Jamie’s World Cup Caipiroska Cocktail

What’s up Food Tubers? Mr. Oliver here. We are going to make a beautiful cocktail for you. You’re gonna love it. It’s simple, it’s gorgeous. And has a little twist on the Caipirinha! And of course, with the World Cup going on right now As this video goes out, I will be in Brazil! Jealous! Yes, even I’m jealous of me. It’s hot out there, there’s all those bikinis. And we need a nice, cool refreshing drink to put a big smile on your face. It’s called the basil Caipiroska. And we are using some lovely Vodka, and some white Bianco Martini Vermouth. Let’s make it. It’s very, very simple. First, we need lime. So we are just gonna take the end off. We are gonna half it. This is for garnish. Then we are gonna go in half here, and then into little eights. This is gonna go straight into the glass. I’m gonna use my little friend here, and we are gonna muddle this little glass here. So it’s about juice coming out, but really importantly are the oils coming out the skin. Beautiful. So once you’ve just bruised the lime and the juice, just a little bit. Then, over to the basil. I want to get about 8 leaves of basil. Just like these, you don;t want any stock. Pick them off like that. And whenever I use herbs, in a cocktail, you need to spank it to wake it. Spank it! And just a gentil pummel, if you pond it up too much, you’re gonna get slightly accurate bitterness. We want perfume. Now we’ve done that, very simple. We go alcohol. First up, we’re gonna go 60ml of white Vermouth. One glass in we go. And a kiss. Just a tiny kiss. Then we’re gonna go in with the Vodka. By the way, both of these are served cold. This is a refreshing drink. Just a third of a glass. 20ml. So 3 to 1. Beautiful. So the next bit, just get some nice cold ice. Do a little hank chief movement here, get your hand around no gaps, they can’t all fly out of the place. Smash. Ok. Come have a look at this.. Nice and cold. We now got fine pieces of snow here. An then you get nice little chunks here. And that’s quite nice ratio because obviously you’re gonna get the stuff that melt, and give that chilled and that just kind of works down the alcohol. At the same time you get the bigger chunks that maintain the temperature. And by the time you had it for a few minutes… Perfect! First up, let’s crack in with about 3/4 of a glass of our little bashed up snow here. And that’s nice cause you can do this at home. It makes you look a bit professional. And then another little thing is this little wooden spoon here. You can use any spoon. Just twist it around a little bit to mix it up. And I don’t really want to disrupt that base. You know, the lime and the basil. But we are not finished yet. Try and get the bigger chunks, you normally find the bigger chunks on the side. We are now gonna load in the bigger chunks at the top. Let’s find a little basil leaf. Beautiful. I like that. And then I want my little lime. When I cut the lime, I’m gonna cut it… Don’t cut it right through the middle cause you’re gonna get that white piece. I want to cut just back there. So it’s just beautiful. So we are gonna go in with our basil leaf. Ok? Then we go for a nice little straw. In between the lime and the basil leaf. And look we got the yellow straw, and the green that is the Brazilian flag. Delicious. So there you go, guys. A basil Caipiroska. From me, to the Brazilians. That, my friends, it’s a beautiful, beautiful cocktail. That should be enjoyed by many. Cheers! Delicious. And of course, we are on Food Tube now. But it has a little sister, Drinks Tube. Click over here and please subscribe, it’s completely free. And remember we got some of the best bartenders in the whole wide world. Giving all of their love and kisses and drinks. So guys thank you very much, enjoy.

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