision? Charcoal. – I don’t think that mold
could get underneath the shell, or on top of the shell, I agree. Whew! Got some protein in me. Thank you. – You’re welcome. Okay so we’re going with
the charcoal and white. Yes, yes, yes, Link
just like at your house! – It looks white, so. Let me take one of these out. I got my tongs, you tong that and let’s make totally sure, because as we learned in the last round, you might think you’re
right and you could be wrong and you might think you’re
wrong and you could be right. – [Rhett] No we’re not wrong (laughs). – This is such a wild situation, I mean you’ve got a burnt
thing in wine that’s growing. – They both are moldy.
– Yeah I know. (buzzes)
– That is moldy too. (laughter) – I know I was just acting
like maybe I was right. Okay now– – So there’s mold just. – Okay, I just gotta say,
– How could this be? Are you sure this is not just crystals? Do we know that this is mold? – Oh that’s the only one. Maybe break it open. – According to the test that we purchased, that was the is this
crystals or mold test, we did get a result of mold. But sometimes those tests are faulty, so I mean if you’re looking
for like a half point or something, I’d be
willing to give that to you. – No, no we don’t have
to get a half point. – What’s in here? – Because something grew on them, but my belief is that this
is crystals of some kind. – You think like sugar? – Yeah sugar crystals. – No that’s definitely hairy and it’s the same on this. We’re half right, which
means we were totally wrong. (air whooshing) (dramatic music)
(screaming) In the past, we left grapes
and things like margarita and I also buried them six
feet under to varying results, but if there’s one thing that
we’ve gotta leave grapes in, it’s wine, right? I mean that’s just art. – Yeah we’ve left green grapes
in white wine for a month and red grapes in red wine for a month. – What are our options? – Okay which grapes
turned fizzy on the inside like Link’s insides
when he accidentally sat on his Soda Stream (laughs)? Wow all right moving on
from that mental picture. (laughter) To a– – There is no picture right? – (laughs) Yet again
ask Christie about that. A, the green grapes in the white wine, B, the red grapes in the red wine or both. – Turn fizzy on the inside, so we’re ognna be tasting
grapes for some fizziness? – Which grape is more likely to be fizzy? – Well you know what, there’s
an inverse correlation between tannin
concentration and fizziness. Therefore I am saying just
the green grapes turned fizzy. We all know that. – Well I have absolutely nothing to go on, except for the fact that you just made up. – Tannins, little bit. – So you’re saying fizzy in
the red, or fizzy in the green? – No, fizzy in the green. – Okay we’re gonna go
with fizzy in the green. A, the green grapes in the red wine. – So let’s roll–
– In the white wine. – Out the (popping). – Oh that sounded a little fizzy. (laughter) Just a tad. And let’s just see if I
get anything over here. (laughter) – I didn’t hear anything.
– You didn’t hear anything with those tannins? – But I think all the
fizziness is in the grape, it’s not in the jar. Little pincer, it’s not gonna work. – This grape, which I will eat. – Let’s eat, here let’s try these first. – You mean the fizzy ones? – Yeah.
(laughter) – Okay. – Oh my goodness, we’re gonna stain. – [Rhett] I think we just grab ’em. – [Link] So just pluck one. – [Rhett] I’m gonna grab a dark one. – You gonna grab a dark one? Okay, let’s see if it’s fizzy. – Oh wow. – It’s very winey. – It tastes like champagne. (buzzes) – Fizzy. – Yeah, it has like almost a bite to it. – It’s got a pop, it’s got a
bite, it’s got a fizziness. I don’t know why I’m happy because that means that I’m wrong. – Oh no, I mean you don’t know
that, you gotta try these. – Well either way, because
we didn’t say both. Let me try one of these. Was I exactly opposite of right? – I believe so. – Oh that one’s mushy. (buzzes) – There’s nothing to these. No pop, no fizz, no crackle. – I was exactly wrong and you know what?
(buzzes) I’m sorry. (creepy music)
(screaming) I’m not big on ordering the Filet-o-Fish. – Why? – Man it’s a lot to soak up wine. So what are our options, here? Did the McDonald’s
Filet-o-Fish left in white wine for a month A, stay completely preserved, like the size of Rhett’s chin from birth? (laughter) Or B, develop a rancid
smell like Gwyneth Paltrow’s this smells like my vagina scented candle? (laughter) That’s a real thing. – Heard about that. – Yeah they’re flying off the shelves. (laughter) – Oh gosh. – There’s no way it completely preserved. It’s too spongey. – You know McDonald’s stuff, man. McDonald’s is famous for like people leaving things out
– Fries and burgers. – for a really long time and
they stay completely unchanged. This bun is like bioengineered. – But that doesn’t mean it’s
not a sponge for a liquid. – I think it’s going to
look exactly the same. – Well that would be
miraculous, and you know what? Because of my, just
BS’ing on the last round, we’ve already lost, we
gotta eat the onion wine. – Correct, well I’m gonna drink it. – (laughs) I’m gonna chew it down. So I will defer to you. I can’t see how it’s possible, but I kinda hope it does
preserve, that would be amazing. – I think it is, now first of all, did it develop a rancid smell? – That seems very likely, Rhett. – Again, bioengineered. It’s got this like, this
stuff is gonna last forever. It’s like the only thing
left after the apocalypse will be roaches and McDonald’s. – Does it smell like fish now? Not really. Kinda, a little, but. Fine, A. We’re saying A,
cause what do we have to lose? – Pride. – [Link] Oh my goodness. – I don’t know if I’d call that preserved, I mean it’s in a
different shape, for sure. – It’s gotten bigger. Cause that’s, and it’s very puffy. – [Rhett] Does it smell? – Why don’t you tell me? – Smells like wine but it also is being completely capped off by the bun. – All right, we gotta pull it out. – Can you just pour the whole thing out, would it all come out in one big? I think that tray will hold all that. – I hope it will. I mean it’s had a
Filet-o-Fish in it for a month and it’s in front of my lap. – (laughs) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just let it come on out. Cause if it’s preserved.
– You think so? – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s gonna hold it. – Oh. – Now just let it slide
right out. (laughs) Whoop (laughs) I mean look at that. Look at that bun. – And then this? The bottom part. Now that broke. There we go. Are y’all calling that preserved? – [Stevie] Yeah.
(dings) – Let’s smell it. It doesn’t, it got wet. – It got wet but if it stayed– – [Stevie] Well to be honest, it was a little bit of a tricky question, cause it does smell like
Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina. (laughter) – Which is more like wine
than fish, to be honest. – Let me smell. – Well I mean, this is (laughs). I don’t know (laughs). (laughter) – Mm, okay yeah, it smells like wine. It doesn’t smell like Gwyneth and it doesn’t smell like fish. – So we’re calling this preserved?
– Preserved! – Miraculous.
– I mean we still lose. – If you dry that out, it would be no different
than when it started. – Oh also, we left Link’s
glasses in wine for a month. – Huh. Well that’s where my
wine glasses have been. – Thanks for subscribing
and clicking that bell. – You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Cindy.
– And I’m Will. – And we’re at the third
annual Cheerwine festival in Salisbury, North Carolina and it’s time to spin
– and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
– the Wheel of Mythicality. – Salisbury, North Carolina. – Cheerwine got a whole festival? – Yeah I didn’t know that, now I do. I’ll be there next year. Click the top link to
watch us taste boxed wines and onion wine, I can smell
it, in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land. – [Josh] Do it, just whisk the mask man. – Josh, do you wanna taste the– – And lick the whisk?
– Yeah. – Oh holy crap. Oh my god, Michael get in
there with your tasting spoon.

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