Kir Royale Champagne Cocktail | Joel Fraser

Hey Guys welcome to Drinks Tube my name is
Joel I’ve been cocktail bartending for about 8 years and today I’m going to teach you how
to make a Kir Royale this delicious champagne concoction is the perfect thing to make for
a date for this valentine’s day I guarantee you’re going to love it the Kir Royale is
a sparkling version of the cocktail the Kir a drink that really took off during World
War II originating from France the Kir is a mixture of white wine and creme de cassis,
creme de cassis is a delicious liqueur made from French blackcurrant and we’re gonna start
by putting 15 ml of that into our champagne flute look at that very viscous very thick
beautiful natural sweetness to that and a gorgeous colour now the Kir Royale uses champagne
instead of still wine that’s gonna give our cocktail a lot of effervescence and some freshness
and it’s also a fantastic excuse to open a bottle of bubbly now we’re going to have to
pour quite slowly because the champagne is gonna react with the sweetness there and it’s
gonna make it fizz as you’ll see here look at the colour on this absolutely spectacular
let me give it a taste I can’t wait for this everything I adore in a glass champagne and
berries absolutely delicious so guys make sure you try this at home for 3 more fantastic
valentine’s day cocktails click here and my friend Joe will take care of you don’t forget
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15 thoughts on “Kir Royale Champagne Cocktail | Joel Fraser

  • 8 years as a bartender? Doesn't tilt the champagne glass to reduce the bubbles? Ah, Each to their own…

    What's even better, for presentation, if you use a bar spoon to layer the champagne on top of the crème de cassis (like oil and water), allowing the drinker to stir it themselves – looks so much better than just a slightly redish drink.

  • I'd like some more details on the champagne on this one.

    Blanc de blanc? Blanc de Noir? Vintage? Or just any cheap NV? Like what kind of Champagne and why are you using it?

  • Whenever I go to the liquor store I buy a bottle of wine and a bottle of something weird. I bought creme de cassis a while back because I thought it was blueberry liqueur, nope! Black currants. Now what do I do with this I ask myself….Found out about kirs and then I'm like ohhhh 😀 I'm curious how my cheap ass bottle of cassis tastes in comparison to dat dere classy bottle?

  • I feel that drinks tube has decreased in quality in recent times. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan. but there are many videos now in this channel (like this one) that are…i don't like to use the word boring, but…old hat?

    We want to see videos on things like "the difference between tequila and mezcal" / "Margarita cocktail 5 ways" / "How campari is made" / "Patron XO cafe cocktails". "How to make your own vodka infusions"….stuff barman / serious drinkers can sink they're teeth into.

    etc etc.

    Instead of "how to make a mocha" or "how to make a virgin pina colada cocktail"

    all of which are pretty self explanatory. Im not trolling (or at least I don't mean too).


    love drinks tube and i'll always follow and watch 🙂

  • How to make a "fancy cocktail":

    1) pour any fruit syrup in the glass
    2) add any wine or beer
    3) add any sparkling wine
    4) add a slice of fresh fruit and/or decorate according to you taste


    5)Create a YouTube channel and post idiotic videos with your creations and call yourself a "cocktail bartender".
    6) Profit

  • hey drinks tube could you make some cocktails that dont need ice to be chilled(i mean for shake or stir)?

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