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have you ever had a sex dream about me and what happened what happened oh I have to say what happened yeah let's just not my name is Kelsey Madison to eat one part of my body what part would it be you've just looked at my breasts I looked at your body I don't know her hair my hair what are some things I do to let you know I'm mad without me actually saying anything you just have that look it's scary how will you describe me to someone who's never met me big personality you'd say you're a lot like me you'd say that doesn't money what would it take for us to have sex nothing no I'll think about it no I'm listening million dollars got aside to be fair a million times I did sex but like what what goes what kind of house don't go there like a dildo don't don't go there just a little cuddling yes okay yeah what's something you'd want to change about me you're never on time you cancel play a little lot yeah when I'm already there waiting for you know the mall Oh have you ever caught me masturbating or having sex and what did you do that's not only not masturbating I can't do you even do that not that's not a that is not a required question to answer Oh flicking the baby do you love me if yes say it or take a shot yes say it yes I love you never gonna happen it's okay just a little bit well oh my god yeah that's bad well if someone offered you at 1 million dollars to never talk to me again would you no I wouldn't do that well I have to answer you would do it dude this is a saw you're not all you would do it no just take it I mean probably I don't know yeah sit on my lap and stare into my eyes intimately for one full minute or take a shot this is romantic I can't go into friendship and love oh my god hey guys if you like that video click here to subscribe to see more and if you want to like us on Facebook you can post some pictures questions whatever I'll be the one talking with you and over here if you want to see more from the truth or drink series that's where you'll find it thank you

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