Korean Alcohol? Makgeolli is Magical (South Korea) 황홀한 막걸리

once upon a time there was a young man
named douglas who every day did his very best to appear enthusiastic about pre
cooked and packaged white rice following a more or less uneventful day at work douglas felt particularly exhausted and
he couldn’t wait to get home to watch his favorite television show alas crisis struck douglas’s most reliable companion his
eighteen speed bicycle had been stolen grief stricken with the loss of his
trusty vehicle douglas walked all the way home and by the time he arrived she could
barely stand not to mention that he missed his tv program rather than sleep douglas decided he
needed to drink he poured a glass of beer was suddenly transported no beer thought douglas beers to rowdy thankfully douglas had saved a bottle of wine for
such an occasion and he opened it with care no wine thought douglas wine is too
snooty douglas had one other option that he was
hesitant to take but alas it’d been a very hard day he gathered his courage and drink no vodka thought douglas vodka is too scary with no more options and still a heavy
heart douglas gave up and return to bed and closed his eyes to wait for another
day suddenly couldnt be but it was douglas thought it was a mistake but
here it was arrived at his doorstep not rowdy not snooty or scary but
simple in smooth fermented from rice and always fresh he took a sip makgeolli thought douglas mark kelly is magical

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