LE PIRE TEST ! (-18)

Hey everyone it’s Vodka Today, we are going to do together uh, when i say together I say i will do in front of you ! you are going to judge, yes you like it! you are a little judge! We are going to do the purity test So i’m going to reveal all my secrets BUT before it begins, to all the people that don’t know it the purity test is generally “hardcore” so be careful you are warned *pegi 18* “BUT I AM 12 SO IT’S OKAY” NO YOU CALM DOWN NOW BENJAMIN, RIGHT NOW Because this test is a little violent, i gave myself 3 jokers uh it’s not like i am going to tell you EVERYTHING There are things too hardcore you know So Together let’s begin First question : Have you ever laugh of someone’s misery? Yes or no? oh yeah No wait, i will have to give an anecdote on what really happened I think we all already did ! the classroom nerd, who just had 16 (on 20) instead of 18 who begins to cry I’ve already make fun of him. So yes i valid! Have you ever laughed of someone mentaly or physically handicapped? Yes….. it already happened to me The guy is.. uh.. Stephen hawking he can make me laugh because he’s got humor but I laugh at his face because…… the guy was superman anddd now he isn’t well… SO YES Have you ever tasted alcohol? yup My name isn’t “Vodka” for nothing! *lol* this joke was funny yeah yeah YEAH Of course i did I mean.. it’s okay Have you ever been drunk? SO Yeah and now you say “CAN WE HAVE AN ANECDOTE” there must me so much no i’m joking i’m not always drunk af things has ever happened at parties It’s SATURDAY WE ARE RELAXING and here, little beer, Two little vodka Apple vodka THERE YOU GO we are a little drunk Those are things that happened so yes yes yes I’ve already been drunk Now you think “shitty questions!” but wait it rises in intensity! little boy these are little questions because the guy who’s already answered no at all he has to hang on! have you ever participate to drink game? yup yup the famous game you know with cards you’ve got cards and because of the choosen card you give something to drink or you take drink you distrib you invent rules I think we all did but BE CAREFUL WOOOOOOW stop if you’re here saying “i’ve never did it, uhhhh i’m shit” nope be careful it’s not an issue just because you don’t do that, that you’re a shit each people’s doing whatever he wants what he likes everyone is in his…. news feed (idk why he said that wtf) It’s a news feed you’re in yours i’m in mine you know what I mean? if you don’t drink Okay If I drink Okay We don’t fucking care Have you ever fell because you were too drunk? as surprising as it can be I’ve never fell. i’ve been riding BMX drunk I climbed upstairs but really never I don’t think Or maybe i should ask my friends OH FU*K I DID ohhhh yes I won’t tell you why sorry the question’s closed. Have you ever drunk enough to vomit ? If the question is “have I ever vomitted” It happened once but be careful I was sick I think it happened a second time in Las Vegas But it doesn’t count, it’s Las Vegas! *lol* So we are going to say yes Have you ever vomitted on you or on someone else? I’ve never really vomitted on me And i don’t think on someone else also When I vomit which happened twice in my life the first time was during a Christmas Eve party Alcohol remplaced water SO and the second time was in Las Vegas Where there really was no water……. So yes i’ve ever vomitted but not on someone or on myself for now no ahah Have you ever wake up and didn’t even remember what you did last night? Yes Las Vegas Always ahah You will hear Las Vegas a lot It really was during the first party in L.V Where I said “TONIGHT, EASY” the last memory i have in my head It’s in a certain nightclub van opening the door and then idk how i came home but the next day i woke up in my bed so it was apparently a good party Have you ever been forced out of a bar or a nightclub? NO When i am in club which happened really little Or in a bar EASY, EASY have you ever paricipated to a Barathon ( all to bars of a city or a street ) Nope I don’t see the interest. but personnaly, it’s just my opinion We still are in the news feed principe