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It’s Cormie’s first time trying whiskey Recently it was Cormie’s 26th birthday Hasn’t tried whiskey ever yet Todays I’ll let her try it And we’ll watch her reaction Now how do I drink this? Drink straight whiskey Do you drink it like soju? It’s not so strong, you can drink it like soju What’s the alcohol percentage? 40 percent! It’s too difficult It burns! I can’t speak I can feel it I can feel it going down At the music videos They drink it at once How do they drink this? I can drink it like that But there’s a way to drink it lighter How? Drink whiskey by ‘on the rock’ You only pour this much? It’s a big glass but only give me this much? You don’t seem to look like it’s your first time It’s weird because the glass is big but with little whiskey Does it get lighter this way? Softer What’s softer! My throat hurts It hits my throat Isn’t it it softer drinking it by ‘on the rock’? My chest hurts, my chest is burning It’s a bit strong Drink whiskey with ‘Jewelice’ The shape of the ice is unique So I prepared this for you What is it? It has a ring inside Are you proposing to me through the video? I just prepared it for you to drink it You should propose like this I prepared an unique ice today There’s a pretty ring inside the ice An it also has a flower leaf There also unique shaped ices here Usually ice is white But here you can see all the ring It’s true It’s so transparent Is it a ring I can keep after all the ice melts? You should drink until the ice melts Really? Today might be tiring So pretty Because the ice is pretty the drink looks delicious It’s soft It’s yummy, really Did you already drink it all? It’s delicious, really soft Cormie drinks pretty well Because the ice is pretty, I feel a soft feel I’ll melt this ice, and take the ring with me You don’t need to drink it so fast Don’t you usually drink whiskey at once? You can drink it slowly If you watch movies or music videos The guys with beards But they do all at once Maluma did wrong It tastes like swallowing at once It keeps making me drink until the ice melts And it’s not a simple plastic cup If you press below The lights turn on like this It shines slowly And it also shines like this Pretty So cool It’s really soft Isn’t it? Guys, to be honest This is 12 years What’s different if it’s 12 years? It’s a bit cheaper But it felt like drinking a 30 years whiskey I’m not exaggerating The strong and tang taste became soft Is it softer when it’s older? Generally it does But 30 year whiskey is too expensive It’s difficult with our production budget If it were common ice it would’ve melt quickly I want to compare common ice with this Jewelice VS common ice Plug the thermometer The current time is 4:11 After 5 minutes, the Jewelice is 2.8℃, and the common ice is 5.3℃ After 10 minutes, the Jewelice is still 2.8℃, and the common ice is 7.2℃ Impressive, we don’t have this ice in Korea yet We might be the first experiencing this in Korea Common ice went from 6 degrees over to 7 degrees But the Jewelice maintained 3 degrees Then the taste would be different Taste it First the common ice, compare it Me again? I’ve already drank a lot… 6th drink Too flat It doesn’t have the scent of whiskey The ice melted a lot So it’s flat How would this be? Pretty The flavor of whiskey remains That doesn’t have any taste But this one does The strong scent is still vivid It’s a bit colder I thought that the common ice would be colder because it’s in a glass But it definitely has its difference The power of 3℃? I always worry when drinking it by ‘on the rock’ The disadvantage was that the ice melts and it gets flat But this has passed over 10 minutes But I can’t sense much difference The shapes are very diverse Do you see there’s a ring inside? It’s clear, that you can see the ring well There’s a pretty flower in here This is really pretty For these kind of shapes, they usually carve ice But this was made by a special mold So it’s impressive that anyone can make it If you have this mold, I can also make it like this And when I drink beer, put this inside the pitcher If it doesn’t melt fast, it would be so cold and nice Shall I bring that? Because they say it’s being sold at USA American subscribers, you should buy one Buy one when you go to USA I’ll bring it Wait a second I brought this for you from USA I brought it difficulty from USA This has a shape of diamond here So I just pour water and freeze it? You pour water here, and then put this on the freezer We should wait until they sell it at Korea Today Cormie tried whiskey for the first time In order to watch Cormie, I didn’t talk much How was the first taste of whiskey? It’s already the 7th drink, she is almost done drinking it I drank this much I liked it because I drank it in here The straight way of drinking it I could feel the whiskey going down It burned, and was hot My throat also hurt If you need to drink it like this, I couldn’t The common ice melts too fast It’s melting while we are filming the video This was also bitter and hurt my throat at first But after it kept melting, it tasted to water Right You can agree with it, right? I liked it drinking it in here, I like the cup I like the cup and ice 8th drink We should hurry and end the shoot Our trip to the diverse contents will continue Channel Hoontamin, love and subscribe please I’m drunk

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