don’t get out! do what you want i do what i want know what i mean Sorry but it’s not my ravings Do you drink alcohol at least 3 times a week? No WAIT If you are at this point it’s just calm down I say that for you it’s for your liver i don’t care if you die Have you ever fell asleep or fainted in a bar/nightclub? No it never happened to me Have you ever tried any drungs? *silence* it was just because they told me you have to do it, it’s good but…………… i didn’t really like it It’s not verryyyyyy…………. I put yes but Indicate how many drungs you tried JOKEEEEEEEER joker. for this one : joker. so i answer but you’ll not see the answer. there is just the editor who’ll see (the little sentence’s saying “donate to the editor and I’ll tell you” ) and i think he’ll stare at me differently Do you regularly use drugs? So no. really no. You can think “the guy with all his ideas and his madness maybe he is having drugs” really i’m not we have to talk seriously not regularly *this bitch laughing* You may doubt like “wait is he serious or not with all these sort of youtubers we never really where we are” Have you ever buy drungs? so it was for a friend Have you ever sold drugs Yes But i was also for a friend…….. Have you ever had a bad trip? Yes but I will have to give you an anecdote ladies and gentleman space cookie For those who don’t know uhhhh In canada It’s legal I don’t give a lot of informations because if you really want to research you will do by yourself It’s legal soooooo the world “space” like you go in space isn’t a pun I’ll not tell more buuut “molo” with that Have you ever initiate anyone to drugs? yep lol, how i answered yes like “yes yes it happened last weekend again my friend wanted to test heroïne so i gave him” no uh yes “IT WAS FOR A FRIEND” Have you ever been drunk or high during more than 48 hours? nop Do you know why? bc when we are youtuber we can’t. *#Hardtobeyoutuber* Have you ever dated someone? NOPE I AM ACTUALLY VIRGIN yes of course with a cousin *lol* LAUGHING Have you ever kissed or grab someone until orgasm? i’m not sure but i don’t want to seem like i show off i’ll put no Have you ever had sex? yup Have you ever take a bath with a opposite sex member? yup I’d like to talk to that. Bc i usually talk to my friends and they laugh So i think i’ll tell you too Frankly, from you to me boy or girl or if a couple look at this video look into your eyes And say frankly THERE IS NOTHING MORE ANNOYING THAN TAKE SHOWER TOGETHER the one take a shower, and the other one behind is here BUT HE IS NOT UNDER THE WATER JET, HE’S COLD HE IS STARING AT HIS GIRLFRIEND SHOWERING IS-IS-IS IT MY TURN? SO HE IS GOING AND THE GIRL IS LIKE LET’S HAVE SEX IT’S TOO COLD or you have a shower with a heatings everywhere So here YES to answer to you question : yes. Have you ever pay for sex? no frankly WHEN I SEE HOW MANY BIATCH THERE ARE I SAY WHAT’S THE POINT TO PAY? Have you ever prey on somebody when he was drunk, high or momentarily handicapped? no please HEY I’ve got a moral. Have you ever make someone drink to abuse him/her sexually or succeeded ? no lol it the cunning’s technique like what’s behind the girl’s like hey You know i had sex with Sabrina You drank her? YUP BUT WAIT HEY IT’S OKAY UH WE KNOW IT it’s horrible calm down. Have you ever had a blowjob or cunnilingus? blowjob no sorry i don’t suck neither friends or family but i did a cunni We love to have pleasure and give pleasure It’s like in christmas *childhood destroyed* Have you ever have an anal report? i had an anal report ? no because i’ve never been fucked. i’ve already get fucked on youtube contracts But not uuuuuuh I’ve never had a dick in my ass it happened that i had to fucked in anus but but hey in all honor have you ever had a STD? I had VIH uuuh is that a real STD? isn’t that apart? NO OF COURSE I DON’T protect yourself we laugh but protect yourself Even if she is virgin. NO JUST KIDDING HUMOUR OH WE ARE LAUGHING. Have you ever had sexe without condomn? Yup. 2 second ago i was saying “protect yourself” it already happened to me and i regret because i saw things and you’ll say it’s really dumb If i had to give you one advice in life it’s to put a hood or find a contraception method now you say “yes but sometimes it’s annoying but reflect just a second dude just imagine that you get pregnant imagine doing studies and you get pregnant your life is ruinned i don’t say it’s ruinned bc you have a child i say it’s ruinned because he wasn’t target having a child is cool i’ve got 4 Benjamin just lay the table but reflect about that imagine in 9 months you’ve got a kid what are you doin? focus on that before to not taking rubber and in all case take once in your wallet “You know Vodka it’s cool because there is a part of humor and you give advices we can recognize us on your channel FUCK YOUR MOM Have you ever had many sexual relationships in the same time? Have you ever had sexual relationships with 2 or more people in the same week? you have to know that i’m a wise child i had a period when i wasn’t but now i am my penis is holy Have you ever had sexual relationship in public place yup shhhhht have you ever had a homosexual relationship ? yu believed uh? you were like “he is reflecting” WE ARE IN A FRANCE WHERE WE HAVE TO SAY IT “i have nothing against homosexual people” nobody’s fucking me as a sock. Have you ever been responsable of someone’s loss of virginity, if yes, how many? JOKEEEEEER Have you ever masturbated during a call? “hello boss, yeah, i am on a big project” Have you ever had sex with a family member? no omg sorry to disappoint you …Have you hesitated before to answer at the previous question? no not at all Does zoophilia, pedophilia necrophilia atract or excit you? frankly fucking a dead seal baby sead dead there’s nothing better “-disgusting -wait he must be the most class man” Have you ever had nigh blow? maybe how many times? i am taking a little joker JOKEEEEEEEER Have you ever had a blow night and leave your partner without saying goodbye? it’s the reverse i pretended to sleep to let her go I am ashamed but i assume i’m sure there are guys next to their girlfriend and they are like “me? never” never “he is crazy” “im not like that” and behind he fucks another girl it happened Have you ever had sexual relationship with someone who is twice your age ? Should I talk a joker or not? oh man i don’t have any joker so yeah Have you ever had sexual relationship for money? no but i think i’ll have to Have you ever masturbated? YES I ADMIT IT I HAD SIN I’VE BEEN MASTURBING. Have you ever had an erotic dream? Yup with Clara Morgan. If you watch this video Clara, it was good. We had fun fuck Have you ever donate for charity? yup “FINALLY VODKA YOUR A REALLY GREAT MAN” have you ever had sexual relationship just to win a bet? yes it’s a shame to say that it was funny i won lmao I won a “Quick”! Have you ever had a sexual relationship to have a job or a promotion? I can remember the name of the youtuber I suck to be famous I remember Amixem But he didn’t really like it I tried to suck DiabloX9 but I didn’t succeed SuperKonar not bad but more seriously no Have you ever wondering about the sex life of cartoon characters? yes of course everyone did like Naruto did he finally fucked Sakura? or not? Have you ever sexual relation that you regret now yes i did. AS EVERYONE The famous sentence “I REGRET FRANKLY.” RESULTS RESULTS what My score is 179 points % of positive answer : 51% positive answer on alcohol : 40% positibe answers on drugs : 50% and positive answers on sex : 53% What dominates in me is the sex the drugs and then alcohol it’s not false it’s not…… not false ladies and gentleman i hope you enjoyed this video I hope you haven’t been to shocked I asked myself if i should do it or not and i said “man we don’t give a shit” “do what you want it’s your channel” Do not hesitate to do it at home and send me your score on Twitter if you it’s crazy and provoke youtuber saying HEY Vodka did it try to do it it’s not good but idfc force youtuber send to video on twitter and say “COME ON YOUR TURN DO THE TEST” GIVE A COM See you soon if you don’t know this channel subscribe because i am pure

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